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Yuki- rejoining

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Captive Yuki
Captive Yuki

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Yuki- rejoining Yuki- rejoining Icon_minitimeAugust 2nd 2015, 12:02

Name: Yuki

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Hunter

Yuki is not an outwardly appealing she-wolf. Her fur is thick and coarse. Unfortunately, it mats relatively easily. Her pelt is mostly a reddish brown color that darkens into a brown-black along her spine, and her underbelly, legs, and the underside of her muzzle are white. Her eyes are a dull steel grey, though they can take on a piercing appearance when she is angered. She is relatively tall for her species, standing at 80 cm at the shoulder, but her body form is slight, giving her a more lithe build. Her weight is at the lower end of the spectrum, seeing as she only reaches 45 kg. She only has one noticeable scar (though there are more hidden beneath her thick pelt) , a single scratch arching over her left eye. Fortunately the wound was shallow when she received it; otherwise she could have lost her vision there. She's not near as comely nor as elegant as some other Eurasian wolves, and she's merely plain looking at best.

Her personality isn't all that attractive either. Cold and calculating in nature, Yuki is a strategist and an analyst first and foremost. She's very clever and cunning and isn't afraid to deceive others in order to get what she wants. She's very outwardly tough, and she has a habit of acting stronger than she actually is. She can be harsh, crabby, and exceedingly blunt, and she doesn't really care all that much about what she says. She speaks her mind freely, a trait that is certain to get her into trouble. She can be very quick to anger if you trigger the right nerve, but most of the time she retains an indifferent, kind of careless demeanor. She's not one to harass another wolf without purpose because she believes that's a sign of stupidity and weakness, but she can be very crass, sarcastic, and cruel when she feels the need to defend herself or someone she cares about. She's also a bit of a risk taker, in spite of her better judgement, and she's very outwardly bold. Lastly, she has an odd obsession with upholding her own honor and dignity, and that acting weak in any way is a hindrance to her ultimate goal of becoming stronger.

Still, there is some good in her, in spite of what she'd rather have you believe. Though she despises weakness in herself, she is capable of feeling empathy towards those in need, and she has a naturally protective instinct from back when she used to be with her sister, Usagi.


Yuki- rejoining Yuki_r10

Yuki was born to a small pack in the northern lands, of which her parents, Haru and Ari, were the governing pair. She was the second pup born in her litter of three, the first born and the eldest being her brother, Hasoka, and the third born being her little sister, Usagi. Hasoka was born strong, and his inherent talent for hunting and fighting were obvious from the time the trio were young pups. He was praised as a natural genius, the future alpha, and because of this their parents devoted all of their time and attention to raising him to live up to their high expectations. Yuki and Usagi, though they too were the alphas' pups, were practically shoved aside and forgotten. While Hasoka basked in the warmth and admiration of the pack, his two younger sisters were left all alone. Though facing neglect and resentment from their parents and pack mates was difficult, the two females were never lonely; they always had each other.

Usagi, though bright and optimistic in nature, was very timid and shy, and there were a plethora of things that frightened her. Being the older sister, Yuki felt obligated to always protect her from harm. She was a constant comfort to the youngest sibling, and Yuki's soft side only seemed to shine past her icy demeanor in her sister's presence. Usagi was kind, forgiving, patient; she was everything her sister wasn't, and there wasn't anything Yuki wanted more in the world than to protect her sister's innocence. She didn't ever want her to change. She didn't want her to realize how cruel the world was, a fact Yuki was already well aware of. Usagi was the only light in her bleak life, and preserving that light was her greatest purpose, her only purpose.

Meanwhile Hasoka had grown arrogant in his sheltered, luxurious living, and a harsh, sickening lust for power had wormed its way into his heart. He began to wonder why he had to wait for his parents to die before he took over the pack, and when they refused to step down, he murdered them both in cold blood. Usagi had the poor misfortune of stumbling upon the horrifying scene, and she was understandably traumatized by the sight. She couldn't understand why her brother would do such a thing, and she was furthered terrified to hear that he claimed he had slaughtered them because they had differing opinions concerning how the pack should be run. She tried to run away, but Hasoka easily caught her neck in his jaws. It was then that Yuki arrived after following her sister's scent trail, and she snarled at her brother to let her go, since she was of no use to him. When he refused she attacked him, and it was then that she received her scar from a violent blow to her head. She didn't have enough time to recover from her sibling's treacherous attack before he had Usagi's throat in his jaws once more. He had snapped her neck before Yuki even had the chance to scramble to her paws, and, in a grief induced rage, she attacked her brother. He defeated her after a short, arduous skirmish that ended with her lying beaten and unconscious, and when she awoke, he was long gone. Yuki wandered the wild for a year after that before coming upon her new pack, a single goal festering in her mind: to kill Hasoka.

She soon encountered Erenyx, and she was accepted by Delta Caspian. She mostly kept to herself, and didn’t really acquaint herself that well with her pack mates. She slipped away during the winter to again search for her brother, whose scent she swore she could detect in the vicinity. The trail turned cold, however, and frustrated and in despair, she has returned to the pack.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Alphess Quinn

How did you find Age? I originally joined due to an ad placed on serenity by Warrior Tundra, then I disappeared, but I would like to come back again. :3

Example Post:
Yuki lifted her head up slightly from her paws, her ears pricked and alert. She could hear something rustling in the brush behind her, and be it prey or foe, she wasn't in the mood to find out either way. She flattened her ears down against her head as she drew her lips back in an intimidating snarl, a low growl resonating deep within her throat. The cacophony abruptly stopped shortly following her verbal warning, and she turned her snout in the direction of the now quiet brush, her steel grey gaze narrowed into an icy glower. If Usagi was there she would have teased her sister for being unreasonably paranoid, but the Eurasian she-wolf had justifications for her seemingly irrational behavior now. She'd been living as a lone wolf for eleven months now, if her counting was accurate. She was well aware of the consequences of ill preparedness. A mother bear or a territorial mountain lion were obvious threats if she didn't happen to catch their rank stenches beforehand. Rival packs or even fellow rogues were also possible enemies, and an encounter with any of them could easily grant her any number of fatal wounds. Legitimately anything could happen to a wolf who lived on her own, and she didn't intend to die just yet. There was something important she had to do first. I will find you, Hasoka.
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Quinn Of Helidos
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki- rejoining Yuki- rejoining Icon_minitimeAugust 2nd 2015, 13:53

Yuki- rejoining R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Yuki- rejoining

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