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PostSubject: Raegan Raegan   Icon_minitimeSeptember 8th 2015, 00:22

Name: Raegan

Gender: Female

Age: 4 Years Old

Pack:  Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior

From birth many knew that the female was going to be rather small in size. Her paws are fairly small and dainty, though that doesn't mean her claws aren't dangerous. Mostly used for hunting  the used to be clear claws are now stained with dirt. Most of the time her claws are covered in dirt so not many can actually see her claws. The fur around her feet which were previously a clean alabaster, are now stained brown on the ends. Oh well. Never were going to stay clean. Her whole body shows many traits of being a fighter and being ready for Erenyx.

Her legs are fairly thin. The same alabaster color as her paws, her legs are slightly cleaner but still have tints of mud and dirt. For the adventurous female, its practically impossible for her fur to stay as clean as it was when she was born. Around her neck she has a large amount of fur. In the sun there are blotches of cream colored fur that blend in with her white fur. Around her throat she has various amount of scars. Near her jugular, many who know where to look can see a significantly large bite mark.

She has a fairly large amount of fur, her father having been a Gray Wolf and her mother being a Arctic wolf. She has a lot of fur and along with her large amount of fur she has a large tail. Her tail is very long and has a lot of fur, making it look large.  Her eyes are a darker orange color on the outside and in the center she has a golden color. She has many other claw marks and bite marks on her legs, flank and lower neck area.



Rosie, a small female wolf had not been bothering anyone that day. She had come from her family group. They had been travelling, trying to find a safe pack to join. She was barely over 2 years old and wandered off like any other adventurous female did. What she didn’t know was that a simple choice would affect everything. While her family stood waiting on the other side of a small little hill, a large male wolf stood waiting. Waiting in the foliage for the right time. This female would be a perfect female for his pups. The male didn’t care about her or if she survived in general, all he cared about was increasing his small rogue pack.  It was an insignificant little group that the other packs didn’t care about. They were no threat to anyone but themselves.

Once the female had turned her back to the rogue group alpha, known as Lance. He took his chance.  Lunging at the female, he impregnated her and grabbed her by the scruff. Ignoring her cries for help, he took the small wolf back to his temporary camp for his rogue group. Tossing her into the center, he grabbed on of his warriors and snapped its neck, baring his teeth at the others. This female was his and his only. He didn’t care about her well being but no wolf was touching her while she was pregnant with his pups. He needed to make his pack bigger and find territory of his own. As the months passed, the female was getting larger and larger. Though the alpha had impregnated her, she was treated like a traitor. She was only fed first because of the pups.

Once the pups were born, the female was thrown to the other male members for entertainment. Lance didn’t care. He had his pups. When he saw the runt of the litter, struggling to even live, he growled. There would be no weak pups in his pack. Grabbing a hold of the pups muzzle, he set it down a bit of ways away. Grabbing the pup by his throat, he snapped its neck quickly and moved back to stand over his perfect litter. The mother of the pups cried, begging her captor why he would do something like this. Turning away from her, he signaled his pack to continue their journey. Each day they would stop to let the pups nurse by their mother.  The other males of the pack would carry the pups when they traveled to make it easier.

As they continued their journey, Lance frequently neglected the pups. Some days he would not care about the pups and not stop for them to nurse.  Lance didn’t care. He would just impregnate more females. As time went on, Raegan’s mother told her more and more about what Lance did to his pack and how she had joined. This infuriated young 1 year old Raegan. She wasn’t going to deal with that! She wouldn’t let any more wolves get hurt under her father’s reign.  So as she continued to grow, she asked her father’s second in command to train her how to fight. Thankfully he accepted and began teaching Raegan how to defend herself and fight. He was one of the best fighters in the rogue pack and Raegan learned well.

Raegan, now 2 years old, approached her father. ”Step down from your position now or die  she said, baring her teeth. At that time, she had few scars. Some from training and others just from accidents. Her father simply laughed at her and she lunged at him. Turns out she wasn’t as experienced as she thought. Lance grabbed Raegan by the throat, throwing her into a nearby tree. Rushing forward before she could get up, he sunk his teeth deep into her throat and was about to bite down when he let go. Laughing at her, he hit down on her shoulder and dug his teeth in. ”You’re pathetic” He spoke before leaving her there.

