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Rogue Ulisse

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PostSubject: Rogue Ulisse Rogue Ulisse Icon_minitimeJune 4th 2015, 16:46

Name: Ulisse
[Pronounced; Ou - Lee - Seh; Italian form of Ulysses]

Gender: Male

Age: 6 Months old

Pack: Rogue

Rank Requested: Rogue

Ulisse is a well-fit pup, even in his young age Ulisse is blessed with a naturally moderate frame with considerable strength, but quite quick on his paws when he wants to be, and able to change direction in chase. Although it is plain to see he is among the smallest out of his three male sibling, it is visible he will grow to his father's size. His coat, up his legs, chest, and belly is white mixed with a light, sandy tan colour. As you move further up his back and neck, his base colour remains tan, but becomes slightly darker, as dustings of other colours interfere with the solid pattern. His back is mostly glazed with grey and black, with intervals of more tan, occasionally. His ears are a dark brownish-tan, with the left one's tip folded down. His muscles have yet to develop well, but he has a fairly broad chest and shoulders, and strong jaw muscles for crushing. His eyes are the same entrancing, beautiful green as his father's, the most noticeable out of all his features, with the same two black marks that rested beneath them as his sire. It is evidenced that he will grow up to be quite the handsome brute, equally skilled at captivating, and frightening.



Born into a strange world - separated from all signs of the living packs. These pups do not know their father, who he is or even what he smells like. After agreeing to his deal with the one-eyed Rogue, Desmond disappeared from the scene. He fed her from the entrance of her den, but never once wished to see the little pups. So they live with their mother, out in the Rogue lands, free to move about those lands as they wish.
Being one of four males born to the fae called Oltulysa and a sire unknown to them, Ulisse was the first born son. Even from his first walking moments, he was a shrewd being, stealthily sneaking around rules with clever words and convincing lies. It seemed he always had an excuse on paw, for why he was doing something, and an innocent look to put on display with the bat of an eye. He was, and still is wise beyond his years, strategic and a silent observer, charming speaker, only keeping things deemed important at the forefront of his mind. As weeks turned to months, Ulisse became more secluded from his kin, preferring to follow silently after his siblings and keep watch over them for his mother, or wander off himself. His trickery could become cruel quite quickly, if he continues to derive entertainment from it, but for the most part he was a pup with a cool exterior, glass outside with a fire blazing within, untouchable until you lift the glass. As of now, he remains nearly the same, and has yet to change, though he has plenty of time for that.

Joining Keys: Keys have been eaten by a hungry wolf ~ Mod Rose

How did you find Age? By being here for a year <3 It be Delta Ariste

Example Post:
Ulisse stood silently on the wet, slippery rock, the breeze whipping around him. The day was ominous, and by no means calm, with dark, ominous clouds shutting out any and all of the precious light that the wild animals so craved after the long and weary winter. The young pup, however, embraced all of the weather, fancying feeling the wind whip his pelt into tangles, and the rain soak into the absorbent fur. Inhaling the humid air, that was crackling with the on-coming electricity of a thunderstorm. A shiver of excitement at that prospect ran through him, a childish grin pulling his ebony lips away from his small teeth. Electricity! What a peculiar natural occurrence, fire from the vast sky itself, all the while soaking the ground in water that was both beneficial, and harmful. Broad shoulders rolling in a stretching motion, jaws widening before snapping shut, ears perking. The hushed babble of the running brook graced his audits, likened to the quiet, harmful whispers of gossip that spread between wolves like a wildfire. Speak of pups, speak of how the, apparently, newly founded pack was coming along, talk talk talk. None of it had held the brute's attention or interest for a second, having no thoughts of joining a pack anytime soon, or any concern about how the others of his age got along, unless he could somehow use such information to cause a stir within the packs, for the amusement of watching it unfold. Such unimportant words fell on deaf ears, possibly shoved far back in his mind to free up his immediate memory for skillsets that he would need in his later years and the patterns of the territories that were his to explore. Truthfully, he should not be here, and definitely not alone, but never before had that stopped him. Weight shifting forward, he poked his snout out as it tweaked rapidly, but did not venture any closer to the water for a drink, instead backing away and heading upstream, to the bubbly brook's origin. He was not one for taking unnecessary risks, and this was one he viewed as unnecessary.

Claws grappling at the rocks, his paws began sliding slightly, until he replanted them, struggling on the stones. Making sure he had his footing, he pressed his muzzle out towards the small cliff, stretching forward as far as he could to the stream trickling off it, like a miniature waterfall. With his long body, he soon felt the refreshingly cool water splash onto his nose and face, wetting the fur there. Twisting his head to the side and squinting his brightly hued orbs, his tongue flicked out as he attempted to drink in such an awkward position, reigning somewhat successful in his efforts. However, most of it ended up down his neck fur and on his paws. 'Still better than getting wet.' he reasoned to himself, stepping back and onto dry land, before his tongue slipped out of his mouth, lapping at the water dripping from his fine whiskers. Head raising, he looked around, realizing the time he had spent to himself was far too long, and even he did not fancy affronting his mother more than he probably already had. Keeping that in mind, the he-wolf stretched his long legs and pushed off, loping towards where he assumed his family to be, the first monstrous roar of thunder cracking overhead. With another impish smile, the pup wondered if that was to signify just how much of a fracas he would be in upon arriving from whence he came from.
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PostSubject: Re: Rogue Ulisse Rogue Ulisse Icon_minitimeJune 4th 2015, 17:04

Rogue Ulisse R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!

((Nicely done on Ulisse~))


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Rogue Ulisse

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