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PostSubject: Pinterest February 7th 2015, 16:02

So I'm sure plenty of us have heard of Pinterest and a number of us probably use it. Well I have this thing called a hobby. What's my hobby you ask? It's photography!

I don't know if I'm all that good, or if it's worth sharing but some of my "better" *does Dr Evil air quotes* pieces I post on my Pinterest Photograpy Board located here (click me). I've also added a map to the board so you can see where these pictures have come from.

If you're interested, jump on over and take a look. There's plenty more to come! (Get ready for some Fiji pics in April! Eeeep! So excited!) You'll get a chance to see a bit of what makes this beautiful country of mine so great (well, the parts of it I see anyway).

In case you've forgotten, the link is:


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PostSubject: Re: Pinterest February 7th 2015, 16:07

Your artwork is phenomenal! I, myself have a passion for photography and have been a member of this art site known as Deviantart since midst 2012. Your work is splendid, great focus and optical view. Amazing close-ups of everything you admire. It's very lovely and keep up the great work!
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