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Apprentice Ciro

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Healer Ciro

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PostSubject: Apprentice Ciro October 13th 2014, 11:17

Name: Apprentice Ciro

Gender: Male

Age: 6 months

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Apprentice Hunter

Ciro will grow up to be an average sized male, and, until then, appears to be a miniature version of his mother, Chiara. His dark coat resembles the color of coal and his light golden eyes, the soft flame coal produces. He has the long legs and lithe form of a great hunter, much like his father. He is not necessarily built for battle, and is smaller than his brother, Aspen.

Ciro is a playful pup and likes to hang out with his two sisters. He has yet to meet any of the other pups, but it's likely he would make friends with them easily. He can be sarcastic at times and can tattle of his siblings. He can also be serious when need be, but he doesn't take things as far as his brother does. He knows the difference between right and wrong and listens to his parents quite well. Unlike Magnus, however, he has no interest in fae as he thinks they are gross.


Ciro is a newborn pup, son of Magnus and Chiara. At this time, there is no history to speak of.

Joining Keys: Fel has eaten keys for herself.

How did you find Age? I am Beta Fel.

Example Post:
A post from Beta Fel.
Through their silence, Fel remained statuesque in her seat. Not even discomfort at the silence of judgment was to be found upon her expressions. Only her cold eyes flickered from wolf to wolf, meeting each new shade with a calm but firm stare. Long seconds floated by unnoticed like dust in the wind. Then finally, Irrationality spoke. Her attention turned to him, hearing his words of acceptance. The raven fae dipped her maw to him in a silent display of gratitude. There was no need to give thanks verbally. Even with her small gesture, she knew the brute would understand her. He seemed to excel in wordless communication. And so, it proved, did Fel.

When Tye’s rough voice sounded, the Beta’s ears and gaze fell upon him. His blank smile was not necessary, as she saw little use in social etiquette. But she would not condone it either. What was more like him, from what she knew of him, were his words. Welcome home. A phrase of acceptance and, to her it seemed, slight humor. This pack was more like her home than any other she had visited. Location aside, their structure and the wolves’ stoical demeanors resembled those of her father’s pack. Of course, her father ruled a much larger pack. They were perhaps even crueler and definitely more organized than this bunch, but Erenyx seemed like a return to her mother’s den. The irony… Her final destination ended up mirroring her place of origin. If Fel still had a functioning soul, she would laugh. Instead, she allowed an empty smirk to curl the black membranes of her lips, mimicking that of Tye’s. “Thank you. I do believe Erenyx seems like home. Not in the earth itself, but in the lethal spirit and potential of the pack itself.” It was true. There was great potential in this pack. She could see it; perhaps it was buried beneath laziness and apathy of the many wolves who seemed to hold little purpose here, but it was there.

Finally, Fel let that issue dissipate. It was out, their curiosities were satisfied, and there was no need for it any longer. She glanced over the significantly smaller fae, Chiara. Her body had not yet recovered from her pregnancy, but Fel hoped to see her in her top form soon. A long while ago, she had seen her fur plastered against her muscles, soaked in blood. It was a shame how carrying and birthing young had such effects on the female body. The taller fae remembered that experience herself. It was awful and she never intended to repeat it. But there was one point of interest that Chiara’s current shape ignited. Her pups. In fact, all of their pups who would soon enough grow into the next generation of the pack. And while getting to know everyone here, Fel decided it would not hurt to know a bit about the youngest members of the community either. “Chiara, how fares your litter? I have not heard anything of this season’s pups.” She glanced over Magnus momentarily, wondering what their offspring looked like. Would any be as small as their mother? Only time would tell. Regardless, it was their personalities that truly interested her the most. A tiny wolf with a fiery determination to succeed was much more deadly than a large, strong wolf who was too weak at heart to fight. Fel looked to Tye once more, extending the question to him. “And Tye… How is yours?” A pause was given for them all to reply. But the bright bronze pelt beside her inevitably caught her attention. And suddenly, she wondered: did Irrationality have a mate and pups? He did not seem to be the type to succumb to such petty emotions such as love. “Now what of you, Irrationality? Is any wolf in these lands that claims you as their sire?” The only interest in all of these queries was, of course, objective. Fel wished to know what, or rather who, to expect running around the clearing soon. Or perhaps even whose offspring she would be punishing for disobedience.
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Alphess Chiara

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PostSubject: Re: Apprentice Ciro October 13th 2014, 14:51

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!
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Apprentice Ciro

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