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Esmé The Enlightened

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PostSubject: Esmé The Enlightened Esmé The Enlightened  Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 12:56

Name: Esmé

Gender: Female

Age: Five years old

Pack: Agavos

Rank Requested: Hunter

Esmé  is a small wolf, small paws carry her quick body to and from where she needs to be and out of the face of danger. Her skills are wide, but she prefers the hunting skills that were brought upon her from her mentor. With her slender body, she can easily maneuver through the legs of any creature to cause it to stumble. Her muscular legs and body help her retain blows from paws and stumbles. Her fur is a soft grey, and white color, with wisps of a light brown on her hips and ears. Her underbelly has some softer paler white fur that helps her feel the tickle of the grass under her body. Her eyes are solid gold color with hints of brown flecks, they are liquid when it comes certain emotions but can be colder than ice when angered. She is very precautious about how her fur is groomed, and she likes to look her best even if the situation doesn’t call for it.



Esmé was born to a beta couple named Kia and Jace, and along with her she had two sister, and two brothers. Her older sister, Quinn was the smallest out of all the siblings. Esmé was the second smallest compared to their brothers and second oldest sister. Her brothers and sisters grew up quite well with their parents, her father was the right paw to the alpha and he trained all of the pups. Jace was skilled in everything, but what he was most skilled at was telling stories. To Esmé her siblings he was always speaking about something that had happened in his life. Esmé had always listened to the stories, and she looked up to her father, but her idol was Quinn. Why she looked up to Quinn was a mystery to her sister, but Esmé loved her and they had a lot in common.

As they grew older Quinn and Esmé were still close but Quinn was given a different tasks. While Quinn started taking care of pups, Esmé was taught the skills of hunting by one of the greatest hunters of the pack. While her brothers went off to be warriors, her other sister had gone off to do something else. It was her job to provide food for the pack, and the members, most of all the elders and pups. The mentor she had been assigned to was named Alaric. He taught her the beauty in hunting, and how to use her small body to be quicker than the rest and use it to her advantage. Esmé was very happy to learn from the best, and she was promoted to hunter after months of hard work. Her mentor had congratulated her, and he had been promoted to Lead Hunter, able to take her and the others out on patrols for hunts. During that time, there had been rumors of bears up close to the mountains and had been warned not to go near the caves that lay in the rocky sides.

The warning had been taken, but no one had ever seen a trace of a bear. Esmé had worked hard next to Alaric, watching her sisters and family grow, seeing them turn into happy adults. Esmé could always see the joy in Quinn’s eyes as she took care of the pups, and Esmé felt the same joy in hunting. Although, her father had taught her how to fight on the side, she liked using her skills for hunting. Fighting was something she enjoyed to do if playing, if necessary it made her feel ruthless. Esmé had been in camp when heard the broken howl of her sister, and the pups come running in stinking of fear. Fear her struck through her Esmé knowing something horrible had happened. She had been one of the first wolves to reach the scene,  finding the shredded pup and her heart broken sister. She had seen the pain in her sister’s eyes and knew that nothing would be the same. “Quinn...I’m so sorry.” She had whispered to her, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Her patrol had been ordered to go find the bear, but she had refused, almost snarling to be able to stay with her sister. As the alphess howled her pup, she finally heard Quinn speak up and it broke her heart.

Quinn was leaving. It was as if Esmé was running down a long dark tunnel but no light was at the end. Her worst nightmare had just come true, and there was nothing she could do about it. She had tried to convince her not to go but Quinn had pushed on. She and a few others followed but Quinn raced forward and was gone. Esmé gave up, not wanting to burden her sister and turned back to her family and home. Depression was something that many wolves had dealt with from time to time, but it hit Esmé hard a few days after Quinn had left. She couldn’t bring herself to actually do much but lay in her den and think about the things that had happened, what she could have done to change it and how she could have helped her sister. After about a moon of this, Alaric her old mentor, decided to put a stop to it. He had come into the den and looked down at Esmé. “If you do not quit moping around and worrying about your sister you will never rise in rank. I will see to that.” He had growled and then walk out. Esmé had a few choice words for him, but had stood and walked out of the den. Alaric had helped her change her mind, pushing her to actually be a better hunter. Instead of living in her den heart broken, she made sure her family was safe and ok. Her brothers and other sister weren’t as affected as her mother and father had been.

Esmé comforted her family, knowing their pain. She was more upset, than sad that Quinn had left. She had left a good home, left a good family and had left her behind. Esmé didn’t hold grudges, but she felt such a pain for her sister that she had felt anger. After another two years of being at her home, she felt it wasn’t her place. It was her home, it was where she had grew up, but something was off. After her sister had left when she was two, it just didn’t seem right. Her brothers had found their place, had families and their pups were growing. Some had asked when she was to have pups and honestly, she couldn’t answer that.  What she had thought was love with Alaric had been a lie. He had seduced her, almost got to her, but turned away at the last second. He had his eyes on somebody else, and it left Esmé heartbroken once more. First it had been her sister, and then her best friend and what she had thought was to be her mate. It was all lies in the end, working up in rank had not been successful and just being who she was in that home wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right to her in the end, and she left one night.  Her journey then, became an obsession to find Quinn. Old trails that she should have followed two years before had long gone cold, and it was almost impossible to rekindle them but she did in her own slow time. It had taken half a year, but she had been able to find her own self along with old trails. Her home was not there. She wasn’t satisfied with what she had found, and in leaving her home, she couldn’t go back. She walked her way to a new territory, a new land. It had been almost a full year since she had left her home, walking for so long had toughened her body and muscles. She was walking towards her long needed destiny, to find her sister, to let go of the anger, and find her home.

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PostSubject: Re: Esmé The Enlightened Esmé The Enlightened  Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 13:11

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Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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