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Goals [Private/ Desmond]

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PostSubject: Goals [Private/ Desmond] October 6th 2015, 22:34

Carefully Katyusha would finished setting up for a very important meeting. Adjusting the long branch ever so slightly the fae would lift her head, looking down the line to ensure it lined up perfectly with the L shaped pair of branches across the field. Katyusha had carefully picked a spot that had obviously been grazed thoroughly by caribou or some other herd, leaving the grass short enough for her little game. Carefully set up was a large rectangle on the mostly flat piece of land, each corner marked by a pair of sticks. In the center of the longer stretch of the rectangle was a pair of rocks on each edge, marking the center of the makeshift arena. And on the center of the shorter edge was a small rectangular box made of large branches, carefully selected to be equal sizes, with each box missing the wall on the edge that touched the arena. With a satisfied nod Katyusha would move off into the woods to find the last piece of the puzzle needed for their little game. It was a beautiful early fall day, the temperature finally starting to cool as the sun drifted from the center of the sky on it's path downward for the night. There were still a few long hours the pair would have before night fell on them, though with the soft autumn breeze the whole land seemed to radiate in the calm coolness of the warriors favorite season. As if the whole world seemed to breath a sigh of relief from the scorching summer sun as the cool comforts of winter started to show it's face.

Last time Katyusha had spent the evening with Desmond was well over a month ago, and the young warrior had managed to defeat him in a game of catching fire flies, earning herself one 'whatever she wanted'. Katyusha had a lot of thoughts about what to use such a reward on, but there was one thing she wanted more than anything, to actually get out and have fun. So she requested that until the beginning of next spring Desmond would meet her on the evening of the full moon for an evening of care free fun. This morning at their training Katyusha had made a point to tell her Alpha where to meet her. For days Katyusha had been scouring the pack territories for the perfect spot for her field, and then another few days collecting branches, and lastly was the final part of her plan, a small patch of pumpkins.

With a broad grin Katyusha would pick a small green vegetable, far from being ripe or anywhere near it's full size. Carefully stepping on the top of the nearly perfectly round plant the fae would bite at the stem, pulling it firmly from the pumpkin at the base. Picking up the green sphere the warrior would carefully carry it back to her makeshift field, setting it down in the center of the field and taking a seat next to it, eagerly waiting. Honestly the warrior wasn't certain if Desmond would show, knowing all to well she had no way to enforce anything should he decide he had better things to do than play puppish games with the warrior. But Katyusha knew Desmond better than to believe he would break a promise to her, and so here the multicolored fae sat, scanning the valley around her as she awaited the arrival of her Alpha, and best friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Goals [Private/ Desmond] October 21st 2015, 17:21

Just as promised, Desmond would appear in the place the fae had requested him to. If there was one thing his father taught him, it was honor and keeping a promise. No life as a Rogue would take that away from him. Desmond had character and heart, above most other things. Lying was not good, unless it was for the betterment of the pack. Walking around the border, Desmond made his way for the Pangae's Gulley. Feeling the soft grass beneath his paws, he smirked at the foliage. The whole are was very beautiful during this season. The trees were filled with brown, yellow, orange, and red leaves. A lot of them were littered all across the floor, but soon there would be no more leaves on the trees. Winter would be beautiful here. He could remember it from last season. It was incredibly breath-taking. As the Alpha made his way to the fae, he saw a weird structure to the side of her and some large orange things. He didn't know what they were, for he had never sen them before. But he figured she had a reason for them. "So, what is it you wanted me to do with you this evening?" He said as he looked to her with his cheeky smirk. He sat a few feet before her, listening as she finally gave him the answer he was looking for.


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Goals [Private/ Desmond]

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