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New Changes!

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PostSubject: New Changes! November 2nd 2015, 16:20

Greetings all of our wonderful members!

With the spark of war throughout the site, the Admins have been discussing some new fun. The first addition some of you may already know about. Tierra De La Muerta is open for wolves to speak to deceased members they have missed over the weeks, months, or even years. It is only open during Autumn, so choose wisely!

As we all know, we are still trying to get our rankings up higher! Remember, if we get to the top 5 in the first three voting places, everyone will get BONES! Also, we need to kick up the advertising. More advertising = fresh new faces to Age and we all know how much we love our newbies! Wouldn't it be grand if we had more than just one or two every now an then?Any referrals to Age will get BOTH parties Bones, so start telling your friends, family, random strangers!

More fun is coming also! Site wide plots for the WHOLE site. Yes, we have created an idea that will either force wolves from other packs to aid one another, or force them to death. More of this will be brought up once the war has finished and both Helidos and Erenyx get some time to relax.

There is a new NPC brought to the lands, but it is unlike any we have ever seen before. This NPC controls the weather. It will be able to brings storms or make them pass, bring the rains and thunder, or leave the world in a bright and sunny glimmer. It cannot interact with wolves directly and wolves cannot interact with it. It will be able to post messages and then leave threads alone. We feel this will give a more realistic feel to the site.

That is all for now, but if you think of something that you think would bring new life to Age, or just a fresh idea we haven't tried, please feel free to PM Azul! We would love to hear your suggestions!


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New Changes!

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