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PostSubject: Sasha Sasha Icon_minitimeNovember 19th 2015, 01:38

Name: Sasha

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Omega

The word tiny would only begin to describe the arctic colored fae. Standing only 55cm tall the slender creature was almost unbelievably small for her age, and with the exception of her pure, gorgeous white coat she could almost be confused with a coyote. Besides her exceptional size the fae was rather plain in appearance, the simplicity of her pure white coat sharply contrasted by the black of her lips the rims of her eyes, and the small black scar on the left side of her muzzle, nearly coming to touch the blackened rim of her eye. As if to simply add to the sharp contrast in colors two nearly golden eyes would be encased in the coal colored rims, surrounded by a tundra of snow white fur.

In her rather short life the fae had spent almost all of it as a nomad, constantly moving with no place to call home. This was a challenging life for the strongest of wolves, having to hunt almost constantly, while trying to avoid crossing the borders, and even more importantly, the dangerous wolves that live within such borders. The constant scavenging for small game and running from the wolves she knew she couldn't fight caused the girls build to slim out, her muscles honed for running rather than fighting. This left her slender form perched on long slim legs, and while her muscles lacked the mass of most of the other's in her species, her slender, finely honed build seemed to almost perfectly accent just how small she was truly was.


Sasha JZY36it

Sasha was born to a single mother, living as a rogue in the vast expanses of contested land between two warring packs. For generations three packs had been at war with each other over the vast expanses of rich hunting grounds that stretched between their lands. With the generations of war came generations of wolves deserting their packs to avoid the violence, and war parties of young, undisciplined brutes wandering the contested lands full of rogue females during the winter. Some born rogues would join the packs for the safety, or be forced as the packs became more desperate for fighters. This created a very dangerous environment for a single fae and her daughter who wished to stay isolated from the conflict.

Living alone with her mother Sasha grew very close to the fae, having to stay nearly by her side at all times, the pair grew very close, the only friend of the other in an otherwise lonely world. Growing up Sasha had to learn how to do everything to keep herself alive, her mother knew she wouldn't be there forever, so she had to teach the fae from a young age how to hunt, when and how to fight, and when and how to flee. She also had to learn how to treat her wounds, and find or make a den. Each day for the pair was a test of their ability to survive. Sasha's first summer brought a drought, which caused most of the fighting between the packs to surround the few remaining sources of water that remained, most denying access to the water, and the prey that came with such territory unless they joined the pack, or offered something in return. Surviving the droughts of the summer, and the deep freezes of the winter the pair carried on with their life as Sasha learned how to live, and grew even closer to her mother.
To Sasha her mother was everything. She was her teacher, her guardian, her provider, her best friend, and of course, her mother. They couldn't have survived without each other, and each day they grew closer because of it.

As Sasha's second winter came around the exceptionally warm weather allowed the fighting of the three packs to continue, where normally the struggle to survive would reduce the numbers available to continue feeding the vultures. While following a game trail along one of the faster moving rivers, nearly peaking it's banks from the melting snow, the pair would easily miss the sound of a pack war patrol drawing in on them in the darkness, as dusk set across the thick foliage surrounding them. The two tiny females barely put up a fight against the much larger and experienced warriors. Sasha was pinned to the ground by one of the younger members of the group, forced helplessly to watch the horrible things they did to her mother, and the vile threats they made towards her, still just a pup. The group wasted no time beating and ripping the older fae until she could barely move, as poor Sasha struggled in vain to help her mother. With the brutality, mocking, and the imminent abuses the group had planned for the lone females, the brute holding the pup down would become distracted. Taking the opportunity Sasha would sink her fangs into the brute's leg, attempting to free herself and save her mother. With a loud snarl the brute would grab the fae by her throat, tossing her into the raging current. The small fae did everything in her power just to stay above the water, the last time she saw her mother was pinned under the group of males, laughing as the pup was swept away to almost certain death. The look of sheer terror on her mother's face is a sight permanently burnt into Sasha's mind. As she was swept down river by the frigid current the fae would be battered by the rocks, the pain of her cuts and bruises only made bearable by the extreme numbness and pain of the setting hypothermia. Sasha had no idea how long she was in the water before the bouncing off of rocks finally steered her close enough to the bank to pull herself out. Quickly the pup would find a small crevice in the rocky bank to curl up in for the night.

