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Remus Of Erenyx
Remus Of Erenyx

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PostSubject: Remus Remus  Icon_minitimeAugust 17th 2015, 09:41

Name: Remus

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior

Remus is a short male Eurasian wolf.  With a height of 77 cm from his paws to his shoulder he is no real intimidating opponent. But with his lack of size he makes up for in speed. He is rather slender, his muscles there but not bulky. His years spent from running from an angry rouge made sure of that. His coating is a mixed pallet of copper, crèmes, and black. His base being the copper shade, it spreads throughout his whole frame, appearing on his lower legs, muzzle, sides, ears, and forehead.  Along his lips a white crème color comes in that spans across his cheeks and into his chest. The color also subtly makes an appearance on the inside of his forelegs.  Black covers the side of his face, as well as along the back and tail. The shade both lightens and darkens all over him where it appears. The ears of the brute are a bright fire hued copper, with a white on the inside. They stand out against the rest, as they are far brighter than anything else on him.  The eyes of Remus are the standard amber. They are nothing out of the ordinary and rather blend in with the rest of him. He is not the most handsome brute out there, but he also is not ugly. Somewhere in between, average perhaps.



When born, Remus had two brothers, but when complications came about they couldn’t be saved. His mother was a beautiful wolf, but she was half blind, and had a hard time taking care of Remus. Remus was a large pup, and was barely a few months old when a rogue took in Remus and his mother. Remus’s mother was very grateful for the help, and was able to raise Remus the right way. When the rogue took them in, he had a young daughter and she was the same age as Remus. When Remus was a little older, he was able to start playing with the rogue’s daughter and started to learn more about her. They would play and romp around, and just be pups enjoying their time spent together. Her name was Lilly and being she was the only female Remus knew, he started to grow feelings for her. It had progressed slow at first, as the seasons went by he wasn’t sure if she even felt the same. She was after, a stunning beautiful young female who could have any male she wanted. However, she had only eyes for Remus and he soon found that out. Since growing bigger a year and a half later, his mother had no room for him in her den and pushed him out to make him find his own den. Remus was a big wolf, at least for his age he knew he wouldn’t grow much bigger but he enjoyed his stature none the less. He had found a place to make a nest inside of a tree. The trunk had been hollowed out long ago, and he could smell previous wolves had made nests over the years. Remus made his own comfortable nest and had laid down to sleep when Lilly came into his little abode. She had dropped her clippings of grass and feathers, staring at him. “What exactly are you doing?” She asked, making Remus sit up and smirk. “Curling up in my nest to sleep, what are you doing? Your scent wasn’t in here when I last checked.” He said laying back down as she came over and bumped him. He moved over and she laid down next to him. “Well i was going to take this nest but I guess we can share.” She said her voice cold, but he knew that she was playing around. Remus laid his head on her back and fell asleep with her scent clinging to him.

Many months had gone on like this, until one night Remus confessed his love to Lilly. To his utter surprise, she accepted his invitation to mate, and that night in their shared den they did mate. The seasons had changed from Fall to winter and it had grown very cold, and snow blanketed all the areas surrounding the pair. When Lilly came up to Remus one cold night, telling him she was pregnant Remus felt his heart skip a beat with a joy. He was happy that she was going to birth his pups, the only problem was her father did not know that she and Remus were mated, nor did he know of her pregnancy. Remus and Lilly both had hit the two year mark when they devised a plan to get away. They were able to sneak out one cold windy night, the wind whipping around and causing the snow to swirl around them. Remus knew the only way across the frozen river was an old sturdy log, and he told her about it. He knew that she was nervous about going across the log but he had told her there was nothing to fear. He jumped up onto the log, feeling it was sturdy to him, however the log was not. It had been knocked loose not only by his weight but by the erroding snow and dirt below. Lilly climbed on it after Remus whining because she didn’t feel it was safe. Remus had made it across the log waiting for her when the log started to shake and move on it’s side. Roots were snapping, and Remus tried to jump back on to grab Lilly but it was to late. The log tipped, causing Lilly to crash onto the frozen river below. Remus called out to her, hoping she was ok. He watched her stand and look up at him, her eyes wide with her. “Remus help me!” She cried and those were the last words to reach the males ears before the ice cracked and snapped all around her causing her to plunge through. Remus cried out, but knew she was gone. He never felt such a feeling as this, loss, and pain. He had walked back home, not even caring about the path he took or who saw.

