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Ashlen the Troubled

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Ashlen of Agavos
Ashlen of Agavos

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PostSubject: Ashlen the Troubled Ashlen the Troubled Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2015, 18:10

Name: Ashlen

Gender: Female

Age: 3 Years

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Healer

Ashlen is a beautiful medium-sized grey wolf, standing at approximately 78cm in shoulder height. She’s slim but fit weighing a moderate 33kg. Her pelt is a mixture of creams, ochre and jet, each one fading seamlessly into the other, though from afar it is a simple thing to tell one colour from the other. But, most stunning of all is her eyes. Great orbs of an uncommon verdant perch within their caves of flesh and bone. They shine with iridescence and beauty, unmatched by any she had met. Great wolfish paws carry her across the valleys, over hills and through freezing tundras. Long, limber legs make for an extended stride in her run, though still shorter than some. Great pointed ears common to her kind capture an array of sounds of the wild, the left one with a small nick in it, a reminder of times past. A beautiful smile on her face can easily turn into a deadly snarl full of teeth and malice. In many ways she is just like any other wolf of the world. She is perfectly imperfect. Exceptionally unexceptional. Uncommonly common.



In a world full of hatred and love, a litter was born. In a world of extreme opposites they were raised. And in a world of beauty and despair, one of them loved and lost. This pups name was Ashlen. Born with an ashy pelt like all other pups, her mother thought to give her a name that suited her looks. She could have chosen something for her eyes but even that would have been wrong, for all pups eyes are blue at birth. To the mothers dismay, Ashlen grew quickly, her pelt shifting from an ashy-brown to the multihued beauty she was meant to be. Her eyes too shifted in colour from a pale blue to a bright green. It was one of those awkward transitions that every pup must experience to become their true self. But of course, amidst all this physical change there was room for emotional growth.

As a young pup Ashlen was curious and sprightly. Each morning she rose before her siblings and set off to explore the world she lived in. She came across a great number of natural treasures. The blue feather from a blue jay. The formations of the clouds in the sky. The stars turning their celestial dance in the evening. The crystalline formations found in geodes. Everywhere she wen she found some beauty. But she was not to be a little explorer forever. She had to grow up. Her father told her that she had to find a craft with which to contribute to the pack. Of course, he had assumed she would train as a Warrior. He had seen her in basic training and she seemed to enjoy it, the young she-wolf had a knack for finding an opponents weakness. But it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to save lives in another way. Ashlen took to training with the packs Head Healer. A studious pupil, she studied hard to memorise what plants could do what. Which could save a wolf, and which could kill a wolf.

The she-wolf became consumed by her work, obsessed with gaining more and more knowledge. That was until her first heat came around. She met a lovely brute names Aaron, grey male who was every bit as handsome as he was strong. He held his head high and proud the day he first approached her. At first she pushed him away, not wanting to lose focus in the poultice she was making. But he demanded to have her attention until she could not help but give him what he wanted. Their romance was sweet and fleeting. He showered her with love and affection for two seasons, despite her failure to provide him with a litter in the spring. It was unfortunate, the circumstances of Aarons demise, but necessary nonetheless. Without his death she would not have travelled away from her home.

The Alpha had taken an interest in Ashlen. Despite her inability to provide a first litter, he wanted her. He was certain that Aaron was the problem and that a beautiful young breeding female should not be wasted on such a useless male. Aaron would not have it. He stood between his mate and his Alpha, exclaiming his love for her before the entire pack. He was insolent, disrespectful. And he begged Ashlen to run away with him. She would have too, but he was foolish and forgetful. Strong as he was, sweet as he was, kind as he was, he had forgotten where they were. The Alpha swore that if they ever tried to leave he would kill them both. Aaron, ever-defiant, started pushing his mate away from the pack, herding her to a better place. The Alpha followed them, his large paws thundering against the earth. He launched him self at Aaron and began a vicious battle. The two fought for dominance, but the black male was Alpha for a reason. He tore her mate apart, tinting his fur a deep maroon in the process. She didn’t hesitate a second. The moment she could see him struggling, Ashlen jumped into the fray, clawing and biting where she could. The Alpha threw her off for a moment, the moment. The moment he had needed to finish Aaron off, tearing his throat out. In a rage, the Healer surged forth, knocking her Alpha off-balance. She took the moment of confusion to give him the same treatment he had given her mate.

She emerged, bloodied and victorious, the new Alpha of the pack. But she couldn’t lead them. Not the pack of ingrates who had watched on as her beloved was slaughtered. She cursed them all for their cowardice, told them that the whole lot of them combined were nowhere near half as strong as Aaron was. She gave her leadership to the Betas of the pack, telling them that she would return to check on them. But she never would. She would never lay eyes on that place again after that day. She ran from the only home she had ever known, she tried to forget the sorrow she knew. But she didn’t really want to forget. In her heart she always held a special place for Aaron. Her first love. A widow at three. Who would’ve guessed it?

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PostSubject: Re: Ashlen the Troubled Ashlen the Troubled Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2015, 18:26

Ashlen the Troubled R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Ashlen the Troubled

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