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Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo]

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Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Empty
PostSubject: Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Icon_minitimeDecember 16th 2015, 07:45

Paws carried themselves out of her home, rolling her shoulders quietly.  Ariste stood tall, as always, tail raised and curled over her spine proudly, showing her rank.  Some blood still remained on her muzzle, droplets left there from her recent meal of a delicious hare.  Those were swiftly licked away, salmon tongue swiping out to rid her of the hairs clinging to tender whiskers.  She glanced around her, observing her surroundings, for once in a long while allowing herself to think. Truly think, as she hadn't in a long while. She pondered over recent events, over everything she had become. She'd gone from a useless, frightened child, to a strong Elite, a valued member of the pack. She considered that success, that overrode all the injuries that she got to get here. Every single one of them was worth it, and she wore them with pride.
Speeding up slightly, she lengthened her strides best she could, trying to ignore the pulsating in her chest and sides.  It wasn't long before she glided into the territory called Angel's wake.  Slowing, she looked up around her, at the steep walls of rock that flanked her on either side, hollowing out into a pretty little valley.  

She slipped further inside, using her claws to keep her balance on slippery ice. Striding forward, her nostrils flared, as she scented out for danger. Ears perked, but at the moment there as no sound but her own footsteps and heartbeat, and a few stray birds occasionally giving their song.  Sometimes, Ariste would call back as it were, singing to only herself and the rare bird, but mostly she stayed silent. Her fur ruffled, as she made her way toward the river.
She felt far more relaxed, clearing out her mind.  Shoving her sister's voice aside, she felt quicker to react, with an overall less fogged mind.  Beginning to sweep away the thoughts she didn't need, she made a mental note to do this more often, to refresh her thoughts, clear away old stresses and things only clouding her judgement.  Inhaling slowly, she stopped in front of the stream, dipping her head to the water.  Salmon coloured tongue flicked out to lap at the icy liquid, quenching her thirst. Backing up so she didn't foolishly slip in, she sat down, looking around her. Trees hung low with snow, crystals hanging off the ledges. It was a beautiful sight, one the fae appreciated. Keeping her senses open, she allowed herself to drift off to an extent, closing her eyes in peace.
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Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo] Icon_minitimeDecember 16th 2015, 10:43

What had drawn him to this place on this day? Absent minded wandering? Some natural instinct? Perhaps a greater purpose? Blazing fire orange eyes scanned the horizon, taking in the scenery below. He sat perched upon the top of a small cliff, overlooking the entrance to the valley, and the rest of the valley below. Snow had settled in a tidy white blanket over everything, the river coated in an thick layer of ice though the waters below still flowing steadily over smooth rocks, worn down by the waters themself. He had always thought it a wonder how given enough time, even the lightest continuous drip could weather way at rock, changing the very landscape around them. Surely not at a pace that one mere wolf may live to witness, but generations from now this very valley that he looked upon now, would bear an entirely different landscape.

Silence 'cept for the occasional caw of what birds had stayed for the winter until a scent that made his nose wrinkle in distaste filled the air. It was undeniably that of Erenyx, and immediately the hair on his back puffed up, his tail curled high above his back as he moved closer to the ledge to see just who it was. He observed the black female waltz through the valley entrance without noticing the Guardian perched high up on the rocks above. Perfect. Making his way down the rocky cliffside, he soon found safety on the ground and quietly picked his way along the snow and ice behind her, eyes never leaving her form for longer than it took to blink. He kept a healthy distance between them so as not to alert her of his presence just yet and instead watched from the shadows. Watching and waiting the Guardian saw his opportunity when her ebony form stopped for a drink from a crack in the ice that gave access to the icy waters below. Delicately placed paws carried his rust pelted form from the shadows from whence he hid as he stalked towards her though making no move to attack. "A bold move letting but even one sense be compromised like that.. Especially after what your pack has done. One can never be too cautious when those around them seek justice for a life taken." he said calmly, his eyes watching every muscle on her body, ready should she turn and try to pounce.


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Won't You Spare Me Over Another Year? [Drogo]

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