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Hunter Abyss

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Wolf Information

PostSubject: Abyss May 9th 2016, 01:38

Name: Abyss

Gender: Female

Age: 2

Breed: Mexican Wolf

Height: 77 cm

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Hunter

The first notable feature about Abyss is her thick, dark, long fur. A pelt that causes her many problems, especially while grooming or stepping out in the hottest times of the day, it is thicker than the average wolf of her species, and long and luxuriant. While it makes her rather comfortable during winters - preferably harsh ones - she still hesitates to head out too far in the daytime. She has small paws and slender legs, made for the agile build that she possesses, with a compact form of muscle mass. While her fur is primarily black, she has streaks of gray down her flank and belly, and on her face. Her amber eyes glow in luminescent contrast to her dark features, which are unexpectedly fine. Like most canines, her jaws are powerful but brittle, and hers are sculpted to be fine and precise. Her lithe frame allows her speed, though her coat hinders her, and her powerful haunches complement her small frame further.

As far as Abyss' size goes, it is rather diminutive. At 77 cm, she's on the smaller side, and hence is quite light. While it does mean she's lighter on her feet, she stands at a disadvantage over larger, bulkier foes. Her tail is long and fluffy, allowing for balance and steering when running at high speeds. Besides the streaks of toned gray on her physique, three of her paws are white, with the 'socks' being at varying heights.  

Abyss is a queer, complex mix, indecisive and disoriented as though she doesn't quite know who she wants to be. Silent, she has rarely spoken since as long as she remembers, and even in speech, hers is a quiet, monotonous, soft voice. Externally, she displays scarce emotion, whilst within she battles an internal conflict. Still in her young years, she stands alone, unhindered, unassisted, to work out the world and her own self. She wonders at the world about her, and that being said, she lives roundly grounded in the present. She considers herself a fair judge of others, working out their mannerisms, behaviour, thoughts. Sentient beings intrigue her. Though she may be uncertain about herself, she makes split-second decisions as long as it's something she's comfortable with.

Abyss has powerful ambition, and the will to get there, but when one brings sentiments into play, her confident exterior dissolves. Her personality seems to be quite situational and contradicting, as certain aspects of emotions, both hers and otherwise, are still unexplored territory to her. Intelligent, and often considered strange by others, she is very secretive and prefer to keeps to herself. She has great insight and her deduction skills are unlike any other. She is meticulous and tends to be a deep thinker that can see the “big picture”, and seldom needs - or asks for - advice. She has a sense of justice and what's right, but will not hesitate to resort to deceit. Abyss is not accustomed to false modesty - if she says something, she means it; as is wont of her clear, transparent nature. She recognizes the power of words, and wields them carefully. Although, she is someone who isn't always in touch with reality and tends to be lost in another thought or daydream.
She is fairly cool-headed, and unlikely to be swayed by emotions.

In the right company, under her tough exterior is simply a young canine who enjoys having fun. Left to her solitary self, she is not afraid to play about. She closes up instantaneously, reflexively to strangers, feeling awkward under the judging gazes of society, and generally avoids crowds like the plague, though with fluid motions, she can usually slip through them. She appears to be detached and uncaring, but when it comes down to it she is a very motivated and driven person. She fights for what she believes in and is very powerful. She would protect the ones that she cares for, even at the cost of her life. She is inconsistent, wilful, and fond of idly scratching the dirt.

Abyss is mysterious, to the point that she suddenly zones out, eyes glazing over and 'looking at something only she can see', whatsoever it may be. Her vivid imagination loses her to golden frenzies of wind-stirred buttercups and glories of wild roses, golden domes of sunsets and heavy, dusky violet twilights. She refrains from doing things sometimes, so others wouldn't know what she is to do next, to remain unpredictable always, and naturally distances herself from company, aloof and shrouded in a cloak of night. No one knows, or will ever know, the thoughts registered in her mind. Her subtle, luculent movements keep her behavior from being read easily, though this behavior is not gained sub consciously. She consciously keeps track and is aware of all that goes around her, to the point of observing minute details.

Her personality, as such, is as fluid as her whims. Very random, they appear as random splashes of color on an otherwise blank canvas of paper. She can be shy a moment, and a raging she-dragon the other. Each aspect like the facet of a spectral gem, shimmering in all it's iridescent luminescence, she still makes a wonderful, unique, colourful mixture of a wolf to meet.


