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Lark the Loyal

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Lark of Helidos
Lark of Helidos

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PostSubject: Lark the Loyal Lark the Loyal Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 12:48

Name: Lark.

Gender: Female

Age: 5 Years Old.

Pack: Helidos - With special permissions from Alphess Quinn

Rank Requested: Hunter.

Lark is the sister of Alphess Quinn and if you were to see the two standing together it would not be too hard to guess this. Lark's pelt is very similar to that of her sister's except for the fact that while Quinn is white with an almost close to silver coloured grey, Lark's is much more subtle and smoky with a slight tannish colour tinting it. Most of her body is covered in a creamy white but from the top of her tail to the top of her head is a soft grey. She is flecked with the occasional hint of a tan/brown where the grey and white mix and a light stripe of it travels down the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are also a bright Golden, much like her sibling. They are not sharp or piercing but instead are soft and melty- like honey. Muscles ripple beneath her silky pelt but she is not a wolf built for brute force at all. She is lithe and has a small dainty frame helping her run with speed and swiftness making Hunter the perfect rank for her. She is not a large wolf and stands at 64cm, only wolf being smaller in the litter being her sister Quinn.



Lark, born to mother Kia and father Jace. She was born with two brothers and two sisters. Lark lived a normal life as the pup of the Betas. Her father was the right hand to long time alpha. Jace trained the pups the art of hunting, working as a pack, and above all else, survival. It was an easy puphood and Lark enjoyed the constant playful sparring and hunting tasks set up for the pup's to try and complete. There was nothing that special about Lark and she did not mind much, she was not ambitious but she was a respectable and intelligent wolf and if ever offered a spot of high ranking she would take it. But she was content with the simple life and spent her time either hanging out with her siblings or practicing her hunting as it came evident after a while that she was a strong hunter.

Lark was closest with Quinn if she had to choose one of her siblings and felt a strong protectiveness over the smaller wolf. Lark was not too large herself but Quinn was just so small compared to them all. It did soon become apparent that despite her small size, Quinn had the most potential of becoming something of importance and Lark merely supported her sister along the way, letting no jealousy take hold of her. Quinn had been given a job to help look after and train the pups and as the alphess got more and more round, she knew her sister would soon be busy with looking after the next generation of the pack. However Lark promised to keep her sister company the whole time and made sure to catch them the best prey the world has ever seen to keep them well fed. She spent her evening's with Quinn and the pup's, letting them chase her tail or as they grew, making up little games for them to play and enjoy. Lark was always on the go, the bright, daring fae enjoyed helping play with the pups and allowing Quinn little breaks though she knew her sister never let them out of her sight.

However one day when Lark was out hunting for the pack, a noise from not too far off caught her attention. It came from just outside the borders and she broke into a sprint, ready to send anything that may be a threat to the pack in the other direction. However as she neared it became evident that the beast that caused this scent was not anything she could take on by herself. About to turn and race back to the pack to alert the alpha's,  Lark would freeze as another scent drifted up her nostrils. Quinn. With wide frantic eyes, she resumed sprinting in the direction and pinned her ears as ominous sounds flooded her. The pups were there too. Panic flickered inside her. She reached them just as the bear lumbered off and for a moment Lark just looked around with confusion, unable to tell what was wrong.  There was no pups in sight, had she imagined their scent? Or maybe since Quinn spent so much time with them her own scent had began to get mixed with theirs? She frowned, it made no sense. Why would Quinn be out here all alone? And she never let the pups out of sight! And even weirder, a bear would not leave a little wolf like Quinn. Her little sister had hardly chased the beast off, it was impossible.  Then she realized that Quinn seemed hurt and she rushed over to her sister, still confused as she had heard a cry yes but much too high pitched to have come from the small fae. A howl had followed, that had sounded more like Quinn...Then her blood ran cold and she felt her stomach twist, had Quinn possibly been following one of the pups who had wandered out here and then had the bear...She trailed off, unable to finish the sentence and suddenly feeling sick inside. And then she saw it, scraps of what could only have been a little pup.

Before she could say anything to her sibling, other wolves had arrived and she stood there dizzily as they all ran about frantically. Lark listened to the story Quinn spoke in a complete silence and felt her ears fall back against her head as the alphess began to howl mournfully. "Quinn..." She began in a choked voice but her sister was gone. She turned and saw her trotting away with an apology. Lark's honey coloured eyes would widen and she'd break into a run after her sister. "Quinn! You can't leave!" She yelled hoarsely, sprinting after her sister. But soon she gave up the chase as it was obvious the Quinn had no intentions in slowing down and Lark slowly retreated with the pack. She became distanced, feeling betrayed by her sister for leaving her but soon she could not force the feeling anymore and instead she felt self-hatred at not being there quick enough to change what had happened. Her others siblings were still there but her bond with her sister had been much stronger than her bond with any of the others and as much as she loved them it was just not the same. One day she came across a brute when hunting and at first she tried to chase him off but the two ended up talking after he apologized for his mistakes and before either of them knew it, along came love. He was a dark coloured male with blue eyes and was so gentle and caring, she met him outside the pack's territories everyday. On one of those days he told her of a pack he had created and asked her to come and be his alphess.

She agreed, knowing there was nothing left for her in her old pack and for a while the two lived happily together. But it was short lived, before they had even gotten the chance to create a family he was murdered by the pack's jealous Beta female who had always wanted to be his Alphess. She was clever and sly and managed to frame poor innocent and forgiving Lark with his murder. Shocked, confused and upset- she was chased from the pack and told never to return by the Beta female (now alphess) and she ran off into the night. By now she was four years old and wandered aimlessly for a whole year of her life as a loner- but Lark was a sociable and friendly wolf and did not suit the loner life at all. Eventually as she turned five, she heard of a pack of wolves- kind and like a huge family. It sounded perfect and when finding out it was run by Quinn and her mate, Lark felt like her heart would explode with joy. Bad things had happened in her past alright, but she was ready for a new beginning in her sister's pack.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Alphess Quinn

How did you find Age? It's Caspian/Tundra/Twelve.

Example Post:
Not needed. - Alphess Quinn
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Quinn Of Helidos
Quinn Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Re: Lark the Loyal Lark the Loyal Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 13:15

Lark the Loyal R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Lark the Loyal

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