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Rogue Lynx
Rogue Lynx

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PostSubject: Lynx Lynx Icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2015, 07:03

Name: Lynx

Gender: Female

Age: 0.6 Years.

Pack: Rogue.

Rank Requested: Rogue.

Lynx is a strong young female. She is quite large as yearling's go and is built of muscle. But thanks to long strong legs she contains speed as well as strength. Lean muscles can be seen rippling beneath her pelt and despite not having the best stamina due to a heavier muscled body her strong legs let her do quick sprints that last a decent enough time for her and she is definitely strong.

Her coat is quite different to that of her mother and her father's. It is a dusky colour, mixed with blacks and greys. Her back, neck, throat, tail and the top of her head/ears are all as black as the midnight sky. All four legs are a dusky grey, getting lighter as it reaches the thick fur covering her stomach before darkening again as it reaches her back. The light grey then seems to then travel between the dark furs covering her back and neck until coming to a stop at her shoulders. Making it look almost like a collar of sorts siding the fact it is at the very base of her neck. All four paws and her face are a dull white in colour. Grey dots speckle her face and a dark stripe travels up the bridge of her nose to join the dark fur covering the crown of her head. Her fur is thick and long, being soft to touch and turning from fluffy to silky as she matures. She has deep piercing emerald eyes that make many feel vulnerable when faced with their full focus. Over all she does hold quite good looks although she is completely unaware and would not care much if she was.


Lynx YI0N4tLynx LqyEmB
Lynx F2yk6R

Born into a strange world - separated from all signs of the living packs. These pups do not know their father, who he is or even what he smells like. After agreeing to his deal with the one-eyed Rogue, Desmond disappeared from the scene. He fed her from the entrance of her den, but never once wished to see the little pups. So they live with their mother, out in the Rogue lands, free to move about those lands as they wish. She grew strongly alongside her siblings despite her unique personality. It was likely her mother began to worry as she killed things for no apparent reason if they were annoying her yet remaining completely innocent and joyous otherwise. She was quite a handful, never ever following the rules and continuously breaking them just for the sake of breaking them. As she grew she began roaming far into the rogue lands, always testing her strength in ways that were usually quite dangerous like trying to swim in strong rivers or trying to climb high trees.

She was always up for sparring with her siblings and looked like she would make quite a fighter in the future. She wants to get a good trainer, feeling her mother could not giver her training enough attention when having all her other siblings to also train. She wanted to find another adult to help train her so she could one day prove herself worthy to her father.
More to be added as she gets older..

Joining Keys: ~Joining keys have been captured by Chiara and then fed to a hungry bear~

How did you find Age? It is Tundra.

Example Post:
She slipped her tongue across pearly white fangs thoughtfully. The wind blew strongly, cutting through her thick pelt with ease and causing the young female to shiver slightly. It was quite a stormy day considering it was Spring but the clouds had gathered above and were a dark angry colour of grey and already she could feel light rain beginning to fall. Emerald eyes would squint as it was blown in her face and she lashed her tail angrily. Dammit! She had wanted to go hunting but nothing would be out in this weather. Scowling she turned back in the direction of the den however then stopped, gaze flicking the other way to where the trees grew more densely and a small trail seemed to beckon the young rogue. With a shrug she gave into the temptation and went the other way, her mother wouldn't mind her being gone a while longer. And even if she did that was not Lynx's fault, she would be an adult soon for crying out loud! How would keeping them at a den help her progress? The thick trees offered some shelter from the rain as thankfully it was nearing the end of Spring and most of the trees had opened all their buds and were now fully leaved.

She lifted her black leathery nose, twitching it curiously as the musky forest scents drifted towards her. Excitement built within her when one particular scent stood out amongst the others. A rabbit! She took in another deep breath, locating the creature in seconds. Her gaze narrowed and she adjusted her position slightly so that the air carried its scent to her rather than the other way around. It was hopping about the roots of one of the large oaks and she suspected it had a burrow nearby. This meant she would have to be even more precise about her revealing herself. Rabbits were quick, and she did not fancy diving down a burrow after one. Not that she'd even fit or anything. She slipped across the forest floor silently, like a shadow. Her tail was lifted slightly above the vegetation so it would not make any sound and she was crouched amongst the undergrowth. Her gaze kept switching from the rabbit to her creamy paws to ensure she did not step on anything like a twig and startle the creature. Already she could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins and could hear her heartbeat thudding above the sound of the rain pattering against the leaves far above. Finally she was within pouncing distance just as a nearby crack sounded somewhere else in the forest and the rabbit lifted onto its hind legs, completely alert and looking prepared to dive for its home. This was her chance. She sprang forward, strong hind legs propelling her forward. The rabbit turned speedily and was about to sprint at the sight of the wolf but it was too late. Lynx landed sparely on the creature and with a swift bite to the neck, took its life.

She grinned, straightening herself and licking the blood from her lips, savoring the familiar metallic tang that accompanied it. Her father would regret abandoning her, she would make him proud!

Personality can be found here.
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Alphess Chiara
Alphess Chiara

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Re: Lynx Lynx Icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2015, 08:23

Lynx R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things,you are free to post in the Rogue territories or Neutral lands!


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