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The One With All The Burning (Fel)

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Lead Warrior Narla
Lead Warrior Narla

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PostSubject: The One With All The Burning (Fel) The One With All The Burning (Fel) Icon_minitimeJuly 13th 2015, 03:12

The Dingo woke early on her  first full day in Agavos. Following her acceptance at the borders, she'd followed the larger female to find herself a den in their main clearing. There was a large, proud den made of giant stones that clearly belonged to the Alpha. There were other dens too, ones that looked large enough to hold a greater number of wolves. She'd wracked her brain from her time with the other pack, remembering that these dens were probably for Healers and Caretakers. It made sense, Healers needed room to work and store their herbs, Caretakers needed room for the mothers and their pups. She wondered if there were any little pups gambolling about in the parklands, she would have loved to play with them. Her hind legs stung but rather than being an imposition she'd taken herself to an isolated den a little on the outskirts of the clearing, laying down to lick her wounds. To be sure she'd checked for a scent, not wanting to take an others home. Clearly she was buggered since she never heard the return of her pack members. She'd fallen asleep, curled up in her strange new home. The Australian slept dreamlessly and woke with the change in the air. She woke in that time of the morning when the world fell grey and silent, everything in limbo as the creatures of the earth awaited the suns rising. The golden creature rose and stretched out her stiff limbs. None of the wolves were stirring yet, which was probably for the best. Fel had requested Narla stay away from the pack until she thought she was ready. Narla didn't see the point in it, she was more than happy to meet some new faces and answer any questions they might have about her, but she didn't want to upset her superior. And thinking of that, she remembered the she-wolf saying something about training at the break of dawn, but where? Fel hadn't given her any directions to a particular place, nor even to her den. She could try to catch a scent and track her way to the female, although she thought it might be considered rude - not to mention she didn't feel confident in her ability to pick Fel's scent out of the many in this place after only one encounter. She crawled from the mouth of her den and looked about expectantly. Hmmm, almost dawn and no Fel. She shrugged and figured she might as well get a little exploring in. So she set off, not knowing where she was headed. Soon enough the faint scent of the sea found her nostrils and she made a beeline for the source. She'd seen enough of the open ocean, but she was wistful of the beaches of home. She thought maybe this could quell her small ache. Her paws on the sand instantly reminded her this wasn't home. The sand was rougher and darker in colour, but the water was clear and blue. She even saw an interesting little cave and rock formation. The sun was barely breaching the horizon, making the water look a calm blue-grey. But it was the sand she was interested. Back home, she'd noticed the extra effort it took to traverse the granular ground, how the burn in her muscles made her stronger. It would do her some good to run the beach a while, so she set off, limbs stretching far in their stride, muscles quickly building that aching burn that meant improvement. She ran as far down the stretch as the beach would allow, then turned back, heading for the ringed rock formation. When she reached the rocks, she turned back again, running to the far end. Air rushed through her nostrils and back out again, her lungs soon gaining their own sort of burn as she pushed herself to her limits. Run and keep running. You're smaller than these wolves so show them how much faster you are. Annael's voice came to mind. He'd tried to help her in their time together, preparing her for the brutish world of wolves. She had to make this pack work. Isolation got very boring and very lonely after too long.


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The One With All The Burning (Fel)

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