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Just Plain Bored (open)

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Warrior Piper

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PostSubject: Just Plain Bored (open) July 1st 2016, 09:15

Months had past and soon the pack was filled with new ingrates that were the blessed pups of the mighty Alpha. Piper could only roll her eyes at the pathetic excuses for balls of fur that followed after the other adults and bothered everyone with their insane questions. She doubted that she were ever as bad as a pup and smirked under her breath knowing that as they grew their discipline would increase. Yawning a bit Piper found a patch of sun in the noon light. Doing her patrol on the Eastern border and helping to hunt was finished, so now she allowed herself a short rest before going out once again. Her daily routine was mostly the same everyday, patrol, hunt, train, patrol, sleep and repeat. Nothing seemed to change and it made the warrior bored as everything. Her thoughts drifted to her parents briefly, thinking of how they were doing in their new pack. Age and maturity had changed her mind set a bit and now she didn't blame them for her siblings death. The tyrant Teren was to blame, but she now feared if she fled to the parents pack she would send down his wrath and more innocent lives would be lost. No, for now she'd stay put, but maybe she could visit soon?


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Just Plain Bored (open)

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