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Everybody wants to rule the world [Katyusha]

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PostSubject: Everybody wants to rule the world [Katyusha] December 5th 2014, 18:51

The graveyard had become a preferred place of the Delta recently. It was remote and plain. Perfect. There wasn't bright green grass and little birds hopping about singing their little pathetic hearts out. No. It was silent. All that dwelt here was the long forgotten remains of many bison. Large ashen paws would plod carelessly forward- causing many bones to crack or turn to dust depending on age beneath them. He was here for the 6th time in the past four days or so and a sigh would escape him as he finally came to a stop. The large black pelted male had reached a slight rise in the land and heavily scooped aside some old bones before flopping down onto his haunches. Observing the barren lands the stretched out before him- nothing to be seen but the millions of pale bones that had once all belonged to many living bison. It was rather unusual the amount of bones found in the one place hence why the area had been given the name 'Bison Graveyard.'

The male came here a lot to just be alone and deal with the confusing thoughts that claimed his mind recently. He had allied himself with a wolf determined to end Teren and now he knew that he had fully gotten himself into it and would never be able to turn back. And he wasn't planning on either. Teren deserved this. There was no room for doubt. Sighing he would lift his head and gaze up at the blue sky- a deep shade, almost navy as night began to fall across the lands.

[Really short sorry, couldn't think of anything to type though haha.]


Creds to Juno<3
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PostSubject: Re: Everybody wants to rule the world [Katyusha] December 13th 2014, 03:31

The empty barren landscape would be broken up once again as the sleek frame of the elite stalked through the piles of bones. After her conversation with Samael a lot of things hung heavy on her mind, and the young Elite decided to visit the place where it all began. Nearly a year ago now Katyusha had challenged Steele to a spar here, starting the long path that eventually lead to him asking her to join him as his mate, and Alphess. Oh how things had changed since then. Her mate stolen from her in the middle of what should have been the happiest time of her life.

Since that moment the Elite would be an outcast in her own pack, although that hadn't changed too much since her time with Steele. As the small fae made her way through the aptly named Bison Graveyard her eyes would come to rest on a massive brute. Narrowing her gaze the fae would cautiously make her way forward, as Elite she was obligated to defend the pack, and having never seen this brute before she couldn't be certain he was supposed to be here. Making a large arch around him the ex-hunter would shift to be downwind of the brute, wanting to keep her presence a secret as long as possible. As the fae moved forward she would catch the scent of Erenyx from the brute, enjoying a short moment of relief before raising her tail and taking a more dominant stance.

With another step forward the fae would finally speak "I am Elite Katyusha, and who might you be?" she asked, working hard to make sure she didn't come off as too hostile, which lately had been a bit of a problem with her general loathing of most of the pack.
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Everybody wants to rule the world [Katyusha]

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