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Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos]

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Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos] Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos] - Page 2 Icon_minitimeJune 11th 2015, 22:37

As others were called up before the Alphess, the she-wolf was starting to become anxious. Was her speech good enough? Did it seem faulty and jumbled up? She certainly hoped not, that would just be embarrassing. However, for those who were called up, she felt nothing but happiness and joy for them. Their speeches had been great and they seemed decent enough to help lead Helidos. Still, deep down she was itching to hear if her own name would be called. Quinn took time addressing each of the wolves she had called up before releasing them to go sit back with their pack-mates. After a few moments of an appropriate pause, the queen called upon two more wolves. To her surprise, the earth colored female's name was called along with the other female caretaker who had applied. A confused but curious look came across her face as she stood back up and walked to where her leader stood proudly. Though the look did not last long as the she began to speak and cleared everything up perfectly. As she started off with Crystal, Elsbeth got a feeling in her chest that she was not going to receive it, but once her name was mentioned without giving the other maiden the rank the Alphess had once again gained her undevided, curious attention. Her eyes went wide as she found out of what the smaller maiden had gone through. It was so similar to hers that it made it unbelievable that both of their children may have faced the same fate. And for once she didn't feel like she had to carry that burden alone, for Quinn had offered to be a sense of support towards her. She let out a thankful smile as she continued on, only for her own jaws to widen the smile into a grin as she found that she had received the rank. As she waited for her leading female to finish her speech, the two wolves called up for the results found why the both of them had been asked for. Turning her head to Crystal she smiled friendly towards the vixen before turning back to Quinn. "Alphess Quinn, it means so much to me that you offer your reassurance if I ever need it. And I would like to offer mine in return. If you ever need to talk to someone about your late children, I will be here. As for taking care of the present little rascals, I would be honored to take upon the role of Lead Caretaker and to tend to your pups. And crystal, I look forward to working with you soon. I think that we will become great friends while tackling this task together. Thank you. " Dipping her head towards her the higher ranked she backed away and back into the circle, a small happy smile still on her lips as she rethrned to her spot until waiting for the next wolves to receive their promotions.


Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos] - Page 2 OC5olP
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Necessary Changes [Mandatory Helidos]

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