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A New Home (open)

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Rogue Oltulysa

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PostSubject: A New Home (open) November 25th 2014, 20:48

The wind was singing, its low and soft sound seemed to surround all life and matter of material that existed on the mountain. It cut between the rocks and few trees, adding high and low notes to its song. Erie in nature, yet enticing still the same described such a wind, and a figure who's cream fur stood out against the black rocks. A chill wind blew even though it was deep into the summer months. With thin air and uneven terrine this was hardly a suitable place for any normal wolf, but Oltulysa wasn't exactly normal. Weaved from the horror stories mothers told their pups the fae was everything a rogue should be. She was quiet, cunning, lethal and different. Different in mind and in body. Unlike most wolves the cream and grey fae stayed away from others, not yearning for their company as a pup would a teat. It didn't claw at her to have another body beside her for more than the ritualistic mating come spring time. Much like a great cat the wolfess stuck to herself, hidden in the shadows and never truly fitting in amongst others. It was a lifelong feeling for her, to be set apart and alienated from others, but she cared little about it. Not lying awake at night wondering of the "what ifs" she was content with her existence as a rogue, for it was all she had ever known. Her other attribute that set her apart was more apparent, but again she didn't let it bring her down. Her body may have tantalizing beauty of any fae and her features may be fair and soft, but one thing stuck out blatantly and shocked most to turn their gaze away from her. Oltulysa was born half blind, a curse that plagued her since birth and left her left eye vacant of any life. A gaping, black socket was all that matched her remaining golden orb, its solitude screaming how unnatural she was on the outside. She embraced her trademark, however, not caring how she looked, and even flaunting it along with her thin frame and long legs. It mattered not to her that she had limited sight, for why should she care what others thought of her anyway?

Jumping from rock to rock despite a easy path before her, the fae enjoyed acting like a pup just now. Alone and free from any rules this sense of freedom had become her only companion. Closing her one eye she felt the harsh wind against her double coat, blowing her tail up and behind her back. Throwing her chest out as the wind shifted she left it left herself up and onto her hind legs. It lifted her higher and she felt as if she might be flying just now, floating away and finding that one sliver of freedom she had yet to taste. Breathing in and letting of a satisfied sigh she landed and opened up her gaze, this was her new home. A home to house the different fae should be different as well. Treacherous as it was should aide in keeping her alone, and the fields below would give her food and herbs. Looking around a crack in the mountain would serve as her den, with a little cleaning. Walking over Oltulysa rolled her eyes at the states of the inside. Dust and loose stone littered the floor, but it was roomy and dry which mattered the most. Setting to work the fae crawled in and started to clear the debris out, her back to the entrance, but ever vigilant if someone would sneak up on her.
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A New Home (open)

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