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Adira - The Devils girl

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PostSubject: Adira - The Devils girl Adira - The Devils girl Icon_minitimeAugust 5th 2015, 10:57

Name: Adira (Ah-DEER-Ah)

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior

Adira is a grey wolf. The she-wolf's undercoat is a pale, sandy brown, layered in darker shades of brown along her back and tail. Her ears are slightly rounded, the left one nicked from an old injury. Her eyes are a metallic, glowing golden amber in color. In terms of size, Adira is rather large-- though average for a wolf of her breeding, standing 82cm tall. She is well-muscled and fit, but bares an overall lean frame, giving her the skills of agility, strength and speed. Her coat isn't overly thick but is thick enough to keep her warm in snowy weather. Her paws are unusually large, but hold large pads to assist in quiet moment. Her coat is free of any huge scars and only holds a few small ones.



The demise of Adira's family rested solely in the paws of her own brother, Buck. Only she and her younger sister, Kaymala, escaped the jaws of the rival pack that Buck had lured to the den site. Wandering about aimlessly, Adira lost Kaymala in a particularly dreadful blizzard and never saw her again. The where abouts of Buck, her hated brother, were also unknown. After being raised by random packs and wolves that she met along her aimless journey to nowhere, she finally grew to the age of maturity and was able to survive on her own. By and by she reached and abundantly populated land, where she soon joined a small pack known as the River pack along with three other wolves her same age. These wolves were Cutter, Crystal, and Fang and they remained her friends throughout her time in the pack. The pack quickly grew in power and size, and it was not long before it was one of the more renowned packs in the land. The years running with the pack alongside her three friends taught Adira some major lessons in respect, killing, authority, and pack life. However tensions were often high and many times none of the wolves could agree with one another. But things always worked out. Though the way these things were worked out usually resulted in one of the wolves involved in the argument being killed in a spar between them and the others involved. Some of the wolves killed included two Alphas, a Beta, Fang, Crystal and countless warriors. Though all these members were quickly replaced by others.

Despite the inner pack fighting it continued to grow. The pack created allies and enemies, growing by the day, their population kept in check by these squabbles. One spring, when Adira had just turned three Cutter was killed in a squabble, She was heartbroken but moved forward, taking his rank as Master of Soldiers (The equivalent to lead warrior). It was around this time that Adira was visited by a roaming wolf that decided to inform her that she herself was, in fact, in danger. Her brother was looking for her. It took her quite some time to come to terms with this, having lived for a few years time without mention of Buck. Eventually she came to terms with it and knew she had to leave before he found her. Though he plan to outrun him didn't work. He found her shortly after she fled from the pack she had resided in. When she first saw him she noted that his light colored fur was splotched with blood, it wasn't he approached her that she realized it the blood of the long lost Kaymala. Adira fought and killed Buck, resulting in the notch in her left ear. Adira's wandering and ordeals with her family has made her cold and ridged to those she first meets. Though in traveling to new lands she heard mention of a delightfully evil Alpha known as Teren. She plans to locate his pack and join the ranks of demons who follow him.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. - Alpha Desmond

How did you find Age? It's Pharika/Julian

Example Post:

(From my site)

Moons golden eyes scanned her terrain with disgust. It had been about a year since the fire that wiped out her father's pack. She had been one of the only surviving dogs, therefore Moon was given the Luna position. She had yet to take a mate for the members of her pack that had survived the fire either died of injury, old age or smoke inhalation within a few weeks after the incident. Her claws dug into the fragile ground and a snarl ripped from her throat at the thought, they were all weak, she had no time for weaklings. As she continued to wander the area a rare but familiar scent hit her nose. Deer. Once in a great while a deer would wander from the forest into the city thinking it safer than the wolf terrain. She dropped into a crouch her eyes locking onto the dusty figure behind a car several feet ahead of her.

As she prepared to leap forward, lining herself up downwind of the unsuspecting animal a howl struck the silence. The Deers head shot up as did its stark white tail as it took off down the highway. Letting out a bark of annoyance she bolted after it, her paws slamming into the ground one after the other. As she gained on it the animal swerved, leaping over a guardrail and into the dense forest beyond. "Dammit!" she spat, sliding to a stop and slashing her claws into the nearest vehicle, scratching off paint whilst sending off a horrid "nails-on-a-chalkboard" like screech into the air. Turning she bolted off towards her border, weaving around cars. As she neared the border she leap upwards and over the back end of a car, landing gracefully on its hood, which was facing the newcomer at her border several tail lengths away. Before her stood a male, one that was about two times her size, though no fear wafted from Moon, only power and annoyance. "Who are you and what brings you here to my border, scaring off my prey?" she growled out, Her amber orbs watching the male from her perch above him. As she scanned him over she could tell he was tough, the question was, was he tough enough?
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PostSubject: Re: Adira - The Devils girl Adira - The Devils girl Icon_minitimeAugust 5th 2015, 12:01

Adira - The Devils girl R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Adira - The Devils girl

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