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PostSubject: Tempest Tempest Icon_minitimeMarch 29th 2016, 16:37

Name: Tempest

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Breed: Grey Wolf

Height: 82 cm

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Warrior.

Tempest has snow white fur, that on the surface appears unmarred, but underneath his fur, he has various scars from previous battles. Obviously none of these relics of the past are visible however. The only indication of his previous experiences is his left ear, which seems to be missing the very tip. Tempest has a build befitting a warrior, with hard muscle covering most of his form beneath his ivory pelt. His legs are long and sturdy, contributing to his height of 82 cm. He is however only of average size. His eyes are a stormy grey, and almost always apathetic to the outside observer. His facial expressions at rest appear as if he is wholly disinterested with whatever the current goings on are about him. Perhaps this is to tell of his weariness of the world, or he is just not a very expressive wolf.

Tempest, despite his name, does not have the personality of what one would imagine a wolf named Tempest would have. Instead of a volatile, and stormy personality with high highs and low lows, Tempest's personality remains at a constant flat-line. His outward demeanor appears to be more of a cold husk to others, dead and unresponsive. His emotions seem to be quite lacking due to this, or even non-existent.

When others do get to know him better, they will find much of the same within this husk. He is for the most part a pessimistic type. He is completely a realist, one who holds his values in facts and efficiency. For this reason, he finds it easier than others to put aside emotional distractions (as he has very little emotions to distract him) and complete whatever task is set before him. This is another quality of Tempest, as a warrior. He sets about his task almost as if he were a machine, completing them in the most efficient way possible.


Tempest WhiteWolfPhoto

Tempest's past began with another pack in a far away land. The pack was quite large and in contention with another large pack for neighboring lands. Therefore, form early in life Tempest like many of his fellow warriors. He was brought up in a pack with many other young pups, bred specifically to be trained into warriors for the future wars of the pack. Training was of course difficult, but any training of this nature had to be difficult to be successful. Tempest's pack had taught their warriors very efficiently, and without any sort of moral hindrances. Pups were taken from their mothers very early in age to begin their training, and trials by combat to the death were not uncommon among apprentices to become warriors. Due to the war, many very young wolves were also pushed to become warriors very early so they could fight. Many that were pushed to become warriors to early would die in battle. These tactics were necessary however to ensure the pack was not overrun by being outnumbered, casualties were seen as just another aspect of life for the warriors eventually due to this. Those that survived these initial battles however, truly became hardened warriors who were much more likely to survive the following fights.

As soon as he reached two years of age he would be complete with his training and set upon the field of battle with his fellow newly appointed warriors, many of which he had trained with, grown up with. The others who he had trained with but were not warriors were dead already. This prepared the young wolves quite well for death in battle before they even saw their first engagement. War went on for a year after Tempest became a warrior. There were many skirmishes as well as full blown battles during this time as both packs vied for control of more lands. Once, Tempest and his fellow warriors even attacked the opposing pack's home in the dead of night with a small force, murdering Autay and pups alike in order to give themselves the advantage in the coming years. Eventually though, Tempest's pack was still defeated. Many of the wolves Tempest had fought with were killed, along with any other non-combatants that could not defend themselves in the pack. Tempest, who was injured from the final battle left those lands forever on that day. He spent about a year as a loner during this period.

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Example Post:
The battle had been less than three days past. Images of blood and death were still fresh in Tempest's eyes at this point, much like his wounds which were also still fresh. As he limped along, small droplets of blood pattered upon the dark forest ground, and the metallic scent of the liquid filled his nostrils. Every time he moved his left ear, the fresh wound that replaced the tip of his ear would renew it's pain, and send droplets falling onto the top of his head again. Upon his shoulder, the deep gouges left by one of the countless warriors that had stood before him remained even after his death by Tempest's maw - a wound that would heal into yet another scar, perhaps the only legacy left by the young wolf before his untimely death. Tempest could already scantly remember what he looked like, the only detail he could remember was the warrior's blue eyes that stared lifelessly after he had died.

The battle itself was nothing new to him however, nor the grim aftermath of it. Scenes of death, of lifeless eyes staring into nothingness were commonplace for him. He was a warrior and always had been a warrior. From early in life he had been trained to kill, that was what a warrior was right? Nothing more than a tool meant to kill.

Some would say that warriors were meant to defend their packs, but when Tempest got down to it, he always had to kill in the end to defend. So, with a void of emotion that most definitely should have been filled with perhaps despair, or sadness at his slaughtered pack-mates he continued on through the inky black night of a new moon, ready to begin anew.

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PostSubject: Re: Tempest Tempest Icon_minitimeMarch 30th 2016, 07:10

Tempest R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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