Struggling to get up, she went to think of what she did wrong and plot her next attack. Was she done? Hell no! This was just the start. All she knew was that she was not going to let her father live long enough to impregnate another female. When she was finally at the age of 4 years old, her father at the ripe age of 10, she planned her attack. When he was busy hunting for a suitable female, she hid behind a bush. Just as Lance did when getting ready to attack Rosie. When he was at the right position she lunged. In case he were to try and go for her throat again, she used her small size to her advantage. Instead of going for his throat, she ran forward and rammed into his chest, making him lose his breath. Lance stumbled but quickly straightened up. ”Again you pathetic thing? I thought you learned your lesson last time He snapped.

These words only infuriated the female and she bared her teeth angrily. Lunging at her, he tried to mount her, a crazed grin on his face. He really was crazy. Not knowing what to do, the female laid down, watching as the male failed to continue on with his plan. When he was back on all fours, she grabbed his leg in her mouth and bit down as hard as she could. Hearing a crack, she grinned. Letting go, the female stood up quickly and the two began to circle. Lance lunged at his daughter and caught her back thigh in his maw. Digging his teeth in, she let out a loud yelp. Twisting her body, she grabbed his shoulder in her maw and used all her strength to pull his teeth out of her leg painfully. Growling low, she lunged and grabbed his already injured leg and pulled. Making the large wolf fall, she snarled.

Right when she was about to deliver the finishing bite but her other brother rammed into her. He had always loved their father for some strange reason she could not understand. Growling, she lunged at her younger and weaker brother and snapped his neck, throwing his body at her father. ”You caused this!” she snapped, blood coating her mouth. He only laughed and watched her, trying to anticipate her next move. Faking a lunge to the right, she went to the left and rammed into him once more. Leaning down, the larger wolf grabbed her ear in his jaws. Lifting her head, she struggled to not fall over in exhaustion. She was so damn tired.

Lifting her head, she grabbed his throat in her jaws and used her weight to shove him down. The alpha struggled and tried to kick her off but her grip was too strong. She wanted to finish this damn fight. Biting down with all her might, she twisted her head and broke his neck. ”Pathetic” she spat, limping off. She continued to walk, blood soaking into her white fur before finding a small pond. Stepping into it, she washed off her fur, cleaned her wounds to the best of her ability with a couple licks and was on her way. She would now find a new home with new enemies and new friends.

Joining Keys: Joining keys present and removed - Elite Nnlya

How did you find Age? I found you on Top 50 Wolf Rp sites I believe! You guys are pretty high up there!

Example Post:

This is a post from another site. It’s a shifter site.

Those stupid wolves. Stupid, stupid, stupid wolves. As Erica rode in her carriage, watching as her horses hooves hit the ground with such power. They were such beautiful animals. Annabelle had chosen the two painted horses. Brothers to be exact. The word brother hit her chest like a large weight and made Erica sniffle a bit. Her escort, one of her pack members leaned over to try and comfort her but she hissed in result. She did not want anyones comfort right now. She wanted to soak alone in her own sorrows. She wanted to cry and scream in her own place. Maybe visit Cora. That was a fantastic idea. Cora. Her only remaining family. The last of her family at the moment. For a moment, Erica wondered of where Rafael was. She originally wanted to have him escort her to go see her brothers but he was nowhere to be found on the day of departure so she left without him. Her brothers had needed her help.

The females hands clenched into fists, one gripping the handle of the carriage so hard that her knuckles began to turn white and her jaw began to hurt from being clenched so hard. Her escort tried to tap her on the shoulder but Erica quickly snapped out of her trance and looked at him. He looked at her, his eyes pure with sympathy and sorrow. He had been there when they had died. The word echoed in her mind. They died. Her beloved brothers, her amazing brothers died. The ones that had protected her through thick and thin. The ones who had joked with her while their parents were still alive, kept her together when they died. Now they were dead dammit. Dead. Dead. Dead. The word repeated in her mind over and over and it made her want to scream, so that was what she did. She let out an ear piercing scream and covered her face with her hands. Her escort, knowing well enough to stay away moved back and just watched her.

