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In Need of Armor

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PostSubject: In Need of Armor In Need of Armor Icon_minitimeDecember 16th 2014, 09:02

13 days and 13 nights.

Days fall like flies and it seemed like his world was on loop. Everyday, the same thing over and over. The only thing that changed was the sky, drifting every night into darkness only to return with light the next day. He was jealous of the sky, jealous that it could fall into the arms of the darkness and the next day able to return to it’s beauty of light. He was jealous that a force of nature could do that, while he was struggling just to continue to move everyday. Had he done something wrong to earn this punishment? Did nature herself believe that he had killed his own brother just like his pack had? No, it’s impossible. She was there, saw it, felt it…. done it. Knight shut his eyes tightly and pressed himself against the trunk of the tree until he could feel the splitters part their way into his skin causing it to turn red of irritation. Grunting he pulled away from the tree in an angry manner, he had enough of all of this sitting around. He needed to get a move on. Lifting his head to the sky, he scanned the sky for any sign of light. The night cast darkness upon the terrain and he knew he had a couple hours until the light would show itself again. Knight saw this as a good thing, for his pelt would make it easy for him to move swiftly through the darkness and not be bother by any prey or predator. With a sigh, he shook his pelt and headed east in search of something. Although he knew not what he was looking for, he allowed his paws to take him wherever they wished to go. At first everything looked and sounded the same, trees, leaves and the faint sound of critters. But as he made his way farther into the unknown area, the sights and sounds became different, even the smell of the area changed. Knight’s moon lit orbs slowly took his surroundings in and had the weird sensation of being at home. Why? He didn’t know, but he found himself being dragged farther and farther into the terrain. Finally, he came to a halt. He had allowed his paws to take control and did not even think about stopping and seeing where he was. Until now.

Knight furrowed his eyebrows in confusion when he tried to step forward, but for some reason his paws were not following commands his brain was trying to make. Licking his lips, he looked down. Like a brick wall slamming into him, the scent of a pack hit him hard. He stumbled back in shock and a small gasp escaped his lips. “This couldn’t be happening”, he thought to himself as he stared down at the invisible line that separated him and the land before him. Taking in a deep breath, his lip twitch up to a smile and he couldn't believe that he found this place. Not wanting to spend any longer in the cold and darkness, he immediately lift his grey muzzle to the sky and released a mellow howl. His vocal cords were raspy from not speaking for such a long time and it felt good to make a sound. Perking his ears, he listened to his howl echo through the night. With a satisfying nod, he took a few steps back from the border and stood ready for a wolf to appear. His body had become weak over the couple weeks, but with a first glance, he looked like a normal male wolf. His stance was straightened and his muscles were strong. He could only hope the wolf who came would accept him, only then will he start to truly change back into his true self.
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PostSubject: Re: In Need of Armor In Need of Armor Icon_minitimeDecember 18th 2014, 11:36

Stumbling into dawn's wake, the wolf was beheld by the forest in the sky's presence, cradled gently so that her fragileness could not be disrupted no matter the creature found in the fallen night's music. Filled to the very brim, not half empty, nor half full, she was with a divine peace that allowed her to walk safely no matter the hour upon night or day such as thee. The blackness of her form could only be recognized as a bushle's shadow, nonetheless, if a twig were to appear beneath her gentle paws and snap into two fragments, easily exposing her identity to that whom registered the sound. But her moves were silent, and more or less graceful, like that of an angel roaming - almost hovering over the land to which she knew oh so well as age pressed on to each shoulder she possessed. Every rock, stone, tree, and paw-print made naturally into the Helidos dirt had become apart of her mind-set, to either she had come across it several times, or perhaps even once upon her travels. Despite her easily mistaken photographic memory, the fae had always been able to study land and remember her tracks, as well as learn to find her way back home by her lonesome self. However, from the start she had latched and learned things quickly once handed them to her, and her self-sufficient abilities also seemed to aid her in climbing the social structure of a pack to reign second most dominant. That alone, was all she could ever want in her life, as it was most probable for it to be the only thing she would earn so to speak, and the likelihood of it did not bother her, for she accepted the destiny as it was. And like when the clouds would call, she would follow. Just as she would now, for the foreign feel of another was not far from her darkness, and would soon be captured within her presence soon enough if she were to make way towards the creature in seconds time.

Her paws were lightly dampened by the dew of the grass, but as requested of, she ignored it and tread onwards to the puppet whom awaited the presence of a mere other. She had recognized the borders within the split of a second, and shuffled slowly between shadows, weaving in and out around trees with caution until the fae finally came to a halt not far from the wolf. As green and beautiful as they were, her eyes shown deeply into the dawn's dim light to the vagabond, her pupils caressing every curve that embedded into his form and sizing him slowly to relieve her suspicions upon trust. One step after another, Juno swayed her hips to the side, her body faced to the figure while her head remained directed to him. Her voice carried out a harmonious ring as she softly began to speak, "Good morning, stranger.. Does thou seek acceptance upon thy Helidos lands of m'lady Quinn and m'lord Fenris?" In that time, the forest had become silenced, no longer allowing a peep to come from the birds nestling into their homes above, nor the casual scatter of a hare running into a neighboring bush for shelter. Her tail had been raised to press against her backside, ears avert and attentive towards that if he were to answer. Standing tall, the female allowed every word to fall off her tongue like honey, "I am Beta Juno, thou shall refer to me as thee's superior upon our time here.. Does thou have a name?" The green-eyed angel replied in question, the slightest bit of tilt to her head being gathered as her only action other than the moving of her innocent lips.


In Need of Armor Junooooo

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In Need of Armor

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