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PostSubject: A Hyper One A Hyper One Icon_minitimeFebruary 25th 2013, 19:31

Name: Nyx

Gender: Female

Age: 1 and a half

Rank Requested: What the Alpha sees fit

Even though Nyx’s name is the Goddess of the night, she is actually the opposite. Her pelt is white like snow. The most noticeable thing about her is her eyes. The left eyes is a bright blue, while the right one is amber colored. No scars are noticeable on her, just a few small ones hidden beneath her pelt. Nyx’s build is small, but being as young as she is means she hasn't grown into herself yet. She has long legs and a tail as fluffed as a fox.

A Hyper One Nyxie_zps5d747300

A Hyper One Nyx_zpsbb4e2fc0

History: Nyx is crazy. The fae has so much spirit and is hyper all of the time. No one can calm her down no matter how much they try. A snowy white pup was born to Fira and Zural, warriors of their pack. Fira had bright amber eyes, while Zural had ocean blue ones. When Nyx opened her own eyes, anyone that was there to see her gasped. She had developed a left eye like her father, and a right like her mother. The pack wasn't sure if they should be scared of her or in awe. Fira was a tricky wolf that loved riddles and rhymes, so she named her daughter the opposite of what she was. The pup was now called Nyx, after the Goddess of dark. While she was a pup, Nyx was the instigator of tousles between her siblings. Fira constantly worried for her daughter, not allowing Nyx to go anywhere without her mother following protectively on her heels. The little pup was oblivious to her mother's worries and visited the elder wolves, brightening their faces with her playful actions. Her grandparents were there and Nyx fell asleep in their den multiple times as they told her stories of great adventures.

As she grew, Nyx wanted to explore without her mother following. She slipped out of the camp multiple times without anyone noticing, or they just didn't care. Being female meant that she wasn't trained like the males were and had more time to do as she pleased. The little fae got into all kinds of trouble, pestering wild animals and following creatures that should have been prey. Nyx did all of those things with a smile on her face. She discovered her enjoyment of water after falling into a slow moving river. Everything she learned, she had learned from adventure. No one seemed to have time to train her and Nyx wanted to enjoy the thrills of the warm seasons until the winter came. For her pack, winter was when all the younger wolves had to stay at camp unless they were being supervised. The terrain was too dangerous in the cold season, and had caused them to lose a lot of younger wolves in the past.

Like when she was a pup, Nyx's parents were the ones to supervise her. Being around the camp more meant that she was noticed as a member of the pack. Some wolves thought she had ran and died off because they never saw her, others were friendly towards her and she was to them. The Alpha had taken notice of her as well, and after a time of watching her decided that he wanted her for a mate. She was too young, but it didn't seem like he cared. Nyx was oblivious to his affections towards her, but soon he made them more apparent. Staying close to her side like a stalker, even when she talked to other males he would snarl. When Nyx realized what the Alpha wanted, she rejected him. He persisted, telling her that he wouldn't stop until he had her for him and him only. The only way she knew to escape it was to run, so she told those who were close to her goodbye. Nyx ran far away, knowing that she wouldn't see them again.
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Example Post: Not being trained to hunt was taking it's toll on the small fae. She had been following lone wolves ever since she began running and took whatever food they had left. This was like the ultimate adventure to her, but it was very dangerous for her as well. Unable to both fight and hunt, she was very vulnerable. Leaving her old home made her miss her family dearly, miss the times where she fell asleep as a pup listening to her grandparents' stories. Nyx kept her head low to the ground as she tried to find her next source of food. The scent of meat hit her nose, but she winced when she smelled it was close to rotting. Her stomach growled in protest, making her walk towards the meat. She bent her head, pretending not to smell the meat as she ate the good parts of the meat. There was little hunting Nyx could do, the little muscle she had meant she could only get small prey that would hardly fill her stomach.

Lifting her head, Nyx's stomach still growled as she walked away from her meal. The wind blew, passing a scent along her nose. She froze, scared that there was another wolf hunting her. As the scent grew stronger, she realized that there must be a pack somewhere. Nyx perked up at that thought, of feeling the comforts of home again. Sitting on the forest ground, she contemplated it. The more likely option would be that Nyx would die out there alone with no way to defend herself besides running. There would always be a creature faster than her, so her death was almost certain. If Nyx went to a pack and asked for acceptance, then she could at least live a life and maybe learn the things she missed out on. She wanted to serve a pack in the best way she could, but if she got cast out it would be going back to the life of scavenging food.

What did she have to lose? Nothing, really. Shrugging, Nyx followed the scent of the pack.

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PostSubject: Re: A Hyper One A Hyper One Icon_minitimeFebruary 26th 2013, 16:59

Welcome and Accepted! Feel free to post at the border. If myself or Beta Steele are not online, Warrior Esmeralda will accept you!


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