The pain in her chest did not want to fade no matter how much she tried. It didn't want to leave her. It didn't want to fade away like all the pain she had usually did. No this pain was awful. It made her want to rip her heart out. Her brothers had been her closest friends. Her eyes were still puffy and red from crying. She had just got back from burying them. Some of their stuff rested in the small trunk like space behind her. Around her neck were four necklaces . One was hers and the rest were her brothers. Each was stone with their named engraved in it. She clung to the four necklaces like she would die because she would. If she lost those necklaces, her heart would shatter. She would shatter. Her whole mental being would shatter.

Seeing the large houses for the leaders of the prowlers, she decided to do something she never thought she would do. "Take me to Cora's house at once!"she called, her voice hoarse from crying so much. She saw the events in her mind over and over again. They wouldn't stop. She felt like she was drowning. Her and her brothers sitting around a fire, laughing. Ares, her brother was in his bed, an infection in his leg. That was the whole reason she was there. All the sudden there were loud howls, surrounding them. They all shifted, a group of 3 large tigers. But suddenly there were more than expected. At least 20-25 wolves lunged at them, biting and clawing at them. Her brothers blocked Erica from getting hurt. All the sudden, they were dead right in front of her, the wolves jaws buried deep in their necks. Erica roared and felt a wolf clamp its jaws on her shoulder/neck area. She threw it off and ran off. Climbing up a tree, she waited until they left.

A new scar adorned her neck. Wolf claws covered her body and the wolfs bite had left a large scar, buried deep in her neck and shoulder. More scars covered her, a large scar on her hand from a wolfs claws. She would never forget such a night and she would never forget about those wolves. Oh those wolves would not see the last of her. Though Erica could not tell if they were Vagabond wolves or not, she was still pissed. She would get back at those wolves and rip their throats out. She would bring her whole pride if she had to. She could feel her jaws in their necks, tearing out their jugulars and ripping them out. She could feel her claws slice through wolf pelts, ripping through the fur and ripping out their intestines like a game. She clenched her teeth once more and gripped the necklaces even harder. It was the sudden stop that caught her attention before she almost broke her teeth from clenching her jaw so hard.

The site of the leaders house made her smile a bit and Erica nodded to the carriage driver and her escort. They would get her bags and bring them to the pride home for her. Walking up to the door, she felt so numb. Her whole inside felt numb. Physically and mentally she felt so shattered. She felt like she was drowning while everyone else around her was breathing perfectly fine. Her breathing stopped for a moment and she stood there at the front door, trying to catch her breath. She would never see her brothers again. She would never hear their voices and never feel their arms wrap around her when they all group hugged her. She remembered the last thing she said to them before the attack happened. "I missed you guys. I'm glad I'm here" and right before they could say anything, the wolves attacked. Their sick brother was ripped to pieces. His screams still rang in her ears. The wolves were merciless. They killed anything that was there.

Without even knocking, as it was a habit for Erica, she walked inside the house. My had it changed. Cora definitely changed it to be her own style. Of course Erica missed her position. She loved leading her pride. She felt just like her mother and father, without the mate part. She had lead them happily and had been leading them well for a couple of years. Though some might not have agreed with her leading style, they still went with it. She knew that Rafael disagreed with her sometimes but Erica didn't take critique well which was a very bad thing. She had many flaws and she made sure to pick them out everyday she looked in the mirror. Everyday she saw something she didn't like. She saw how awful she had treated her pack members before. Sometimes she wondered if she was ever going to be as good as a leader as her mother and father.

