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Hestia's Introduction

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PostSubject: Hestia's Introduction Hestia's Introduction Icon_minitimeDecember 19th 2015, 13:27

Name: Hestia

Gender: Female

Age: 2 and ¾ years

Breed: Arctic/Mexican Hybrid

Height: 70 cm.

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Warrior, for now c:

Hestia stands at about 70 centimeters from paw to shoulder, a little over the size of her mother thanks to her robust paternal genes. Her lithe, medium-sized stature allows her to be swift and agile on her paws, but also gives her a reasonable amount of endurance as well. The female understands that she is not beautiful by any means, but that does not stop her from keeping her burnt marshmallow pelt clean and fluffy, as her mother had taught her to. Small brown and black flecks frost the white of her legs, giving the illusion of mud showing through melting snow. Her eyes are sharp and keen, colored thundercloud gray; a trademark of her father’s ancestry. She notes that her eyes are lighter than his could have ever been, but prides herself in such a feature – it sets the two apart from one another even more, and wishes that her own irises will be as memorable as his own. If her legs and torso are inspected closely enough, the viewer will find small scars criss-crossing across her skin, due to constant sparring with her siblings and foes alike. There is one particularly noticeable scrape that crescents over the top of her muzzle, the final message of her father’s murderer. Her paw pads are rough and calloused from pacing the Serene Stones of her home pack-lands to and fro, but she’ll never cease remembering them, as they make a good memento.

Hestia is wise beyond her years, a feature that was evident even when she was a wee puppy. Thanks to her lessons that had groomed her to become a true, prime Alpha, and some of her inherent traits, she is very respectful to those higher than her in rank. She is often cautious of any and all situations, but remains calm nonetheless. She has a marvelous amount of knowledge and will combine that with her impeccable wit to ensure her building a proper, memorable reputation. Regardless of her obstacles in life, she is driven by the memory of her father, as well as her own vanity and self-belief. Hestia is very valiant with a remarkable sense of justice, even if she keeps her tongue on a tight leash. On occasions, she is not afraid to speak her mind with a cool, matter-of-fact tone and a disengaged stare. Even her ice-cold demeanor breaks though, for she is prone to having an emotional outburst in times of extreme stress. She has little egotism in regards to her appearance, for she understands that it is conceit in aesthetics that will lead to envy and petty fighting amongst suitors. She told this philosophy to the teasing rogues of her homelands, along with her reasoning for such a simple thought process.



She was born in late spring in the midst of a heinous plague tearing rampantly throughout her homeland, Evalos. Despite the majority of Gyldan Forest - her birth pack - being overtaken by the disease, Hestia and her siblings were delivered with no complications. She was the most mature and cautious of the litter; her vigilant watchfulness over her chaotic, playful siblings set her apart from an an early age, leading her father to groom her as the heir to Gyldan. Over the course of his training, Zeus bequeathed every aspect of his knowledge to the young pup, telling her of the dangers and rewards of an Alphaship, the structure of the pack, and every tale of Evalos's lore that he could recall. The rusted Alpha spoke of prayers and war cries, blood bonds broken and beautiful romances kindled; Hestia would not show her interest, but she was nevertheless intrigued. Her father took her on many miraculous escapades as well, to the neighboring packs and to the outskirts of their lands. She watched sunsets atop Arcane Peak with her god-brother, Alpha Raikonen of Luminix Mountain, the successor of Soldaeth - the one she thought of as an extension of her own family. She hunted boar with Alpha Hades of Lethe Marsh, an uncle of her true bloodline, brother to Zeus himself. She had met many wolves, and she had seen many things, but nothing could prepare her for the darkest trial she would ever endure.

She was a summer old when the war had started. Her uncle had been overthrown by a fiendish rogue, seen as a steel gray spirit with cold, stone eyes. This apparition was called by the title of Sin-River, the Murderous. Her father, as hulking and ferocious of an Alpha that he was, nearly fainted when he had heard the news from a small messenger party from the Marsh. He called for battle at first light, the next morning. Hestia and her brother Poseidon, after securing their younger siblings and mother, followed their father into a fight that they would not soon recover from. Sin-River had gathered rogues from Vesakko Copse, all sick with a disease of the mind, and was marching them forward to face the Gyldan and Luminix wolves. For the first time in her life, Hestia was shaking with genuine, unbridled fear. Time would soon move in slow motion. The battle seemed to last for ages. It had almost seemed like they had nearly won; and then she heard it. A deep, mournful howl and a belligerent laughter that made her blood run to ice in her veins. She didn't have to turn her head to fully comprehend it. Her father, the great Zeus of Gyldan, was dead.

