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Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt)

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Beta Fel
Beta Fel

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Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Empty
PostSubject: Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Icon_minitimeAugust 10th 2015, 20:56

Fel sat and waited in the middle of the pasture, the moonlight giving her coat silvery licks around the edges. She had spoken to her Autay apprentice, establishing their next training session. He was going at a slower pace than Narla, but still there was remarkable progress. Today they could try another little test. The ‘pup’, another large hare, lay limply between her forepaws. It had been months since Fel used the rabbit, as she had been focusing on Newt’s strength, speed, agility, and stamina first. Now came technique. He would certainly not make the same mistakes as before… And well, if he did, all the more fun for her to correct him.

Icy, blank gaze fixed on the direction of their camp, the mentor waited patiently. He still had a few minutes to arrive on time. When he would approach, Fel would wait for him to show a respectful greeting before dipping her head to him in return. Today, he would learn to save, not just protect. The possibility of their future generation being abducted was quite real, and it was not something Fel wished to allow. Not that she necessarily wanted young pups around, but one must keep the youth alive until adulthood when they can prove themselves useful to the pack. If they were lost, all of the resources spent keeping them alive and healthy would be wasted.

That was just about the only nice thing Fel had to say about pups.


Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) MhkFqRi
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Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt) Icon_minitimeAugust 12th 2015, 11:30

Newt's paws steadily thumped over the terrains the amber eyed male was trying to keep track of the time by using the sun and moon when he had left out on his stroll after his raven colored mentor addressed to him that they were going to have another training session. The tall lanky brute came to a halt as the dark silhouette of the newly crowned beta, Newt moved forward giving a small respectful dip of his head to the female before settling my self on his haunches in front of his mentor. "Good Evening Miss Fel" the male said even though that it was technically night and not evening. It was quiet clear to him that they would be using the rabbit or 'pup' once again within his training session, it had been at least a month since they used the silly old limp things that tasted quiet horrible if left out to long. The rotting carcass smell was something that he did not enjoy to smell but the scent of a fresh carcass that still had yet to rot or be eaten brought him delight.

The brute waited patiently for the raven colored female that sat in front of him to explain his objective and what he would be doing today. Perhaps he would be protecting the rabbit from a thieving wolf that wished to murder it? Or something new task that she had in store for the Autay, he had no clue but he would know shortly.
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Run... She's got your child (Private | Newt)

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