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Beta Irrationality
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PostSubject: Anikira! Anikira! Icon_minitimeJune 6th 2015, 08:04

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Just thought I'd advertise around here for one of the active sites that I'm currently apart of, in case anyone is looking for another place to roleplay on the side. I looooove Anikira with all my heart; to be honest, a lot of my more recent inactivity is probably due to my being around Anikira more than anywhere else. It stole all of my muse for anywhere else and selfishly kept it.
The staff team is very friendly, fun, and always welcome to help you with any problems you're having. Ordinary members are happy to do all of these things for you as well when they can. There's a lot of puppies currently up for adoption, which would be a fast way to get involved in a lot of the main plot lines, but of course there's nothing wrong with making your own character from scratch and going from there! Be sure to read the rules, and to follow the guideline for the joining application if you decide to make an appearance on Ani - which is extremely easy to fill out, by the way!
Aaaaaand should you decide that you ARE interested in Ani, that you ARE going to join as soon as possible just like I did when I was new around there, make sure to put in your profile that I referenced you. I play Jaienyx, Erebos, Laertes, and soon-to-be Artemis and Banshee once they're officially born and playable if you were wanting to take a look at what I've done around there so far. My OOC name was Jaienyx but I just go by Nyx now since it's shorter and a lot easier for people to spell without thinking about it. xD (I know, not Ratio, weeeird)


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