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Darkest Night (Teren)

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Fenris Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Darkest Night (Teren) March 23rd 2016, 14:11

(Any Erenyx wolves that wish may post their presence in this thread may do so,but are NOT to intervene in any way)

The moon hung high in the night sky, though its glow held an eerie chill about it on this particular night. But then, the glow of the moon across the earth was not the only thing that would stain these lands tonight. Not if Fenris had his way. Was it a broken heart that drove him here? Was it an insanity creeping into his mind that he had tried to desperatly to keep at bay for so long? Was it stupidity? The answer to this question he did not know, but in all truth, the massive brute did not care. He sought one thing on this night. The blood of his enemy.

How long now had it been since his life had been destroyed? Days? Weeks? Months? He wasn't sure. The lack of sleep had blurred time into a tangled mess that he could not seem to undo. Visions of those whom he had loved, and had lost tormented his every waking moment, and even worse so when sleep finally managed to claim him for a few brief hours. With each sunrise and sunset, the visions that danced in his head, taunting him and terrorizing him grew fiercer and fiercer. Perhaps it was fear for the pain he would cause those around him in his current state that drove him further and further away from the sanctuary of Helidos, or perhaps it was entirely his lust for revenge. Regardless of reason, it was too late to turn back now.

The putrid stench of Erenyx consumed him now as his emaciated and now heavily aged body pushed forward, bringing him closer to the devil's den, closer to his revenge. Once bright and vibrant amber eyes now held not shine about them. Their lack lustre appearance was only exaggerated even more so by their extreme sunken state from lack of sleep. Were it not for the strong scent of Helidos upon his dull and dirtied fur, anyone in their right mind would more than likely assume him to be a rogue or an exile what with his condition. Once bulging muscles had withered to near nothing ness in his bodies attempt to continue living. The once Alpha could not continue on like this for much longer, of this he was certain.

The scent which made his nose wrinkle in displeasure grew stronger and stronger now, he must be close. It would only be a matter of time before his presence was found out, but he did not hold the strength, nor patience to deal with anyone but the demon he came to vanquish. Raising his head to the sky above, he let slip a harsh, raspy howl, calling out to the devil within these lands. "TEREN! TEREN YOU BASTARD! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!" he snarled out into the emptieness of the clearing before him. Such raw emotion was clear in his voice, and his dull eyes glazed over with a new found insanity. He had nothing left to lose. He was here to lay it all on the line for the chance to die in peace, knowing he had rid the world of a deadly poison.


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PostSubject: Re: Darkest Night (Teren) March 31st 2016, 09:37

only the strong are worthy to live

332 Words
Elder Fenris
The Alpha had not been within his den this night. Instead he was resting outside of the den, listening to the chirping of crickets, and whatever life was willing to express its presence here. He stood up and wandered around the pack clearing. He inspected dens and watched as the others stirred in their sleep. He walked on, moving in a slow and drawn out pace. His eyes lingered on the lands he knew as home. The moon shone brightly in the sky, which hovered over Erenyx. The evil Alpha smiled upon the gleaming orb. It was not long before the peace and serenity of his lands was abruptly stopped. A loud and boisterous voice echoed through the night. It called out for Teren and he knew exactly which wolf this voice belonged to. The old Alpha had come for him, seeking revenge no doubt, for the slaughter of his one true love. Teren made his way to the center of the pack. It was here that he made a stand to take the pack away from Steele. It was here that he would finally get to fight the one brute who had been a thorn in his side for years. He faced Fenris, head on. A single smile slipped across his lips and his eyes gleamed with joy that this wolf not only came for him, but he crossed Erenyx lands to do so. He was ready to die. "I am here you old fool, now what will you seek from me? Maybe to be united with your bitch of a mate? Maybe to yet once again see the faces of your dead pups? For you, my dear friend I will allow you eternal peace." Fenris was no friend to him, it was more of an insult than anything else. The two were never close, never going to be close - outside from a fight that would surely end Fenris' life. After all, it was not Teren's time to die... not yet.

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would it really be so bad to die?


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Darkest Night (Teren)

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