Her parents had been amazing leaders but her father was a bit sexist. He had wanted a boy to lead the pride. Of course, Katrina had chosen her to be the heir to the Prowler throne. Her brothers had taken it well. They didn't care about being weird. They just wanted her and their parents. Her father wasn't but he obeyed Katrina. He had trained Erica harder than anyone. Sometimes he would tell her. I wish she had chosen one of the boys. They would've probably done betterand it shattered Erica. She worked hard to be the girl her father wanted but it was never enough. Never enough for her ass of a father. She had just wanted to please him and until he died, she had never felt as though she had pleased him. She may have done 'well' but she had not pleased him like one of her brothers had. She was just average, not amazing and not fantastic. Just average.

Realizing she had been dozing off, Erica cleared her throat. "Cora?" she called out, her voice cracking slightly, sore from crying so much. Erica was very close to her brothers but had only met her aunt Cora once. She had been maybe 50 when she had met her aunt. She of course didn't think much of it when she met her. She wasn't going to need her any time soon right? Ah. Wrong Erica was. When she got the message that her brothers needed her, Cora was the only one to call. The only one she could think of who could help her while she helped her brothers.
So, once Erica had been packed up, she had called up her aunt Cora and told her the situation. Cora was happy to help Erica. She of course was a natural born leader, no question about it but didn't really think with her heart. Cora thought more with her head than her heart which worried Erica. She thought with her heart and to see something different worried her. Well in general she was worried. Leaving someone else with her pack. Sadly, she would miss the ball. Actually not sadly, Erica was thankful. Than she wouldn't have to dress up and go and be announced, dance and watch the idiots eat fairy cakes. Yeah not her scene.

There Erica stood, in her white dress. It wasn't the fanciest of dresses. It was the best she could scramble up on her home island. Her home island wasn't very well known within Imporia and not many even knew about it thankfully. She didn't want anyone going to her families grave and trying to mess around with it or something. Than Erica would really be killing some people, other than those retched wolves. It was pretty ironic. How the Vagabonds were angry at her for her father killing their grandmother and now her remaining family had just been killed by wolves. So there, Erica stood. Her hair knotted and her dress tattered. Her eyes were red from crying and her voice was hoarse from screaming at the gods. Why would they do this to her. Why would they put her through such things.
So, hopefully Cora would be there. If she wasnt, Erica would crawl up in Cora's bed like a small child and wait for her there. She needed her aunt. She needed her. She needed somebody to hug, somebody to cry to. She couldn't do such thing with Rafael, right now was Tiyracs drinking hour and day and right now she didn't want to see her pride members. She didn't to get questioned on why she was gone for so long and why she looked so awful. She just wanted to cry, drink some tea and be left alone for once. For once she didn't have to worry about leadership things and for that she was thankful for. Now she just wanted to cry.

Shuffling her feet slightly, Erica twisted her head left and right and wondered where Cora's snake was. She had always heard about her beloved snake yet she did not see it. Erica was always fascinated by snakes, loving the look of them. Maybe she would get one once she was done mourning over her brothers.

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PostSubject: Re: Raegan Raegan   Icon_minitimeSeptember 10th 2015, 16:37

Welcome! But before you can be accepted there are a few things you will have to change or correct:

- You must have an avatar. It needs to be 150 Pixels wide, but can be as tall as you want.. Within reason.
- Here wolves have one name, but if you want another to call you "Rae" you can tell them IC. Any mentions of Rae in your history need to be changed to Raegan.
- You must request a rank: Warrior or Hunter
- In the first few months of life, pups need to be close to their mother or they will all die. Since we keep more to realism, you will need to change this in your history.
- Also, new born cannot walk/stand. They can't do that for a couple weeks after being born.
- The term "bitch" is not to be used in the offensive manner here. It is just to help signify that it is female.

Make these changes and a Staff member will look over it again.


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PostSubject: Re: Raegan Raegan   Icon_minitimeSeptember 10th 2015, 20:21

Thank you for taking the time to look over my application! I believe I have fixed everything required and when you have time, ready for you to look over again. Thanks!!
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PostSubject: Re: Raegan Raegan   Icon_minitimeSeptember 12th 2015, 19:38

Raegan   R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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