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Delta Braelyn
Delta Braelyn

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PostSubject: Braelyn Braelyn Icon_minitimeSeptember 28th 2014, 15:38

Name: Braelyn

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Years

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior but in time will strive for Delta or Lead Warrior

Layered with a creamy white, charcoal and a tawny pelt mixed together on a furry, smooth canvas Braelyen's coat helps her blend in the thick growth of the forest.  The lower half being the cream, it makes up her outer limbs and sides, transitioning into the tawny bronze and circling around her chest and neck in a collar-like way, flowing back to the other side of her body. A darker half takes up her back and the upper thighs but the most noticeable would be on her apex, the charcoal color resting between her ears and descending down to separate and curl underneath her eyes, turning back up and making a two thin triangle shape along her cheeks. Braelyn's orbs the shade of a spring green; Above her right runs a scar from when she was just a pup. Being an Eurasian wolf, she stands 31 inches tall from her paw to shoulder, weighing the average for a fae of her kind. Don't let her looks fool you though, muscular and lean at the same time, Braelyn is perfectly capable of handling her own and its no secret if you get uncomfortably close just how strong her bite can be.

Vindictive, Malicious, Devious and Insincere, Braelyn is what you could call uncaring. She takes a liking to hurting others when they've hurt her and when others are getting hurt she has no remorse. Emotionally or Physically, she wouldn't think twice about what was done. Sly, Unpredictable, and Secretive, Braelyn might as well be a fox. To keep others from getting to close she lies and if its not lying then she's keeping her muzzle shut. Sarcastic, it's one thing she won't stop from doing. Her sarcasm often gets her in trouble and puts her on the bad side of others. First impressions are not her greatest skill. Independent, Reserved, and Observant, this fae is not necessarily shy or quiet but she does prefer the more silent way of life. Her independence comes from the rogue inside of her, unwilling to depend on any one for anything. Lastly: Apathetic, Stoic, and Fatalistic, Braelyn believes everything happens for a reason and whatever will happen she will agree with, without question or argument. That being said, it doesn't mean she doesn't have thoughts, she just won't acknowledge others what's floating in her mind.  Although Braelyn has her bad side, which is big, the fae does have her good one. Loyal and Reliable, she does keep her word when she ways she will do something and if she finds them worth her time, Braelyn will follow wolves loyally until she feels its time to break away and find other acquaintances.


Braelyn Brael_zps1c6d7aeb

Vicious lighting crackling through the dark night sky and roaring thunder backing up the striking electric bolts; three small, vulnerable, and pups where conceived by a fae of the calling Kalisha. She was a beautiful female, coat as white as the glistening winter snow in the sun. The den was located just beneath an old oak tree, one of the hard trunks broken down so an opening was available and allowed Kalisha to crawl inside. The oldest pup and largest, Rukelt, was just like their mother, a white pelt clung to his figure. The second just so happen to be Braelyn. A dark bronze light like her father, Braelyn was the odd ball out of the litter since the youngest pup, her other brother Deacon happen to be a white like Rukelt. Whines and yelping from the den traveled out but was drowned into silence as the thunder vibrated once again. Kalisha cared for them the entire night, alone and without a pack she had been kicked out a while back. The first months of life where tough on the group, not old enough to hunt or provide any support, Braelyn and her brothers always stayed at the den while their mother did everything. Someday's they wouldn't eat because of a bad hunt or prey was scarce. At an early age Braelyn learned that things don't come easy and that the life of a rogue was more difficult than what other perspective others had of it. Its also when she learned the art of deception. A liar she turned out to be and the most unsurprising turned out to be a good one. Like said above, the tawny fae was the odd-ball, the outcast of her litter. Being different  than her brothers based on her fur color, they always picked on her, teasing her about the way she was. One day while Kalisha was out for the day hunting, Braelyn went about trying to hang with her siblings, chasing after them while they tried to ditch her.

