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Sticks and Stones (Open)

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Rogue Evalynn
Rogue Evalynn

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PostSubject: Sticks and Stones (Open) Sticks and Stones (Open) Icon_minitimeJune 5th 2015, 00:10

Evalynn stood quietly twisting to look around the den but as it was just before the sun touched the earth, she knew not where her siblings lay nor if her mother was really there. Slowly she crawled out of the den, her honey brown eyes glittering with adventure. She shoved her frame into a fully standing position the minute she was fully clear from sight and far away from the den. She knew her scent could be followed, but she honestly couldn't give a care in the world. Her ears flattened against her head and then pushed themselves fully forward. She let her pink tongue flick out to touch her ebony nose and muzzle. Her fur was ruffled, messy and looked like she had been struck by a tornado. Her muscles flexed as she continued to move away from her family. Tail swaying side to side as she finally took note of the scenery. Trees hung loosely around, vines draping down to the touch the ground. Wind whistled through the forest to make it seem like the sky was singing. The sun slowly rose from the east, stretching out and touching the sky in colors of blue and pinks. Leaves that had been covered by winter snow now fluttered away with the touch of a strong gust of wind. Fresh green grass grew and swayed with every step she took.

Flowers peeked out from the ground, different colors here and there. Little petals scattered the ground that she walked upon. She peered down at the dirt and watched as bugs scurried to and fro. Water trickled nearby, drawing the multi-colored fae's attention. She turned slowly and made her way towards the sound that could quench her thirst. As she approached the small spring, she took notice of the slick surfaces and the sticks that covered the stones. "Sticks and stones may break your bones..." She spoke quietly, her voice ringing out only to be met with silence. Slowly she moved to the edge, her paws sliding slightly and a startled yelp escaped her maw. She regained her gripping and broadened her stance so she may not be carried away and injured. Her head lowered and her tongue flicked out across the clean spring water. Take a step forward, adventure awaits you my dear Evalynn... She shook her head and flicked her ears in an irritatingly way. Leave me alone! She thought in silence, trying to shake the voices from her mind.

She slowly stepped upon one of the large stones, her honey brown eyes dancing with excitement. She enjoyed being alone and taking the time to seek adventure and danger. She knew she didn't have permission to wander away from the den, but she wanted so badly to explore and see the lands. She was bored of her siblings and even though she adored two of them, the others had her utmost hate. She found them to be dull and not really wanting to spend her time with family, she took the adventurous route. She jumped upon the next slippery rock, taunting her fate as she did so. She felt her claws dig into the stone, trying to keep her balance so she would not fall. Her sweet face lit up as she continued hopping along, her tail swaying to help her balance out. Her paws grinding against the stones as she tried to go faster. Paws hardly touching the stone as she leaped forward with great speed, her paws slipping every now and then. She slowly leaped to the safety of firm ground, having become highly bored with play. She twirled around and then moved a safe distance away from the water. She let her body sink to the ground as she peered through the trees and to the sky, it was still early morning and she enjoyed the rest she was getting.


Sticks and Stones (Open) Evalyn10
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Sticks and Stones (Open)

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