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Of Petals and Goodbyes [Desmond]

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PostSubject: Of Petals and Goodbyes [Desmond] June 28th 2016, 08:47

Hunter Sieglinde

A pretty face. = 'Hides her deadly nature.' = "Do not tempt her with danger."
Curled within the safety of her den, Sieglinde's lithe form lay tranquilly in the shade, her breathing being the only motion coming from her. Her sleep was plagued by the images of her lost love; upsetting as it was, they were not nightmares as she welcomed his memories. Portrait after portrait, Altair's handsome form played back at her, smiling that smile she loved so much. She wished she could touch him, but every time she reached out, his figure wavered like mist. All she had were these memories and the evidence that he'd once lived. She missed him dearly, but he was gone and there was nothing in the world that could bring him back; all she could do was honour him.

Deciding that it was time to wake up, emerald eyes were revealed to the world, squinting within the darkness with a lively sort of clarity. Pushing herself to her paws, she gave a little shake and stretched out her muscles. Mornings were her favourite time of the day; she could smell the fresh air and bathe in the gentle rays of the sun. The full brunt of summer's heat would not yet plague her dark fur and she would relish in the few hours she had. Stepping out of her den, she hummed softly as she gave a final stretch of her back, tilting her head to the sky.

The weather was pleasant and the atmosphere was of a perfect temperature. Smiling gently, she began her small journey to Altair's den. After hearing of his passing, she'd gone into a small mourning period where she would bring flowers to his now empty den every morning. She didn't know how long she would continue this behaviour, but for now, she would do it until she was content with completely letting him go. Flowers did not grow in the Clearing due to its terrain and she made daily visits to the outskirts to gather the flora she needed. Her trips were always swift and within a few minutes, she would have the bundle she wanted.

Clutching a small garland of lilies and orchids between her teeth, she trotted towards Altair's den, her gait neither cheerful nor pensive. She tried to keep herself as neutral as possible in terms of her emotions, calling back the misery that threatened to blossom within her chest. 'You must be strong.' Yes, she must be strong. Life was never meant to be easy and she understood that. For Altair and for her own wellbeing, she had to push forward before she fell too far back. Almost nearing his den, she felt the tell-tale twinge of pain as she prepared herself.

Standing in front of his den, the huntress laid down the bouquet at the mouth, careful not to overwhelm the remnants of his scent with that of the flowers. She had to preserve that last remnant until it faded with time; as far as she was concerned, that den was and would be Altair's until the very end. Standing back to observe her position, her expression creased in obvious distress as she regarded how desolate the den looked without an inhabitant. The flowers from the day before were still there, although not as fresh as they had been when she'd first picked them. They were the only evidence that anyone had visited and it saddened her deeply. Would Altair be forgotten as time passed? Was it that easy to forget someone?

Laying down in front of his den, she managed a soft but melancholy smile, hiding away her discomfort. "Good morning, Altair. I've brought you flowers again...this time they're lilies and orchids." She had always made a point to 'speak' to him, just to tell him that she was there. She wasn't sure if it was appropriate to do so, but she felt relieved when she did. "I hope you like them." Her bundles were often chosen with care; she didn't have the herbal knowledge that healers did, but sometimes she had enough inklings to guess the sentiments of the flowers. They never lied in their intentions and the dark fae felt pleased to be able to express herself so clearly.

"I've visited everyday since Breeze had told me of your...passing and as much as I love you, I hope you understand that...that one day, I'll stop coming." Inhaling deeply, she felt strange at feeling immense guilty at admitting such a thing, but she pushed forward, hoping to get it off her chest and praying that wherever he was, he wouldn't put it against her. "I won't forget you, I will never forget you. How could I? Although one day, the petals on your flowers will wilt like those of memories, I promise I won't let them be swept away." She would not let such a thing occur; even if everyone else forgot him, she would hold up his mantle.

As she stood to leave, a gentle gust of wind suddenly rustled through the leaves, threatening to blow her flowers away. Gasping softly, she surged forward in an attempt to shield and keep them in place. The loose petals of the older flowers swirled around her, scattering on the ground and upon her fur. As the abrupt breeze calmed, she slowly uncurled herself from the flowers, a relieved smile spreading across her lips as they hadn't be crushed and the majority had been saved. "Oh thank goodness." Bending her head to gently rest against the lilies, she breathed out a sigh as she steadied herself. She had protected them and they were alright.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Petals and Goodbyes [Desmond] July 2nd 2016, 13:21

the rogue king

I never expected to find myself here, but now that I am... I can't see myself being anywhere else.

Everything around the pack seemed off, almost different. There was an air of depression around the grounds. How could this be? The pack was thriving and growing. There was fresh life and new beginnings for all. He walked out from the shade of a tree. His eyes looked up to it, past the very top and to the sun. It was bright, as was the rest of the world. He walked cautiously, careful not to disturb any wolves that may be doing private things or thinking to themselves. His gentle gaze moved over the den, each and every one. There was nothing spectacular about any of them. Some were big, some were medium and some were so small it was hard to imagine anyone lived in it. But one den caught his eye, as it had for a while. Esmé's. She was a kind soul. She had been through so much and he had not seen her in a long while. She was a beautiful creature, and yet she was gone. He wondered if she fled back to her home lands, knowing she would never try to bring Teren down. She was too weak, too broken. Desmond stopped outside the old Scout's den and gave a soft sigh. "Be safe sweet fae.."

He moved his eyes from the den and looked to the other dens. Something strange had caught his eye. A black wolf he had met once before, sen around the pack, was carrying a bouquet of flowers towards a den that was not hers. To his remembrance, she was not a healer, so why would she have so much? He stopped in his place and watched her. His paws shifted in the dirt with a sense of uneasiness. What was Sieglinde doing? She laid them down and spoke to an empty den. He tilted his head to side ever so slightly, still watching her. It was a strange custom, one he had never before seen performed. As the wind gusted past him and to her, he watched her little struggle. His heart sank for her. Did she know Altair better than he had? He pondered and moved a little bit closer to her. He sat down only a foot behind her. She seemed to love these flowers more than anything he had seen a wolf love - other than food. "Sieglinde, are you alright?"

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Of Petals and Goodbyes [Desmond]

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