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Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos]

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Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos] Empty
PostSubject: Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos] Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos] Icon_minitimeOctober 13th 2015, 19:44

Since the old thread is locked and I have no muse to write a full-length Fel post about it, I will simply explain the objectives to everyone OOC. I think you all know Fel well enough to mentally insert her own little grumbles and subtle threats.

This is a scavenger hunt, plain and simple.

The Purpose
• Create closer communication skills and work as a team.
• Become a well-rounded individual in fighting, hunting, and healing.
• Somewhat enjoy this as a break from miserable existence. It’s a game, after all.

The Groups
Group A: Breeze, Narla, Noble
Group B: Desoto, Striker, Reiko, Sieglinde
Group C: Keoni, Pharika, Ariatisse, Katyusha
Group D: Altair, Twelve, Azrael, Erabus

The Objectives
Each group will be looking for the following
• 1 skull (only 3 exist)
• 7 rabbits
• 1 bushel of mint
• 1 root of dock

The Rules
• Each group will start out in their respective thread.
• The most difficult thing to hold onto will be the skull. 2 will be given to randomly selected groups. One will be held by Fel.
• Groups may come into others’ threads in order to fight for supplies.
• You cannot turn in your scavenger hunt items individually. Meaning, you will have to turn all four objectives in at the same time. Hide your stuff, carry it all with you, prioritize, do whatever you will. It’s your choice on how to get it done. But nothing is safe until you are completely finished.
• If and when a group gathers all four objectives, they are to bring it back here to the clearing.
• All resources, since they are resources, may be destroyed. Sabotage is completely legal.
• This brings me to Fel. Fel will have one skull, which may be stolen from her if you can manage it. But yes, she will mess with you. Mwahaha. (Not too badly, I promise).
• If you fight, use the sparring code. Avoid any serious injuries.
• If any questions arise, feel free to PM me. I will add them onto the bottom of this post as they come in, along with my response.

The Spoils
• I’ll do a victory sketch of the winning team.
• Participants of any group that succeeds in gathering all of their objectives will receive 25 bones, courtesy of Fel.

The Portals:
Off you pop!
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D


Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos] MhkFqRi
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Reap What You Sow [Mandatory Agavos]

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