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Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread)

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Heaven of Erenyx
Heaven of Erenyx

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Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Empty
PostSubject: Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Icon_minitimeOctober 12th 2014, 09:41

Name: Heaven

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Healer

Heaven  stands at 26 inches to the shoulder. She is a mexican wolf, her fur being longer then regular wolves. She has larger ears that make it easier for her to hear things from a distance. Her pelt is long and fluffy, protecting her from the harsh winters and dry summers. Her pelt is a mix of black, cream and brown. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black color. She has a slender build and is rather small. She has slender legs and a poofy tail. White covers her face and throat. Cream mixes down her legs and under her tail. Black covers her back from the tip of her head and ears to the very edge of her tail. Hues of brown mix with the black and creams of her pelt. At the tip of her maw is an ebony nose, with deep brown stretching from her nose to her eyes.


Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) 9jzwvn
Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) T8umjd

Heaven was born the runt of a litter of 4. She was last born and the only girl born within the pack that season. Her mother was lead healer and her father was lead warrior. Except, her father was not 'mates' with her mother. No, he mated with whomever he pleased. The alpha of the pack refused any mates but instead would taunt the females of the pack. No she-wolf was ever higher then healer or caretaker. They were treated roughly and were made to submit to the males, even if they were an omega. Her brothers grew strong and always fought with her, if she spoke without permission they would attack her until she completely submitted. Her mother gave her the name Heaven at three months, that was when each pup was given their names. Her brothers were given names fit for a warrior, chosen by the alpha. But she was a disgrace, the most kind and loving yet she was still submissive and treated roughly. The alpha refused to name her and left her mother to name her. Her mother chose 'Heaven' because out of the hell they lived in, she was her mother's small piece of heaven. Heaven grew up by being snapped at and thrown in the middle of fights. She has many scars on her body, hidden by her fur, that most don't take notice. She was forced to watch her mother be killed by her siblings. She was held by the scruff so she could not save her mother. She cried out and whimpered, wanting her mother so badly. Her deep brown eyes say all the horror in the world, when she was released she raced forward to her mother's dying body. She curled against her mother and cried out to the sky above with a howl. Her mother was dead and she could do nothing about it.

This all happened when she turned about the age one, it was then that their ranks would be decided. She was given Omega, because the alpha did not see her fit for healer. Her three older brother's, Raven, Krush and Gerrett were made warrior's apprentices. Another male pup whom was overly submission and doomed to die before the age 2 was made an Omega as well. This male pup was named Hush, and he became Heaven's closest friend. During the apprenticeship, the two Omegas, Hush and Heaven, were working with herbs with the healers. They would both be healers fairly soon. Heaven knew lots about herbs since her mother had been lead healer. She helped Hush with all she could, showing him the wonder's of the plants and healing. During their 'free' time, they would run into a territory that only they knew of. There, they would play and run as if they were free. Within six months of them turning a year old, they went to their secret area and this was the day her brother Krush followed them. Hush admitted to Heaven that he was madly in love with her, that they should run away from the crazy place they lived in. In a rage Krush raced out and howled loud enough to alert the alpha. Hush became quiet and looked to Heaven with fear in his eyes. She stepped between her brother and the he-wolf whom she had fallen in love with. She begged her brother to ignore his stupidity, but it was too late. The alpha and Elite's were already in the area. The alpha seemed to know what had happened, he laughed coldly and told Krush to kill Hush and any who got in the way. Hush shoved Heaven out of the way so she might live on.

Heaven watched in horror as Krush attacked Hush. She closed her eyes tightly and listened as Hush struggled and fought with all his might. But it was no use, Krush killed him within minutes. The alpha turned to Heaven and shook his head, staring at her as she completely submitted to them. "Heaven, were you going to join Hush in running away?" His voice was traced in venom and she shivered with great fear. "Speak!" The alpha demanded her to speak and so she did. "No, sir." She spoke simple words and the alpha turned and started to walk away, but he turned to face her one last time. "Let the death of Hush be a warning to you, Heaven. That if you ever speak without permission or go against the pack, run away... you shall be killed." She nodded her head and pressed her body against the ground as far as she could go. The alpha laughed and turned to leave, whispering to the elites that they were to take her to the 'den'. One of the male elites moved to her and sank his teeth into her flesh. She whimpered loudly and cowered in his presence. He removed his teeth and dragged her to his den. She whimpered but refused to fight against the elite. The elite commanded her silence, no matter what. She stayed quiet and blocked from her mind what was about to happen to her. All in one day, she had lost her love and best friend, and she was being raped. She shut her mind down and stayed silent. When she left the elites den all the healers rushed to her side, she had been biten several times and had been flung against the wall. The healers helped her recover and the next six months she held no emotion whatsoever, in fact she did nothing but train and hardly eat or drink. The others watched as she grew smaller in size because she starved herself. Finally the alpha ordered her to stop the starving and she obeyed silently. She refused to speak to others most of the time, only doing as she was told.

