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PostSubject: Chassity Chassity  Icon_minitimeFebruary 11th 2016, 18:10

Name: Chassity

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years

Breed: Gray wolf

Height: 82cm

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Warrior

Appearance: Standing 82 inches, Chassity can be little intimidating because she is large for her gender. The wolf has lean muscle, not too bulky. She has gray fur with lighter undersides. Her fur is a bit darker around her head, tail, and a portion of her back. Hints of brown are located on her ears, which hides scar from a previous fight. Lighter gray fur is located on her upper back area leaving darker color around her behind. What stands out the most is her piercing teal blue eyes. Her stare is worse than her bark. However, her bite is greater than both.

From the look of Chassity, it can be perceived that she's level headed and very calm. But in this case, looks are a little deceiving. She can be feisty and outspoken, or she can be passive aggressive. It all depends on her mood. The thing that binds both reactions together is her body language. When she's stiff from head to tail, her mood is quite low. If someone messes with her in the wrong mood, he/she will regret it greatly. She's not afraid to show anyone who's boss. It's either with words or jaws. Despite her unpredictable demeanor, she's dedicated, extremely loyal, and protective to the wolves she love. She's more willing to bend backward for a love-one than she will admit. She will even die for him/her without a second thought, but nobody will know it. That makes her emotionless. Even her blue eyes don't show any expression except for anger (if she gets angry). Overall, Chass is a dubious wolf with undeniable loyalty.  

Chassity  Chass11

Chassity came from the Barbain Tribe. Nobody but her father knew where she actually came from. During her time in the Barbain, she was known to have a father, Zerbern, a guardian of the tribe, and a mother named Vanice, who was also a guardian. But little did everyone know--Chassity was going find the real truth of where and who she came from.

In the guardian den of the Barbain, Chassity rested by Vanice along with Trinity and Chelsea. At five months old, they weren't old enough to train with mentors. For that time, they played around and enjoyed life with food and shelter lied on their paws. Unfortunately, playtime wasn't Chassity's favorite. Every time she played with the pups of the tribe, she always was given the cold shoulder. The other pups always said that she didn't belong there and she should die alone with no tribe. Feeling vulnerable, she would complain to her parents, but nothing would happen. From that time on, she started to think that thing should be handled herself. At six months old, she had been given a mentor. Corinth, a warrior of the tribe, was assigned to her. Chassity felt apprehensive about him because she thought of him as a bipolar wolf and her sisters (Trinity and Chelsea) had received betas as their mentors. Vanice sensed it somehow and decided to comfort her, but Chassity didn't take it well. If she was her daughter, why did she receive lesser treatment?

Over the months of training, she did exceedingly well--even better than her sisters. Corinth made sure of it. When nobody was out training, she would be out working hard. When everyone relaxed and talked to each other, Chassity would be out leaping over tree trunks and running miles up and down the forest. Even with everyone out training, Chassity and Corinth would be out on the other side of the training area doing much more than the others. And sure enough, the hard work was paid off. At two years old, Chassity became a warrior leaving Chelsea and Trinity behind. That caused jealousy and rage. On the night of ceremony, Chelsea confronted Chassity in front of the others and shouted that a daughter of the unknown shouldn't be the first to became shoot up to a higher rank. In denial, Chassity defended herself and told the others that she was the daughter of Vanice and Zerbern. At the peak of the argument, Zerbern confessed that she wasn't Vanice's daughter and that he was the only wolf linked to her. The whole situation made sense. Zerbern wasn't very involved in her life because he didn't want to stir up suspicions. He gave Chelsea and Trinity more attention simply to hide his connection to her. The alphas already had bitter feelings for wolves who were born outside of their tribe. They assigned her a lower ranking mentor so that her step-siblings could have better training. Her siblings alone treated her terribly because they knew she wasn't related to them. No wonder she never felt a genuine connection to Vanice. Chassity just faced the most crucial moment of her life.

After the ceremony, Chassity avoided everyone except Corinth. Her mentor was the only wolf she had during all of her hard times. Though he was bipolar at times, he always found time to talk to her when she needed it the most. He continued to give her guidance and teach her risky, but effective battle moves. Chassity also learned that Corinth wasn't born at the Barbain tribe either. He was found by the scout at seven months old. His mother died days before he was found from natural causes. The wolf told her that he had to fight all his life to get the equally he rightly deserved. From his words, Chassity gained inspiration for the first time of her life. She had a chance to be better in her tribe. The only puzzle she had to solve was who her mother was.