By a rogue's paw. With a heavy heart and a grief-stricken conscience, Hestia took command of the ally legion alongside Alpha Raikonen, pushing them to the brink of exhaustion for countless, long hours, before their victory was seen again as a flickering red light on the horizon.

Hestia stood above the massive she-rogue, with detached eyes and a screaming soul. Her gaze burned with hatred, but she remembered her father's lessons well; ‘Do not let your emotions control you. That will be your first mistake.’ She cleared her throat quietly, closing her eyes for a brief moment as Sin-River snickered beneath her. "His spirit will live on. Within me. I swear to my father's Gods that I, Hestia, the Hero of Gyldan, will continue his legacy." Even though the decree had an edge of spite within it, she nodded, as if to confirm it to herself. With nothing more than that, she turned... leaving the rogue to the heartbroken wolves of Lethe, Luminix, and Gyldan alike. Hestia had succeeded her father that day, but she could not celebrate or feel glee for her newfound position. She was merely a yearling, and she had much responsibility placed upon her shoulders. This rank that had been a trophy to be won, was now a weighty cross to bear.

Hestia burned with the embers of Zeus's pride and remembered him every day, for what he had done for her and for others. Gyldan had gone through many moons of mourning, as her father's death had affected many. When she had finally brought the congregation back to its senses, and had restored relations with the Luminix and Lethe wolves (now led by Hades' youngest son, Cerberus), she had made up her mind. She knew she would not impress her father by living a simple life - she needed to build her own legacy, one to shine beside his own. So, she entrusted her brother Poseidon, the same that had watched their father die flanking her, with the title of Alpha of Gyldan, and ventured off. Hestia now travels the lands, seeking to find her own glory, to rival her father's. She only wishes to make him proud once more, up in the plains of Lupus. She holds a strong will and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, willing to enforce her morals with every fiber of her being. Hestia is on her way to being a tactful, efficient wolf once more.

Joining Keys: Joining keys present and eaten by a hungry wolf - Alphess Rose

How did you find Age? I found Age on the Top 50 Wolf Roleplays Site; it seemed to suit my standards, and I really hope my expectations are more than exceeded.

Example Post:
She consistently peered up at the night sky when she was travelling, for it was a habit she had ingrained into her behavior ever since her father had passed. Hestia always looked for the group of stars that had symbolized the plains of Lupus, prayed to her lost loved ones there, and moved on. She felt more secure knowing that they were watching over her and her kin. She often worried about the state of Evalos, but could find no strong enough a reason to turn back. This was her life now; worrying, regretting, and moving on. Up until this point in her journey, she had encountered a wide cast of peculiar creatures. There was a bear by the name of Arthmael, a massive brute with thick black fur, a missing ear and a shredded snout to match, but had the kindest heart that the female had ever seen. Arthmael would tell her legends as he assisted a young fledgling eagle back into his nest, lacing an ending moral into them as a lesson for Hestia to learn. There was also a particularly rancorous badger with an acrimonious way of speaking – she called him Rarsaseq, much to his dislike.
Hestia had never been blessed with the privilege of finding out his true name, as he had told her that it was bad luck for one of the badger species to reveal such a powerful secret. As she grew, she came to the conclusion that he was merely pulling wool over her eyes.

Those meetings had occurred moons ago, but they had still toyed with her heartstrings. She missed the old badger and Arthmael, as well as the Ural Owl Yukatayne. Hestia remembered sharp talons digging into her pelt as her young comrade rode upon her shoulders, spreading her wings as Hestia sprinted. The female never thought her friendship would extend to other species, much less to a bird of prey. Nevertheless, she was proud to call Yukatayne one of her most prized friends.

Now, as she crossed the threshold of another land, she felt an overwhelming feeling of completion come over her body. After a treacherous journey, she had come upon an environment that would suit her expectations. The blood of her ancestors coursed through her veins, her heart pumping madly with the thought of finding a home once more. She could not predict who she would meet, who would become her friend, nor who would challenge her to a bloody brawl. Only one thing was clear in Hestia’s mind. She would build a great name for herself here, no matter the obstacle.
Hestia would succeed.

Site Season/Year: 5th Winter

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PostSubject: Re: Hestia's Introduction Hestia's Introduction Icon_minitimeDecember 20th 2015, 22:54

Hestia's Introduction R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

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Hestia's Introduction

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