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Approaching Thunder (Thunder's bio)

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Thunder of Helidos

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PostSubject: Approaching Thunder (Thunder's bio) June 12th 2015, 19:59

Name: Thunder

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Hunter

Thunder stands at 79 cm, he weighs about the regular amount for a wolf his size. He has a white and grey pelt, speckled with black and white across his face, chest and back. He's got long legs and a bushy tail, he has muscles that are covered by his thick fur. He has royal blue eye's that sparkle as if they are stars. He has strong broad shoulders that help during training. He is very muscled throughout his legs and bodies. His back is covered in scars from being attacked constantly. His face holds scars from large cats and beasts attacking him. His face is shaped broader then his sisters faces. His chest is wide and helps is build when in a spar. Thunder looks mostly like his father with the same enchanting blue eyes, same build, and same height. He was always strongly resembling his father, except for the fact he had a bit more white upon his face from genetics that came from his mother whom was an Arctic wolf, while his father was a Timber wolf.



Age 1: "Faster you fool!" His Alphess ordered him to push farther then he could, faster, he must run faster. The alphess was building him up to be her warrior, like a bodyguard to protect her from any harm. She was not a nice alphess and most wished her gone, but they obeyed. They didn't want her to rip them to shreds. He plunged into the ice cold water, it sank into him like sharp knives. But again she ordered him faster or he would surely die to herself. She was right behind him, he had to go faster or lose himself to the very own paws of his alphess. She had made him stronger for the past year, building muscles on him. He kept going just barely out of reach of her, the monster, the beast chasing after him. But she kept strong and he knew she was trying to wear him out. It would work eventually. But for now he was strong, he kept that thought in his mind and then he stumbled. The alphess dug her teeth into his side and tore some flesh away as punishment. He curled tighter into a ball and listened to her as she gave him an order. "You're not allowed to eat or drink for the next few days. Tend to your wounds, you fool."

With that he got up and made his way home. He lived alone in a den, he had no family as they had been killed when he was 6 months old. He had been told that his siblings and mother were killed by another pack. The only reason he lived was his father's promise to the alphess that he'd be strong. Yet he wouldn't get a name until the alphess decided. He loathed her with a passion. He decided then that any name she gave him, he would deny. Those were his thoughts as he cleaned his wounds and prepared for rest. His sister, Faith, was the only one to be chosen to stay within the packs because the Alphess had plans for her.

Age 2: He was now one of the alphess "Special Warriors" the one's who did all her dirty work for her, the killers. He had lost his father recently, murdered by the alphess herself. She then continued to train the killer in him. With all the anger and hate that reigned in him. She had lied and told him that another pack had done it, and that they were going to seek revenge. After his training he grew muscles and was the strongest in the pack now. He had killed many and now he had earned a name. No longer would he be called pup, or be numbered.

"You have done well, you have out witted and out strengthened my best of warriors. You deserve a name, and a name you shall have. Your new name is Titan. Now go forth Elite Titan. Kill the one's who've murdered your family." Her eyes were laughing at him, he was a fool to believe her. But he ran out with a team of warriors, to the pack south of them. Their goal was to kill all the adults and only take the strongest of pups. The males and only a few females as they would train the males to be killers and females to be killed later after they bred. Faith was the only to become a high rank, and so the Alphess ordered her to kill Thunder after he had lost in a spar. His sister refused and by the grace of the Alphess, simply banished.

He hated his role, the beast who killed and the anger in him. The hate, he wanted to leave. To run away, to not be a beast that the alphess had created him to be. But he followed her orders and when he returned he heard her speaking to the other elite. "The fool, I have made him into what I wanted, and he believes that his family was killed by another pack. He murdered innocents! It was I who killed them, and they even had a name for him... an idiotic name. Thunder." With those words he tore into the alphess den and cried out with anger. "You have murdered my family, and I will seek revenge with all the Thunder in the world. How dare you LIE to me. YOU shall face the punishment that YOU deserve, and have ORDERED me to do."

He lunged at her easily, the other elite tackled him as he did so. He lay his ears back and tucked his tail, biting the other elite's shoulder as he was tackled by him. "Back off, this is my fight!" He growled at the other elite, awaiting his response. The elite to his surprise backed away not wanting anything to do with the alphess monster, that SHE had created. When he had backed away, Thunder attacked the alphess, fighting her very well. When she was close to dead he spoke to her. "Look, look at the beast you have created. I will not let you live, you do not deserve it. You are a killer, and have made many killers. This pack will be free from your reign from here on out." He tore her to shreds as she laughed and spoke her last words. "Yes, you're a monster, a killer. You can never change that."

