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Challenges of the Sea (Rose/Open)

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PostSubject: Challenges of the Sea (Rose/Open) October 25th 2015, 14:25

For some reason, Faith felt it was all to easy to gain her high rank. Just asking for it and receiving it didn't feel like she was good enough. She didn't feel worthy for the title until she proved herself. So she went to the most dangerous place she knew. Rogue and Exile Territory. What better way than to escape the deadly trap of an insane rogue? Or bring back the head of a mighty beast? Or complete another task that will surely make this void of unworthiness go away.

She padded along, searching for something that screamed "Dangerous" and "Impressive". Finally, she came to the end of a large forest, and saw a long beach. Storm clouds circled overhead, and waves struck the shore with a fierceness she had forgotten water could hold. She dashed out, her paws flinging up wet sand behind her. She charged toward an oncoming wave, and then it fell down over her. She began swimming furiously, trying to break the surface and return to the beach, but another wave came and forced her down again. And another. Her lungs burned, her chest ached. She needed air, or she would surely die here. No, that couldn't happen. She kicked off of a rock and shot toward the surface, but another strong tide knocked her down. She flew down, and then she hit her head on the same rock she kicked off of. Instantly, everything went black.

Before she blacked out, one thought ran through her head. For all of them. For Rose, for Locke, for Thunder. Remember you did this for them. Remember them...

RIP Lead Warrior Faith of Helidos.
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Challenges of the Sea (Rose/Open)

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