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Meeting friends (Thunder)

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Meeting friends (Thunder) Empty
PostSubject: Meeting friends (Thunder) Meeting friends (Thunder) Icon_minitimeSeptember 29th 2015, 10:12

Crystal was awoken by the warm sunlight, streaming across her face as she slept inside the caretaker's den near the entrance. She blinked a few times in the dazzling light and rising to her feet, she padded out into the warm sunshine and stretched. It was going to be another beautiful day. Looking around her, Crystal decided to go for a stroll. Thinking for a moment, she decided to head towards Rapid Falls. Stretching once more, she turned round and headed off into the woods.

As she padded along through the woods, Crystal reflected on all that had happened since she had arrived on Helidos's borders. A lot of changes had happened since then. Wolves had come and gone including, their new Alphess Quinn's arrival and Fel's exile. She had also made more friends in the form of Healer Kokoro, Guardian Rose and Elite Eclipse. She arrived at the falls and found a spot to curl up in not far from the water's edge. The sound of the waterfall was soothing and Crystal was soon lost in though again. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts, that she failed to notice the sounds of paws approaching.

(sorry it is not the best staring post in the world XD)
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Meeting friends (Thunder)

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