The rogue that had taken Remus and his mother in had always been protective of his only daughter, and one of his older recruits had seen the whole thing. He had rushed back to tell the rogue, and instead of attacking Remus when he reached his den, the old Rogue decided to do something much worse. Agony, exhaustion and grief all tumbled down on Remus as he climbed back into his den. It still smelled like Lilly, and his pain became to much. He let out a cry while in his den, his cry full of sadness. It was over before it even began and Remus fell down into his nest covering his snout with his paws. He didn’t expect sleep to come to him, but it did and while the sleep was not restful it still made him go deep into an inky blackness making him forget many things. During the night, the rogue that had helped raise Remus, taken care of both remus’s mother and him, found Remus’s mother asleep and attacked her. He wasn’t alone, his rogue recruits helped tear her apart, stripping the flesh from her bones and tearing out her heart. The cause of his daughter's death, broke his heart and now he was going to break Remus further. They left the dead body outside of Remus’s den, her body stripped and torn her heart on the ground. When Remus awoke the next morning, the freezing cold reminding him of what happened. The scent of blood was thick in his den, and as he walked out of the den to see his mother dead...something snapped. Fear, anger, grief, anguish all boiled up inside of him but he was no match for the rogue and his pals. Remus took off, never having felt such an attrocity as this come upon him. He ran hard and fast only to collide with the rogue and his band of recruits. Remus turned tail and ran knowing that even if he fought and killed some, they would kill him in the end. He was chased for over a year, pushed farther and farther away from the death of his mate and his mother. Remus was to fast for the rogue’s so they had quickly lost him, but they never gave up. It took a year for them to finally give up, and Remus took shelter in a neighboring lands. He could smell packs, and while still dazed and in pain because of what had happened he pushed through it and came upon Erenyx. A new chance.. Were his thoughts as he walked up to the border to find his new home.

Joining Keys: Keys are present and have been eaten by a hungry wolf ~ Mod Rose

How did you find Age? It's Altair -- This Wolf dies in war

Example Post:
(Alt X Ari Thread)
Dreary, that was one word that could describe the look of the afternoon clouds that seemed to be rolling in at a fast pace. Soon the dreary rain filled clouds would be completely overhead blocking out the sun's harsh rays and bringing some rain. He wasn’t sure if it would actually rain or not, the air had a slight scent of rain but it wasn’t heavy like most storms. While he could, he would enjoy the slight sunlight and continue on his walk. He had already finished his duties for the day and Desmond had nothing else for him to do so he walked out to the neutral lands, deciding to see if he could get a little hunting done with. Just because he was a warrior didn’t mean he couldn’t do another wolf’s task. He had noticed they were getting low on prey, and he had decided to finish his tasks early to hunt. Hunting was something the muscular male had been good at while in a group. Alone, the task was a bit challenging considering his large tank like size and his will to fight. He had been successful in finding a few rabbits and had been able to crush one under his large paws and kill the other with his sharp canines. He had ripped through the large rabbit’s flesh as if it were butter, and the blood that splashed upon his tongue was heaven. He felt powerful, killing that rabbit, claiming it’s life had made him feel like he was a loner again. Those times had been dark, but they had their perks. His black muzzle was still stained with blood, but he didn’t bother cleaning it, he would only get messy again. He hoped to find larger prey, he wanted to sink his teeth farther into the flesh of a young helpless animal. Perhaps being alone for so long had twisted him in some way, that he actually enjoyed the sound and feel of flesh ripping under his claws. Toying with a life in his jaws was something he secretly enjoyed, and watching the life drain from their eyes was a treat none the less. The two rabbits he had killed were stored away until he looped back to them and take them to camp. He knew that in order to at least fill a few wolves stomachs he would have to get more than just two plump rabbits. In the distance he could hear a water trickling into a larger base of water. He wondered if perhaps he could catch some fish or even some night animals because it was starting to get dark.

