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A Walking Chrysis

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PostSubject: A Walking Chrysis January 12th 2015, 14:04

Name: Chrysis

Gender: Female

Age: Two years

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Hunter

Chrysis bears a thick pelt of mixed colors, fur shaggy and long. Her coat hues consist of tan, white, black and gray. Most of her body cloaked in a mousy grey tone, a dark tan runs up the sides of her ears. With paws of snow, white mixed with a sandy color dashes up her legs, some black running into it on her fores. She has a long white muzzle tipped with an ebony nose, maw filled with plenty of sharp teeth, young to her barely adult body. A stripe of black laces her ruff and chest, forming a ring around her neck. With a grey tail, the fluffy tip is a soft black, the very end a tan color. Her fur makes her appear larger than she truly is, but also serves to protect her, making it harder to reach her flesh, and keeps her warm on the harsh winters. Under her thick canvas there lies a petite frame with willowy legs for running. She greatly excels in speed attacks and agility, and though not greatly, is surprisingly strong from climbing mountains, sprinting after and taking down prey. Overall she is a beautiful and majestic fae, her captivating eyes her most prominent feature. A spearmint emerald, they stand out most of all, noticable yet do not clash with her fur. She holds herself properly, yet when in the presence of most curls into herself secludedly, seeming smaller. But if you threaten her, she'll defend herself to a degree, but won't pick a fight. She has only one scar to mark her pelt, as of yet, a claw mark on her shoulder from being attacked by a big cat.


Chrysis' history starts with her mother and father, in the Kirios pack. Her father, Ezio, was the Lead Hunter, known to bring back large kills to feed the pack. He was a  grey and black male of fair size, nothing impressive, but nothing below average. He was the son of the Alpha, something of a disappointment to the lead male as his siblings had all become more respectable ranks such as Betas or Guardians. Her mother Chione was a Caretaker, grey and tan in color and gentle in her ways. She was much smaller, at times mistaken for a pup to those who didn't know her. Ezio was the greatest hunter of the pack, depended on to make sure the pack was fed, and looked up to by other Hunters in the pack. Her mother was very kind in nature, always wanting to help those in need. A litter of two was born to the couple, a male and a female pup. The male, born Ebbony- to later be dubbed Callek by a kind loner - was the mirror image of his father, a pelt of blacks and grays, though destined to grow to be larger than his father. The female born Nya, who would later name herself Chrysis would have a heavily mixed pelt, taking colors from both her sire and dam's sides. With large inquisitive green eyes, she was far smaller than her brother, borderline sickly whence she was born. Ebbony, however, was born mute, cursed to never speak a word, and therefore both siblings were extraordinarily good at both reading others, and conveying their thoughts without speaking. Both displayed their mother's intelligence and father's senses for hunting and tracking. The would both grow under the tender and careful care of their mother, along with the other pups she would look after. However neither cared much to associate with the other pups, though they would frequently play tag together. They were content with their life, nothing fancy yet not poor. That is, until next spring came again.

At 5 months, they had been thrown into apprenticeship a month early, compared to other packs. This was due to the shortage in all prey in spring, though it was unknown why. That summer all the pups were to start their training in their respective ranks. Some pups would chose Warriors, training to become Gammas and Guardians. Others would choose to be Healers and Caretakers. Nya and Ebbony were two of only four that chose to be Hunters, much to the adults' delight as they were short. Ebbony was to be trained by his father, while Nya began learning from the Lead Hunter female in the pack. As she got older, Nya graduated from the shy, feeble pup she was in her younger age, for a more mature, driven girl, focused on providing for her family and pack. Though she remained isolated from the other wolves and apprentices, she definitely wasn't afraid to show her fangs to what threatened her family and friends. More than once, she had gotten into a spat concerning her brother, as he were often teased - being mute, he could say nothing in return nor fight for his dignity. To which Nya took upon herself to do so, sometimes she came out on top, sometimes forced to submit, but always walking away with head and tail high, snuffing those who had disrespected a loved one.