Having enough after a few minutes, she finally leaped forward landing on Rukelt and with a few words the two got into a brawl. After a clash of tiny ivories and other maneuvers to get the other pinned, Rukelt came at her, talons up and making contact with her visage, he ended up leaving the scar along her right eye. In pain, Braelyn had collapsed, an anger burning into her heart rapidly each second while the other two just snickered and laughed at her embarrassment. Standing and leaving them, the fae took the way of independence. Once that incident ended, Braelyn grew reserved, and now old enough to travel, that's exactly what they did all the time. Always on the move and never able to settle in the right place, the group traveled along pack borders for survival, never actually crossing over and never getting close enough to be in any serious danger.  Learning from their mother how to hunt and fight properly by the time they where a few months older, it was clear who was the stronger sibling through spar's. Rukelt. Braelyn hated him and she hated the way he always rubbed his superiority in her muzzle. When she could she practiced, practiced every skill she could when she could so she wouldn't be pushed around anymore. Getting older, the group managed to find a small cave, abandon by the owner and after claiming it, they could finally settle, living life carefree and without the hassle of a real pack leader. One day, heading through the field nearby following her brothers, they where out hunting, now a year and a few months old and capable of taking down small deer together.

Lowering herself into a sit while Deacon ventured off towards the left while Rukelt took the right, both were crouched low into the brush, stomachs practically touching the ground and no sound coming from either to not disturb the herd straight ahead, eyes on a fawn grazing. Once in position and flicking his tail up like a signal, Deacon raced forward, leading the deer towards Rukelt and when it was close enough, did the juvenile leap out of hiding, sprinting after the male and snapping down on his leg while Deacon pounced forward taking the neck between his grasp and shoving down, both males throwing the deer to the ground. After successfully killing the fawn, the two began to eat, tearing into the body brutally to have their share. All Braelyn could do was watch, eyeing the two envious as to how they still never included her. A growl and snarls emitting into the air shortly, Deacon raised his eyes to meet a pair of yellow ones, backing away slightly to get a better view, there where five wolves, each rugged and dark, blood stained on their coats and a foul smell coming from them as well. No one saying anything, a silence hung over them dangerously, Rukelt oblivious as he continued to eat. About to take a step forward, everything happened in flash, the band's leader now hovering over her brother, teeth pierced into Rukelt's neck and blood dripping onto the soil while the life fled his eyes.

Enraged, Deacon leap for the dark stranger only to get shoved down by another wolf, pinned to the floor. Trying to fight back, a snarl was soon heard and then a loud collision, Kalisha had gotten into the fray, fighting off the leader ferociously. Unseen and now low in the dry flora, Braelyn watched in slight fear and yet as the blood started to come into view a pulse of satisfactory flooded her body. The strangers distracted, Braelyn took the opportunity to slip away, escaping the conflict and taking off. The others distracted by her mother, she raced away, only turning back when she knew she was safe to see the rogues biting at Kalisha and Deacon, teeth and claws digging into their body like they where nothing and tearing them apart. High yelps and screams echoing into her ears that she folded them back to try and mute the sound. It was suicide to try and fight them off of them and not really wanting to at the same time, Braelyn slipped into the shadows of the forest, running yet again away from the scene. Now alone and with no one by her side, the brown fae kept to her independent ways, only taking risks if it would benefit her and running away from danger countless times to survive. Heading further west, she traveled alone, growing older as a few months went by looking for some place where she could take a break in her journey.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. Elder Azul

How did you find Age? Top 50 Wolf RPG

Example Post:
This is from another RP I am on, if that's okay.


She sneezed silently from trying to hold it in, her nose pointing downwards as her head shook, the fur clinging to her neck swaying at the same time in the full motion. Ears tucked down, Wolf let her eyes fall to the forest floor again, upset with herself that she made Dusty more upset. Communication wasn't her strongest skill and in fact was a weakness for her. She never really knew what to say and sometimes was so blunt she just blurted the first thing a top of her head, not really thinking before speaking. A shimmering glimpse of light catching her eye, the hunter rose her head from the ground to gaze up, her orbs taking in the sight. Just above the trees a orange and yellow sphere hung in mid-air, being what could only be the sun at its setting. The rays bending throughout the forest and past the vegetation that grew around below it to cast a light among them all and the darkest of shadows from the suns peek. The green in her eyes when in direct contact becoming a lighter shade and her fur seemingly now a yellowish tan.

