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An Unheard Scream

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PostSubject: An Unheard Scream An Unheard Scream Icon_minitimeFebruary 4th 2016, 22:05

For starters, I realize how sudden this is to some of you. But I have been struggling for muse with Els for a while now. Threads with her a pretty minimal and I feel like I can provide so much more than I can with her. Specifically for E: I am sorry that this interferes with our plot, I'm really sorry about that. I absolutely hate it when people abandon plots so suddenly, so I understand how you might feel and I apologize.

Happy would be one thing she could definitely be right now. She was content, her life now seeming to have filled the missing pieces. Over time, she had found a home in Helidos. The warm hearted pack mates she now had and kept always brought a smile to her face. The pack had mended, their spirits lifted considerably after the death of Quinn. Azul had helped a lot, aiding Rose in her adjustment to leading a pack. She had been blossoming nicely, her easy-going, sweet-hearted nature reflecting greatly on the saddened wolves. The small fae had been strong, proving her worth as their rightful leader. And for the Autay, she couldn't be prouder of her friend. Add that to the fact that she had received a confession,and given one in return. The warrior, his dark brown pelt and eyes of gold, had managed to catch her heart. Swaying her into a state of ease and delightfulness. She remembered how nice it had felt to have his pelt brush against her own, his body pressed to hers as he shared his warmth beneath that tree in the woods. The moment simply of the two of them. He'd been nervous, as any male would or should be. She was shocked to hear that he felt the same, not very much so. She knew he cared, just not that the brute had loved her. Elsbeth had told him the same, her body covered in little sparks and tingles as she smiled. The two hadn't confronted Rose or Azul yet, waiting for just the right time. But winter was ending, so they would have to move quickly if they wished to have the family they both desired.

The snow beneath her feet was slightly more moist, signs showing that winter was coming slowly to a close. The sky was clear, sunny, the rays from the yellow orb beating down gently on her back. Despite what might appear to be a warm day for winter, the air was crisp. It tickled her nose each time she drew in a breath and felt cold on her tongue as she opened it. It wasn't cold enough to die from, just a bit chilly, or according to what she would usually say to the pups in her care. That was another thing, come spring would mean more work for her. OWrk she was delighted to do. Winter was harsh, but it brought life and beauty in its aftermath. And no life is made without a sacrifice of some sort. For Helidos, that winter sacrifice was Rose. She couldn't take it, or something else, and the arms of the frost wrapped around her. Rocking her into an endless sleep. It was a sad time to see her go, Helidos again leaderless if it weren't for Azul. There were other sacrifices in the land, ones lost and ones made. It was a hard thing to watch, but one had to keep moving. And that is what everyone did, wether they knew it or not.

Dashing through the snow she came upon a flat stretch of snow, a clearing surrounded by trees. Or so it appeared to be. The she-wolf had not been her before, and she knew not what lay beneath the layers of snow. Beneath her paws it seemed safe, any normal surface one would walk on in the winter. But what really lay below was not as it appeared. And as she pranced forward, her tail raised and waving happily in delight, the danger only increased. What was below her was not soil and rock, but rather a layer of ice over a deathly cold lake. What was beautiful during the months without snow, turned into a death trap. Awaiting unsuspecting animals to cross over. She jumped, leaped, ran around the surface. Nothing seeming to be going wrong, but there was. Each time her body landed on the ice, the force made a small crack. A weakness, a mark of irritation. She was awakening the beast. A laugh escaped her jaws, eyes filled with delight like a pup the first time in shallow water. But just like a moment like that can turn foul, her's did too. With one leap she heard a crack, her eyes widening as she realized her mistake. Happiness gone, fear ran in, filling her completely. Her body came down, harshly as she had forgotten for a moment she was in air. And that was all it took.

The ice around her cracked, forming a circle around her still bodice. Oh, no, no, no.. She took a step, but that caused the crack to become worse. She froze, her eyes shutting as she thought of what she could do. She was stuck, trapped. The occasional crack in the ice taunting her each time she shifted. She couldn't go, she couldn't be the sacrifice. She just got him, and now she was almost being forced to leave him. Shaking her head, she opened her eyes. The Autay wouldn't go yet. She braced her self to leap, ignoring the large cracking sound it made in her ears. The edge wasn't that far away, she could make it out of the circle and run for it. Crouching she focused all her strength into her legs, focusing on the spot just beyond her enemy.  Drawing in a breath, she leaped. But her paw slipped, causing her to land early and awfully. She let out a yelp as her front left paw hit the ground first, pain spreading up her leg. However that was not the issue. No, it was the face that she was slipping into the water! A scream worked it's way form her throat, loud cries for help as she tried to claw her way up the loos piece of ice. "Someone, please!" It was no use, just as the last sound escaped her lips she was submerged underwater. The cold now wrapping greedily around her, biting into her flesh. She swam up, trying to push the piece of ice back over. It was no use.

With each shove her oxygen slowly wasted away. Her panicked mind and actions making it worse. And then her chest her, ached as she tried to get air. Her jaws were forced to open, water quickly filling them in. She stopped struggling, she let the predator carry the limp body down to the bottom of the lake. No one would no how, her lover wouldn't know why, only she and the lake. If she could cry, she would have. And as her heart stopped beating she whispered one phrase into her mind. I'm sorry...

Rest in Peace, Lead Autay Elsbeth. May you travel peacefully to the other forest.


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An Unheard Scream

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