Born to parents who she barely remembered Abyss was orphaned at an early age. Her first, fundamental lesson that loners didn't survive long was reinforced by the fact that she watched her mother freeze to death, a slow, painful death in the clutches of winter. She narrowly escaped her own demise, following in the paw-prints of her lone parent, as she wondered; where had been her father when they needed him? To the extent of her knowledge, she had been a lone pup, or perhaps there had been others who had not made it. Perhaps it was for the best that he young fae had been left to her own self; she figured out the world and herself by her lonesome self. While she could not deny the loneliness she felt, she never made any advances to be social, and grew up used to being nestled alone in her own world. Was the world she created greater than her own?

So was the female, now above a year and a half old, thrown out, exposed to the harsh world, to face it alone. Without the protection of an older, more experienced wolf, her survival was questionable. She could hunt for herself, and defend herself, and hope. Hope that she would, hopefully, not die.

Miles from any pack, alone, in the midst of winter, with minimal quarry to keep her going, it wasn't looking up for Abyss. So, in a blur, a myriad of emotions, she acted on an impulse and started her long journey. She walked; merely walked on and on, endlessly.

What was it that she seeked? What would she find? What she would find, and what she seeked; would they be the same? But perhaps, even this uncertainty she faced would be better than her life back then. Vaguely aware of the fact that she, a loner, would not survive long on her own, she traversed lands aimlessly. It had been close to six months since then. Three hard, long months had done more for Abyss that a dreary year or so had done. Was this what was called living? While Abyss' questions had only grown, none sated, she still found herself purposeless. Even a goal to search for would have given her stimulus for a life, but she did not mourn the parent she barely remembered; she merely honored her memory. An unattached life was not too bad.

But now her once luxuriant coat - ah, she could barely remember that time, too - lay bedraggled, limp. Much like herself, body and spirit. Her paws bled, her eyes sunk in. Was it hunger that had taken such a toll? Was she happy? What was happiness? What did she know? She did not know of the icy coldness of the pattering rain. She did not know of the warmth of a cuddle among siblings. She did not know the sweetness of an affectionate gesture. She turned away.

There was no return - Abyss may wander, but she clung to life with a tenacity. She had nowhere to return to.

She had not come in contact with others, she did not know of kindness. What did she know? She knew nothing. It drove her mad. Heightening despair drove her to race headlong through the forest, barely able to see through her haze of fury and bitterness, her mind dancing a tantivy beat, racing alongside her. It was then that she felt the true bite of loss. Her parents were dead.

Who had killed them? Had she killed them?

She knew nothing.

And so, an empty void of a shell, she continued. And so she would continue endlessly. She would search endlessly for blood and bond.

Joining Keys: Joining Keys present and removed - Elite Nnlya

How did you find Age? By an advertisement on another site, I think. Or was it by an affiliate?

Example Post:
How long had it been since her last meal?
Though it was a beautiful morning, the sun’s golden light spilling across and around the hills in the horizon, the incessant chirping of various birds punctuating the heavy mist that lay upon the land, Abyss had only thought for the gnawing pain in her abdomen. In a better mood, she might have wryly joked that an abyss was growing in her stomach, but she’d grown too irritable for that. While she naturally blended in fairly well in the undergrowth with her coat and could run reliably fast, her lack of skill was failing to net her any quarry. She did not understand; there were factors with her, and against her.
Her keen eyesight, sharp sense of smell, and overall prime body should have assisted her in earning her daily fare, but her mind was what was not sharp. An inexperienced, barely matured fae, all by herself out in the wilderness – Abyss could summon enough sarcasm to appreciate the ironical humour; she might have laughed at this a few moons back. Her body was caked with mud, in a vain attempt to keep her cool in the gradually stifling heat; why did winter have to fade away?! Would everything and everyone leave her?
Her thick coat broke free of its muddy restraints, dried mud splattering to the ground in a multitude bombardment of earth; the forest cover stifled most of the sound, but Abyss was fairly certain it might have sounded enough like a footfall to alert any prey. Her accursed coat – it prevented her from hunting too late in the day, and while she gasped in shade or hunted about wearily for a water puddle, she lost valuable daylight.
In a sudden gust of wind, leaves rained down around her in chaotic, swirling patterns. Simply on an impulse, maw grinning, Abyss reached up with a flirt of her neck, and crunched a leaf between her teeth. It was a soft tender one, and made little sound, and Abyss had remained grounded, with her feet clinging to the earth with the same tenacity she clung to life. However, the rapid movement had alarmed the birds overhead, and they rose in a terrified squall. Abyss quietly growled, the deep sound rumbling in her chest. Whatever chance she may have had at a successful hunt was lost; she best move on now.

Site Season/Year: 5th Spring


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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Re: Abyss May 25th 2016, 09:25

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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