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Fire & Ice Wolf Packs

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PostSubject: Fire & Ice Wolf Packs February 8th 2015, 22:21

Fire & Ice Wolf Packs

Darkness is rising in the lands of Fire and Ice... A band of ancient wolves have made their appearance, their presence ominous and threatening to throw the packs into deadly chaos. In neighboring territory, dogs have chased out the wolves and are gathering in greater numbers. They keep their hatred for their wild kin close to their hearts and will relentlessly expand their territory while exterminating any that get in their way. Danger is quickly closing in on the innocent and the complacent, and soon none will know the meaning of peace. What heroes will step forth to keep the lands in balance and restore peace to the wolves of Fire and Ice?

Become a part of our story! Fire and Ice has been active for over 8 years and has a strong history. We are now looking for new members, experienced or not, to build activity and add to our growing history. On top of the plots currently in place, we are also in the midst of big and exciting changes, and we are looking for creative people to join us. We may soon be looking for players to take on higher ranking roles! Come check us out!

Fire & Ice Wolf Packs
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Fire & Ice Wolf Packs

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