He ran away from the pack, knowing the other elite was sure to tell the others. So he ran full fledged through the icy water. It was just as cold as his heart was and he was hoping that his heart could be healed, filled with warmth again.

Age 3: He was a loner for this year, hunting and traveling. Refusing to join any pack as he was not ready for it. Nor did he think he'd be accepted into one, for he was a killer, and a monster. How could anyone accept him? If he got too angry, they would be at a risk of being killed. Who could accept that? He met many rogues, traveled with them and yet he couldn't find his home.

Age 4: He entered Haven's Grove, three packs were here, and he knew in his heart that even though a beast ran through his veins he had. He knew maybe...if he joined another pack, that the killer in him would settle down. Maybe a few friends and a new family to start things fresh. So he wouldn't have to worry about his past. He had also chose to change his name by then, back to what it was supposed to be, Thunder.

He thought about it, really it was a fitting name. He was like thunder and would come rolling in loudly. His eye's clouded as he thought once again of his old pack. 'Thunder, it fits me better then Titan did. I am glad to have MY name back. My true name.' He smiled as he remembered his always kind and gentle mother. He also vaguely remembered that he had a sister, her coat pure white and she had amber eye's. He didn't know if his family could of escaped the alphess reign of killing. He hoped that one day he'd meet his sister again. If she was still alive, that was his goal.

Age 4 1/2: Thunder had been reunited with his youngest sister Rose for maybe most of Summer and Winter. She had been living in a nearby pack known as Pine Summit, whilst he had joined Cedar Grove. His bond with her grew, but soon she had left him to suffer alone as her pack fell ill with severe diseases and not wanting to hurt him and his pack for carrying the disease, she escaped into the wilderness all by herself. Thunder saw his pack was falling apart and left to follow her. He could only wonder if their other sister would follow in pursuit. As he traveled, he soon lost scent of his dear sister and let misery consume him. He let himself rot away in lands that Rogues roamed. His fur tightened against him, showing through his bones. He had caught his sister and then lost her, but he also lost his love whom was back in Cedar Grove.

He slowly regained his strength to a kind Rogue whom lost her mind. She forced him to eat, to become stronger so he may continue his journey in life. Finally, after a few months, he neared the age of 5 years old and soon learned of a Rogue whom had met someone with the exact description of his beloved sister. But he didn't know which sister, as they had always looked alike except Rose being smaller. He got up his strength, sparred with the Rogue female to train more and then away he went, leaving into the sunset with another  broken heart left behind...

Age 5: Thunder came close in travels, but then he met a fae that stole his heart. A Rogue with red fur, much smaller then he was and deep brown eyes. She told him of tales from her past, that she was in search of something more. Her past was deeper and more then his own, he fell in love and he wanted to be with her. He stopped searching for his sisters and settled down to protect his love. She explained to him why her fur was different, because she was a wolf of a different species. He loved her even more, wishing his sisters could meet the young fae.

Along with his love for her came rivals whom were seeking mates for the winter to bare their young and be strong, vicious creatures. He defended her when she asked, learning that she knew how to mend his wounds and take care of him after a battle. When winter came, he asked her to be his mate and carry his young. She agreed, but only if he would stay with her until the end of his life. He agreed.

By winters end, she was about to give birth when a group of Rogues attacked his mate while he was away hunting. When he returned, she lay in the den soaked in blood, dead. Her heart was missing, and most of her insides, they had eaten her alive. He lay beside her, whimpering in silence and mourning her death. His children gone, his love gone, he had only choice. He went out again, to search for his sister(s).

Age 6: He has entered the lands of AGE, and has become aware of both scents of his sisters upon the lands. He will seek them out and hopefully find a new love, a new family and a new home to rest his weary paws. He hopes to heal his wounds, his broken heart, and move on with his life.

Joining Keys: A hungry wolf has eaten the joining keys~Mod Rose

How did you find Age? I'm Warrior Breeze! :3

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Rose Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Re: Approaching Thunder (Thunder's bio) June 13th 2015, 08:17

Sidenote - I love you XD

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Approaching Thunder (Thunder's bio)

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