The sound of crunching leaves and fallen twigs underneath paws, both her's and Dusty's were enough to have her focus back once again, having been lost in thought for quite some time now and giving her attention to the path and male ahead, Wolf found herself sulking back when her hues met his obviously hurt ones and his smile more fake with the sadness it held. The time it took for them to finally reach the edge of the woodland, where the plains resided and the thick trees cut off so no cover was available made the edge even more of a disadvantage with her white coat and the spring season still going on. Prey was plentiful here though and any chance they had of feeding the pack now was at the tips of their black noses, all the two needed to do now was find something worth the trouble. Wolf's eyes surveying the open land, a figure in the distance, grey and from what she could see, fury. It was far too small to be any large herbivore like a bison and far too big to be caribou calf, the idea it was any herbivore began to rule out since it didn't have antlers but ears and a long tail.

The figure as she squinted was soon identified to be no one other than her friend Ventus. Knowing the male beside her also recognized their fellow pack-mate from the words he announced, Wolf sighed in memory to Dusty's order given to the delta before following after like the males shadow into the flatland to meet up with Ventus. Stopping her trot once near, Wolf lowered her head in respect for the grey male, her ears lifting slightly to catch what her companion voiced, and in slight agreement nodded when he turned to look at her. "Dusty's right. You should have listened and looked after the pack while we where gone." She proclaimed, her green eyes rising to meet with the grey males. "Beisdes, with your injuries you should be resting not lingering around here in search for a meal for Alluri and yourself." Ending her remark when her voice soon ended in its speech Wolf looked to her side when Dusty piped up again, this time in acceptance to Ventus' actions.

Nose twitching at its slightest, a scent lingered in the air passing her senses as she breathed it in fully, the tail hanging from her end lifting to wag. This was what they've been looking for. Nose and muzzle turning towards the fresh aroma, her head following in sync, her green hues where soon met with a brown figure not too far away. It was a yearling, a spike to be more exact but it was more than young to be aloof by itself grazing. Where's it's herd? Mother? She puzzled, head tilting in curiosity at the lone deer that barely had any horns for defense. Dusty's broke out in question and looking at him for a second, she smiled. "Silently" she stated, shhing the male afterwards to tell him to keep his voice down. Glancing over at Ventus, her maw opened to speak in a hushed tone. "You should stay here. Your wounds are bleeding and any more hunting can worsen them to infection or hinder them from ever healing" Eyes trailing back over to Dusty Wolf smiled, her ears flickering above her head at his excitement, her tail waving at it's tip.

"I'll go in first and bring it down. I want you to trail behind me until its down then come it and keep it there so the kill can be made. Ok?" She asked, eyes peeking forward to see the spike still wandering ahead in the distance. Whatever the males response be, the white female started to trot across the open land, her paws dancing lightly over the ground as she moved in motion, tail wavering behind her. The young one was still oblivious to her coming presence and knowing it wouldn't last long, Wolf knew the attack would have to be made quickly. Getting closer with each step, once in her range the hunter hunched her blades, head lowering to shoulders height and the steps she made turning more silent to her best ability as she stalked over. Halting when the herbivore moved and lifted it's head, her focus grew more into it than ever, her eyes never leaving its form and no distractions finding their way past her attentive state. In a flash the deer took off and so did Wolf, paws kicking up dirt as she raced after it, her pace picking up with each stride.

Fore paws pushing against the ground until her hind ones followed through when they lifted, she came closer with her tail flying behind her. The yearling took a left in attempt to lose Wolf but instead with her pace still not its fullest speed she was still able to make that turn and stay behind it. It was slowing down becoming more tired with each long stride it's hooved legs made which was the moment the hunter was looking for. In one motion she bolted forward, riding the spike's behind and when it turned a right, she had it. Lifting herself up on hind paws, Wolf rushed forward, her forelegs hooking at the yearlings side and toppling it over, her body running it over as it fell forward head first. Turning, Wolf's jaws found the throat and wrapping her teeth around it, she turned her body trying to keep her weight on top so it didn't get back up. It struggled underneath her and the hold she had would soon become no more if Dusty didn't hurry his tail over and help it stay down so a clean kill could be made.
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PostSubject: Re: Braelyn Braelyn Icon_minitimeSeptember 28th 2014, 16:36

Braelyn R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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