As the sun started to peak the horizon Sasha could barely believe she had survived the night, though she still had a long road ahead of her. It wasn't until the pup managed to pull herself from the makeshift den she noticed the large cut across her muzzle, in addition to a severe sprain in her front ankle and the drain of energy from the recovering hypothermia. For days Sasha would limp the forests, searching for her mother. However, in her condition she couldn't continue to search and avoid the seemingly endless stream of war parties. After nearly four days of hunting Sasha could push herself no longer. Exhausting the last of her energy the fae distanced herself from the packs and the war to find a den to treat her wounds and care for herself. After a week of resting the tiny fae would finally be able to start hunting again, and searching for her mother.

Months would pass, and Sasha made no progress in finding the only wolf she had ever known. She never thought she would give up on finding her mother, but as summer arrived Sasha could no longer continue the fruitless search, and with that she swore off those war torn lands forever. From then on Sasha simply walked, not caring to spend enough time in any land to make friends, and usually avoiding wolves like the death she in convinced they are. The fae was alone, with no one to talk to, no one to love, and no one to worry about.

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How did you find Age? I am Katyusha and Aleu

Example Post:
Example from Warrior Katyusha:

Slowly Katyusha stepped through the seemingly thickening fog, her ears swiveling nervously atop her head. The warrior had traversed nearly every inch of this land over the last few years among her membership in every pack she knew of in these lands, she had never seen such a place in her life. The ground was covered in dead grass, there were no trees, and though it was nowhere near water as far as the fae could tell, it held the most ominous fog she had ever seen. It was almost as if death held this place in it's grasp, harvesting the souls of those who dared enter. And yet, Katyusha felt no real fear being here. After laying her beloved mate Steele to rest far too early, the young fae had found it hard to feel much of anything. Every day in a pack under Teren's reign was risking death, especially for her who the new Alpha found particularly disagreeable to his reign. So for a moment the fae had to ponder if there was something calming about this land, despite it's terrifying appearance, or if she had simply stopped caring about the risk of death for any number of foreseeable reasons.

As the thought was pushed out of her mind in the sake of saving her sanity, it did bring another topic back to the front of her mind, Steele. It was a thought she couldn't go a day without. Things were so perfect with Steele, he treated her in a way she had never experienced before, they were starting their family together in her first heat, and she would be happy, they would raise Aleu together and probably have more pups later in her life. It was amazing to the fae how quickly things had fallen apart. The one thing she never thought she could live without was taken from her, and she was left alone to raise their pup in the pack she was destined to rule over with her mate, that now hated her under order of their new leader, who wished nothing more than to see her dead. Then she had lost Aleu, knowing it was better for her, and much safer. Shifting to her haunches Katyusha would sigh softly, pinning her ears back "I'm so sorry Steele. You trained me so well, and put so much trust in me, and I let you down. I let you die, and I was a horrible mother to Aleu and Samael, and now I don't even know where they are." she said, dipping her head. "I wish you were here now Steele. I miss you so much." she said in almost a whimper, she had lost everything, and though she had restarted her life in a new pack, she couldn't help but feel herself crack occasionally as she remembered what she had, and how lucky she was to find someone as special as Steele, and how she had to live the rest of her life without him, a task she still wasn't certain was possible.

With her head low, her ears would pin back against her head. Her gaze resting on the matted dead grass below her, she would let the pained words she muttered every night when she was going to bed "I love you Steele." she said softly, knowing that like every other night, she would get no answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Sasha Sasha Icon_minitimeNovember 19th 2015, 08:11

Sasha R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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