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Silvia - Joining

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PostSubject: Silvia - Joining August 7th 2015, 18:26

Name: Silvia

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Hunter

This pretty white she-wolf is Silvia. Silvia has creamy white fur and beautiful crystal blue eyes. Her eyes are unique because of their warm blue and slightly green color. She is small, standing at 70 cm she isn't a big wolf but she has a big heart. Silvia is muscular having trained for becoming a hunter for many years. Her strength comes from her positivity. Silvia has a few scars from older hunts and some are others are small. One is on her back leg, another is on her shoulder from a deer hoove. She has been through a lot in her life But the beautiful white wolf still has spirit.


Growing up with Alpha's as parents wasn't as fond as all wolves thought. Silvia was an only pup for her mother had complications at birth. She was lucky to be alive after giving birth to Silvia but she adored her pup. Silvia felt the opposite as she grew up. She was alone growing up, having no siblings and her parents being busy. The only other pups in camp were older than her and despite the kindness that Silvia showed they didn't like her. So Silvia learned how to cope on her own,after she was given a !entorr her luck got a little better but she still didn't make any friends. Her mentor taught her how to hunt and fight and stalk prey without being noticed. Since Silvia was a slightly late pup to become an apprentice she was almost fully grown before being called a Hunter. Instead of following in the steps of her parents they brushed her off and choose different stronger wolves for the job. It hurt Silvia but she couldn't do anything about it, all she could do was watch as her parents favored different wolves.

At three Silvia had worked up to the top Hunter and was savoring it. It had been the beta that chose her to Lead Hunter not her parents. They had seemed surprised she had risen up, as if they didn't expect her to get past Hunter. Silvia had felt hurt one again and had decided to speak to them about it. During the night she went to her parents den and found them speaking about her. She had paused at the founded tunnel keeping out of sight as she listened. "Michael she isn't worth out time. I am pregnant with our next litter we still have time to make things right." Hearing these words she felt her heart break into two. Her parents didn't even want and they were pregnant with their next litter (I hope that's the right word), and she hadn't been told. Silvia slipped out of the den before she could be noticed and took a seat close the entrance of the camp her thoughts a mess. It was completely silent in the camp, all the wolves were sleeping or thinking. Silvia had made the decision after she walked out of the den, she was leaving. Silvia dint even bother to look back as she walked away from the loveless home she had been in.

Silvia left her home and found it wasn't as depressing as she thought it could have been. She didn't have any ties towards any of the other wolves in the pack. The only one she did start to miss was her mentor and her ties with him hadn't been strong. There was no remorse In her heart for her old pack and instead of finding a new home she became a rogue. She found the life of a loner hard but manageable. She caught her own food and kept herself alive while roaming new lands. She tried to avoid her homeland at all costs not wanting to deal with the wolves she once knew. So instead of trying stay in lands a little farther out she went to new lands. It had taken a year before Silvia thought she had found a new pack to be apart of and had settled in. She had become a Hunter again showing her skills to younger wolves. She had enjoyed teaching the pups and had even found a love interest. For over a year  she had been courted by a handsome male and she had finally decided today yes when she found out he had mated with three different females and they all held his pups. It broke Silvia's heart...again. She left the pack not just because of but also because of how the pack was shrinking because of deaths.  She left then feeling old and useless, she came upon new lands after wandering for a few months coming upon lands that seemed almost impossible to find. She had actually stumbled upon them and found three different packs. She chose the one that seemed to have a sweeter smell and she found the name was Helidos.  

Joining Keys: Keys present and eaten by a hungry wolf ~ Mod Rose

How did you find Age? Returning member

Example Post: The face of the wolf on the ground had been mangled. It looked like what ever wolf had done the job had enjoyed the kill. Almost as if it had taken its time and it caused Silvia to shiver. She hated to think that what ever had done it was still around. She leaned her white muzzle into her friends shoulder feeling his muzzle go over the top of her head. His voice cooed in her ear and she felt comforted against him. "You are safe." He promised his scent shifting around her as he spoke. Silvia closed her eyes and pulled away from him walking back towards camp. She didn't want to think about what had happened but it made her fear for her life and her love interest.  She turned d back looking to him seeing his smile on his muzzle. To other it was probably a creepy smile but to her I was sweet. It was a shame she hadn't seen the true him before her feelings could have been crushed.  She came back into camp passing one the females that didn't seem to like her. She snapped at Silvia and she jumped. Silvia growled but walked away to her den knowing the night ranks would discuss what they could do about the dead warrior.
(If I need to add more let me know. It took me a while to type the history)
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PostSubject: Re: Silvia - Joining August 7th 2015, 18:45

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Silvia - Joining

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