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Feeling of Serenity (Oltulysa and pups)

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Rogue Oltulysa

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PostSubject: Feeling of Serenity (Oltulysa and pups) June 3rd 2015, 11:19

Despite her small frame and younger age Oltulysa went through her pregnancy with no problems. Desmond cept his word and fed her well during the winter months and with the coming of spring she relished the day her giant belly would vanish. Unsure how many pups she carried she only wished for their health for the fact that her last litter died from malnutrition. Alas one sunny days the birthing pains started and the rogue slunk deep into the cave. After hours of labor the fae gave birth to six healthy pups, two faes and four brutes. Pleased with herself the fae curled up around her new family, waiting for them to stir.

Please welcome the new rogue pups to the world!!

Apprentice Ulisse
Nameless Male #2
Nameless Male #3
Apprentice Conlaed

Apprentice Evalynn
Nameless Female

Remember to purchase a pup under the adoption thread if interested![/color]
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Feeling of Serenity (Oltulysa and pups)

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