Heaven had finally turned two years of age and was made a full-time healer instead of Omega. She worked hard but one night she decided she had had enough. She and another female healer named Fess decided to run away together. They took the path as if they were going to get special herbs that could only be seen at night. But they veered off that path and ran with all their might. They made it to the mountain that would be their freedom if they could climb it and make their way down the otherside. They started their way up the mountain, except the alpha himself and one of the elites was with him. Fess turned and listened, hearing their paws pounding on the ground she knew that only one of them would be able to escape. Fess didn't wish to die and pushed Heaven down upon the ground, so that she may escape herself. Heaven was stunned at what Fess had done and shook her head with anger. But Heaven heard the two brute's as well. She panicked and squeezed her small body into an abandoned den that the two brutes wouldn't be able to get to her in. She pressed against the farthest wall and listened as the alpha attacked Fess. "You have betrayed us Fess, the healers told of your betrayel. By the looks of it, they said Heaven came after you in order to stop you from leaving. Good girl she is, Heaven." Fess sneered at the alpha and he chuckled gently, looking around for the she-wolf. "Where is Heaven?" He growled out to Fess. Fess whom knew she was to die, decided finally to save Heaven. "She turned back and went to go get you, you must of crossed paths without knowing it." Fess was bitten for speaking without permission and the alpha seemed to think it was true. They killed Fess and left to return and celebrate the fact that Heaven had finally showed loyalty. The minute they left Heaven escaped from the small den and made her way up the mountain, fleeing with all her might.

She spent a year of traveling alone, meeting loners whom forced her to do things. Like hunt for them and train, so she was able to fight but not well at all. The loners would laugh at her and how submissive she was. She finally broke free from the loners and made sure that she never crossed another loner again, she trained herself more in herbs and soon she found herself able to know the herbs by scent. She traveled and had met a nice loner whom suggested that she find a pack to stay within, one that could use her abilities as a healer. So she made her way and discovered a nice pack, but she soon discovered by just viewing them that she would not like that pack. She moved on in her travels, three years of age and hoping to find a home where she could finally settle down and be herself. She seeks to toughen herself up and be one of the bravest wolves out there. She refuses to submit to others unless she joins a pack and they are of higher ranking.

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Teren

How did you find Age? I'm Warrior Raymond and Warrior Rose. Payed for third character.^^

Example Post:
Heaven stepped lightly across the stones of the river. Her deep brown eyes searching the rocks so she may not slip. "Hush, do you think we could catch the fish in the river?" She wasn't looking towards the pitch black brute who had already caught a fish for her. "Dear Heaven, I have some fish if you'd like?" She turned quickly and jumped down from her rock. "Oh my! How did you catch it!?" She wagged her tail and nudged the brute with playfulness. "I taught myself to catch fish for food... it's wonderful if I may say so myself." With those words he nudged the fish to her and sat down beside her like a guardian angel. She pulled the scales from the fish as Hush directed her. Her eyes widened as she pulled the fish meat from it's fragile bones. She chewed slowly and yipped with joy. The meat was fresh and tasted like nothing she had ever had before. She quite enjoyed the taste and flavors. She nudged Hush in hopes that he would share the treat with her. He seemed to understand and lay across from her, pulling at the meat and chewing slowly. Her brown eyes stared deeply into his blue ones. They were like fire and ice and rage when she stared into his eyes, she could see the fighter within. She smiled and wagged her tail happily. He chuckled at how silly she was acting. She leaned forward and licked the side of his maw gently. "Got you!" She watched as the larger he-wolf stood to his full height and a sparkle raced in his eyes. She started to back away but the brute already leaped and had her pinned. She felt his tongue go across her face and she wrinkled her nose. "No, I've got you!" With that, they both laughed and enjoyed the time together.
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Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) Icon_minitimeOctober 12th 2014, 17:16

Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread) R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!
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Heaven meets hell~ (Joining thread)

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