She worked tirelessly at her training every day, running up and down steep and icy inclines, leaping through mounds of snow in hot pursuit of deer, following the obscured tracks of lost prey, often for hours. She grew a coat thick enough to fend off the cold weather, in exchange for having uncomfortable, far too warm summers, and learned to stay around the shade and have water available. When she wasn't training, she preferred to go out and explore the territories herself or with Ebbony. But the next Spring, all of the prey save for measly voles and squirrels seemed to have inexplicably vanished, which caused trouble for everyone. As the adult wolves traveled farther on their pack hunts, they met up with more and more enemy packs. Being small in hunters, the Kirios had no choice but to give up their hard earned prey to the larger packs, losing precious prey such as sheep and deer. But before the pack could begin to die out due to the lack of food, a large male loner, brute with black as night fur, and icy blue eyes with his little group attacked in the middle of the night, all but ruining all of the food. The wolves had appeared to tear it to pieces and eat over half of it, leaving only shreds of muscle and cracked bones. But instead of leaving without causing any further irrepairable damage, they had stolen some of the pups of the pack, going to run away with them. By then the pack had been awoken to the terrified cries of the Apprentices, and some had been caught, the pups being returned. But two escaped, with a male and female, Nya and Ebbony. They seemed to run forever, knowing they were being pursued by the males, before deciding to ditch the young wolves, hiding Ebbony in a quiet, secret portion of the forest, and Nya only a ways away, hidden and unconscious in a cave. But before they left, they gave them some bites to remember, Ebbony receiving the worst for protecting his sister. Only the next day did Nya awaken and stumble outside, following the familiar scent of her brother until she found him, bruised and battered.

But before Nya could even think of doing anything, a male approached, a loner. Terrified it was one of those even Rouges, she hid in a bush, waiting for the male to appear. As he became visible, she got a good look at him, at first glance mistaking him for the group leader that had attacked the pack. Though on a second look, she realized is eyes were a tad too dark, and he looked older than the 'Alpha' male. A small snarl formed on her lips as he approached her brother, but soon realized his only intents were to heal him. She breathed a sigh of relief, but didn't trust him enough to come out from her hiding spot. She watched in dismay as he renamed Ebbony to "Callek" - whatever that meant - and invited Callek to come with him. But in her heart, she knew he was much safer with this... Noble, if she had heard right. Unable to muster the courage to introduce herself, she followed the pair, still considering herself Callek's guardian sister. As Noble proved himself more and more, and Nya took a liking to him, but felt it better if she didn't try to meet him and stir up any drama. She caught her own small meals, and fed off whatever they left behind, taking comfort in knowing there was a friendly adult wolf nearby at all times.

As she grew older, she got used to following them, not having any true companions, but confident in knowing she wasn't alone.  The day she turned one and eight months was the day that would change. If she were still in the pack, she would officially be a Hunter. But instead, that day she slept in, effectively losing track of Callek and Noble. Panicked, she raced after them, using her tracking skills to find them. But the path she took took her straight into the way of an angry Puma mother, who didn't fancy a wolf near her cubs. Despite her attempts to prove she wasn't a threat, in one swift motion, sharp claws ripped deeply through the muscles in her shoulder, knocking her to the side and dazing her. Prompted by a furious scream, she dragged herself to her paws, front left paw threatening to give out. Slowed by her injury, she began running away, not sure which way she was headed, but desperately hoping the beastess to have been distracted. Her wishes were granted - but with dire results, as snarls and growls were very soon heard, mingled with hisses and screams. Nya hurried down the mountain as quickly as she could, in time only to see the mountain cat strike her brother, before sprinting back to her children. She could only watch helplessly as the life left her brother's eyes, frozen in place and seeming unable to move. When the four year old brute finally moved away from Callek, Nya struggled forward, trying her best to hide her pain. With a voice raspy from never speaking, she quietly talked to the male.

"You are a good man, Noble. I am eternally grateful to you, for caring for E-Callek. Whereas I bring nothing but pain and hurt, a walking disaster. From this moment forward, my name will be Chrysis." Gaze turning to Callek, she whimpered, never wanting to take her eyes off him, and wanting to look away at the same time. "I'm sorry." She would whisper, before turning, running off before Noble would ask about her shoulder. She traveled by herself from then on, learning how to fend for herself, despite her size. She vowed she would never forget Noble, silently thanking him at the end of each day.

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PostSubject: Re: A Walking Chrysis January 15th 2015, 07:31

Just wanted to let you know, you paid for a Tibetan wolf, yet your image is on a Mexican wolf.

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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A Walking Chrysis

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