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The Ten Duel Commandments [Private | Rouge Lynx]

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PostSubject: The Ten Duel Commandments [Private | Rouge Lynx] June 2nd 2016, 17:19

Dappled specks of sunlight dotted the forest floor, setting a light flame to Faust's pelt as he glided across the lands. His nose twitched to every new scent the brought to her by the wind; though it was almost always the occasional forest smells. Twigs, damp earth, and other parts of the woods his little mind world didn’t necessarily care about. Of course, the mouth-watering scent of prey often wafted towards her nostrils, but he forced herself away. His goal wasn’t to hunt prey, no, it was to find a home. Many sunrises, way too many to count, had passed since he had left her birth pack. He was not ashamed of what he had done, no not one bit. His bastard of a father deserved it after all, as each passing day flew by the guilt subsided and his anger grew. Sometimes he just needed to get away, and today was one of those days therefor he traveled far from the Erenyx territories.

Faust had travled far from the territories before but never this late,  golden rays of sunlight casted over the rugged terrains as the ball of fire slowly began to sink behind the mountains. A day away wouldn't hurt, he'd be back before sunrise for sure. The calming tranquil sound of the rushing winds filled the young brutes ears, emerald orbs scanned the foggy terrains doing there best to focus on the things ahead of him. Looming mountains shadowed the area, creating a sinister image that seemed the smirk at him. The stepping stones seemed to guide him down a winding path of fog that seemingly had no end, therefor her stopped. Fearing that if he ventured further the face of death would greet him, and that was not wanted or needed. Therefor the young sooten colored brute sat, perching himself upon the hard surface of the rocks peering out at the foggy waters in front of him.  


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The Ten Duel Commandments [Private | Rouge Lynx]

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