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Welcoming Sunshine [Open]

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PostSubject: Welcoming Sunshine [Open] March 4th 2016, 22:25


~One step at a time, Arrelys came closer and closer to the water. She purposefully came before the sun came up to witness the beauty of the Moonshine Beach. It was something she never seen before. How could something so unusual yet beautiful exist in such environment? The orbs of light flowed so perfectly in and out of the current that she even thought about mapping that on sand. However, she knew that if she had tried, she wouldn't do well at all. Looking down, she studied the orbs resting by her feet. When she approached bodies of water at night, the only thing that lit the area up was the moon. And that was it. In her mind, she began to question reality. As the sun started to appear, the light orbs seemed to disappear. The beach began to look regular again; she instantly missed the dark sky. A sigh came from her mouth as she sat up and began making prints on the sand. She was making the best of her free time. Arrelys would often stay around the pack area and hunt until she became satisfied with her prey to feed the Agavos. She did those things so much that she forgot about the beauty many landscapes had to offer. The cream wolf literally had to push herself into getting out of her comfort zone and exploring beyond the boundaries. Fortunately, she didn't regret it. ~

~Hunter Arrelys~
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Welcoming Sunshine [Open]

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