The clouds continued to move at a swift pace, and as Altair walked he noticed he was coming closer and closer to stepping over into the ‘dark’ side. There were shadows covering the ground, slithering forward from the oncoming clouds. The farther he walked in the closer he came to the slithering darkness. He stepped over the line of darkness, immediately feeling the chill of the shadows, knowing that it would be colder among them than away from them. He came upon a huge rock wall that had falls flowing out from different heights and places among the rock wall. Below, only a few feet away sat a large pool of clear water, fresh and cold looking. He saw no animals lurking near, so he figured that it wasn’t late enough yet for any of them to come out. Damn...I was hoping to capture something larger than these rabbits, but I may have to find more. He thought and moved towards the pool, watching the water continuously drop into it and filter out anything that could have fallen in. He was sure that other wolves would come and go here, he was after all, in the neutral lands. To him, it didn’t seem like any wolves had been here recently, there wasn’t any strong scents for him to pick up on. There was however, a strong scent of deer and that made his stomach growl. He turned his nose to the scent wondering just how far it went. If it had gone into another pack’s territory, he would be pissed. Moving away from the crystal pool he walked forward through the brush, following the deer trail. A sharp bawl of a deer caused Altair to stop in mid movement and turned his head sharply to the left. He moved through the brush, and what luck, he had come up on a young deer with a broken leg. Looking around he tried to decide what had caused its fall and found a hole only a few meters from where it had ended up. He figured the young fawn’s leg slipped right in perhaps in a frightened run and it’s thin leg had snapped like a twig.

The young fawn had not noticed him yet, and it would call for it’s mother ever so often. If luck had it, the mother would have left the fawn for dead, seeing as it couldn’t walk. Moving out of the brush, the fawn’s soft brown nostrils flared up as it scented wolf and began bawling again for it’s mother frantically trying to get up on it’s ruined leg. It had fallen on it’s bad side and couldn’t roll over to stand up and run away. The creature was food, and this was perfect for his home. He could use the pelt for his den if he wanted too. It was a young fawn, but it had some very nice meat on it’s body, considering it was close to becoming an adult it would. He moved forward his large body overshadowing the fawn’s. It cried out again, and the sound was like music to his black ears. He would enjoy killing this prize, and he knew that perhaps he would get some banter from the others that he didn’t chase it down and kill it by himself, he had still come upon a good catch. He had gone in for the kill, his large jaws wrapping around the deer’s slender throat. He bit down, blood squirting upwards on his muzzle and the taste filled his mouth. It was better than rabbit, and it made him feel alive again. He could hear it bleating as he bit, and he bit down harder crushing it’s windpipe. It’s sharp hooves had dug into some parts of his large chest, and it had caused him to bleed. He had barely felt it considering he had adreline coursing through his veins during the kill. The young fawn was dead, and he gave a small thanks to the animal. “You will feed my pack for a few days in the least.” He said quietly watching it’s eyes glaze over, and finally all life was gone. Hauling the deer was no problem for the large brute. Instead of letting it drag on the ground, he was able to get his head under the belly and up onto his shoulders so it was slightly draped over him. He would grab his rabbits on the way out and continue on his way. Now the only problem would be getting out of the neutrals and on his way back home before any wolves found him. It would be a fight if any wolf caught the scent of blood and follow the trail to him carrying his prize back home. He hoped none would find him.
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PostSubject: Re: Remus Remus  Icon_minitimeAugust 17th 2015, 10:22

Remus  R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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