At three years old, Chassity became the lead warrior of the tribe. The alphas began to realize how great of a fighter she was. They even thought about replacing her father, but Zerbern was adamant about fighting for his rank. Even if it meant injuring his daughter. Chassiry wasn't going to take the risk, so she passed and kept her rank. Though she passed on a great opportunity, she was excited to tell Corinth about the compliments. He was the reason she was one of the best fighters of the tribe. When she didn't find him in the camp, she searched his favorite place by the pond located in the outermost of the territory. She turned the corner and instantly smelled something vile. When she looked closer, she spotted Corinth on the floor with a large neck wound from behind. Her heart shattered. She no longer had a trusted friend and began to wonder how many more bad things would happen to her.

Behind her, she spotted dark gray pelt from the corner of her eye. Chassity turned her head and saw her father by the corner coming toward her with a malicious gleam in his eyes. His hackles were up and his teeth were bared. He no longer looked like the honorable guardian that would by the alphas' side at all times. Her father looked like someone angry who longed for revenge. Chassity stared at the potential killer of her best friend. "Who did this? What's the purpose?!" A low growl erupted from her throat.

Zerbern only smiled from one side of his mouth. "Chassity, for a smart fighter," he snarled. "You are a stupid wolf."

"You did this did you? Why Zerbern? Why? You know he's important to me!"

"Why don't you address me as your father?"

"You never treated me as your daughter. You always ignored me when you had the chance! Even Vanice gave me more attention," Chassity stepped forward. "You were a pathetic father if you ask me! Corinth was the only friend I had! You are the only wolf linked to me by blood and yet nobody could tell. What is it about me? What? Is it my real mother you lied to me about?"

Zerbern leaped forward with claws outstretched and teeth bared. Chassity ducked under him, but his claws tore the back of her ear. She used her back feet to kick his face hard. Shocked, Zerbern tripped backward and landed on the back of his head. Chassity leaped forward sunk her claws deep in his chest. As tempted as she was to finish him off, she didn't. He was the only wolf who knew about her mother. That was the most important thing she needed to know. She couldn't possibly move on in her life without the information. The she wolf stepped away from her father.

"You scared? To kill your own father? I knew you were like your mother!" Zerbern sneered. "She refused to kill her father so that her and I could rule the forest. She allowed her heart to get in the way of what's right. When her pack desperately needed to leave after a previous fight, she expected me to take you in my pack. I didn't want that to happen because it would ruin my chances of keeping my high status. I wasn't going to claim you until she killed her father. When she threatened to expose our secret encounters, she had to die. I had no choice. I killed her and buried her in the midst of the Donaran Tribe where you were born. I only kept you and told the others that you were abandoned because you were the only link to Cassidy, your mother. You were her reflection, and you still are. And now I'm deeply regretting keeping you alive!" The dark gray mal lunged his daughter's way.

There was no other way to express Chassity's anger towards her father. He killed her mother for his own sake. He was greedy for power and he proved it--twice by her mother and Corinth. Zerbern was even willing to kill his own daughter. He made it clear that only one wolf would leave the pond alive. She had no other choice. When he lunged at her, she gripped his throat with her jaws and sunk her claws into the back of his head to twist his neck. Chassity dropped his body and watched his blood pour into the pond's water. And for the first time, she began to feel the warm sensation pressing on her sides as if both figures were happy to get peace at last.

It was very hard to tell the Barbain Tribe about what happened to Corinth and Zerbern. But it appeared to be that the tribe members were more shocked about the relationship between her mother and father, especially Vanice. Of all the wolves, she appeared to be the most appeared appalled. Despite the horror of the events,  huge weight lifted off her shoulders. She knew who she was. It took years to solve the only puzzle that mattered most. When she finally became stable, she travelled in search of a new pack to start fresh. She wasn't at peace about her past, but she had an understanding.

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Chassity  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chassity Chassity  Icon_minitimeFebruary 14th 2016, 10:11

Chassity  R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

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