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PostSubject: Seraphina Seraphina Icon_minitimeAugust 3rd 2016, 17:40

Name: Seraphina

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Breed: Grey Wolf

Height: 71 cm

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Hunter

Standing at 71 cm, Seraphina is a shorter sized wolf. Her coat is full and bushy all year long. Her tail is the thickest part of her coat. Her ears are tall and pointed, though many times she can be found with her right ear laying awkwardly jutted outwards, instead of straight up. When she wants, she can keep them both up, but when she doesn't care, it will relax and sit strangely. Most of her coat is black, but there are various areas where you can see the blended grey and white. The top of her muzzle to between her eyes is the darkest part of her body. To offset the color of her fur, she has bright blue eyes. They shine like the moonlit lake on a night with a full moon. Her paws are on the smaller size, with her body, allowing her to run very fast. She is very swift and agile, able to run through deep forests with ease. On her right flank lies a scar visible through her thick fur. The origin is known to no one but Seraphina herself.

Seraphina is a complex wolf, with a complex mind. Her mind is always active, causing her to see patterns and puzzles in everything. That is part of the reason she likes nature so much. That’s why she finds Killian so interesting, he’s a puzzle that she must solve. On the outside, she is a soft, gentle she-wolf who loves nature. However on the inside she longs to be with Killian and her heart broke when he rejected her. If pressured enough, she has a sharp temper that she works so hard to keep under control. Her biggest pet peeve is when people think she is spoiled just because she is the alpha's daughter. She constantly feels as though she has to prove herself just to put that stereotype behind her. She tried everything to show them that she earned her keep, that she was strong and not at all weak as they expected. Sadly, everyone around her is under the impression that she is a naive she-wolf, unaware of the world around her.



*History taken from Killian's, but has been added onto.*
Months passed and he was now the ripe age of two years old. His hard work and dedication had awarded him the rank of Hunter. He went on hunting parties, helped plan hunts, and even strategize among the elders of the pack. He did all he could to learn and grow, to help those who truly needed his help. But one day after Killian's group had taken down a large buck, his father was waiting for him. He stopped Killian from entering the pack clearing, glaring down at him. Killian stared up to his father's gaze, not speaking a word. "You are to be mated with the Alpha's daughter. She fancies you, and this alliance will allow our family to become stronger. Someday you might even be lucky enough to be the Alpha of this pack." Killian snarled. He did not wish to be told who he was to be mated with. He did not know this female or what she even looked like. He had spent little time conversing with wolves who were not hunters. Seraphina was her name. She was an elegant black wolf with bright blue eyes. She has grey and white blended into her coat. He had to admit she was attractive in her own way. But she was an Alpha's pup. She had not worked hard, she had been blessed with everything. For all he knew, that was very true. That was what he suspected anyhow. He had never seen her in the hunting parties or anything of the sort.

In order to please his family and the Alpha pair, Killian went to meet this fae. She had a pleasant and soft voice. It was sweet to a point. At first, he tolerated her. She wished to speak of things like nature. he cared little for such things. He just wanted to kill. He wanted to feel the fresh blood trickling down his chest. He wanted to feel the sensation of warm blood resting on his serpent tongue. He mostly listened as she spoke, for she was a rambler. She continued to speak of many different things. The silent hunter started to speak back on certain things. As the weeks passed, he began opening up to her. But like many things in pack life, if one had something of interest, others wanted it too. Killian was becoming a hot item within their little pack. Other faes were growing more and more interested in the male. He was different, and he treated them all the same. None were any less of a wolf than the Alpha's daughter, Seraphina. She grew jealous, jealous that he used his silver tongue on the other faes. For it was true she loved him. Strange how a wolf could learn to love so quickly. Killian had never even thought of the word. The females followed him as if he were the Alpha. Swooning over his every word. But one wolf did not like this extra attention. Some might say that Rex was jealous of his own son.

In the winter before his third birthday, Killian had no intentions to mate with Seraphina. Instead, he wanted to sleep beside no female. He was all about his training. As the snow fell from the skies above, it covered his back. It clung to the tips of his fur. His blue eyes stared as a figure appeared before him. Rex exhaled so hard, it forced the breath to appear in a huge cloud before his snout. His eyes were straight on his so, glaring into the cold. His tail curled over his spine and did not waiver. "Why do you choose to play such foolish games? I told you what you have to do, and yet you disobey me, and my Alpha. I cannot tolerate your lack of intelligence and unwillingness to cooperate with the commands given to you." Killian still did not speak. This angered his mother more than anything ever before. "Speak to me! Say something you little nitwit!" Killian spoke not a word. He glared and listened to everything his father had said. Again, he spoke not a word. He allowed the wolf to push him, to force him backwards. Other wolves gathered around behind his father. They wanted to see the interaction take place. Killian did not strike his father or make any moves. He only glared and stayed silent. Further the male pushed his son, forcing him from the spot he stood. He snarled and allowed his pushing to continue. Finally Killian had enough of this little exchange. He took a few steps backwards and stopped in his place. His father seemed even more upset about the wolf's choice to not fight him back. "Why don't you fight me? Are you scared?" Killian only smiled, keeping his lips sealed. Killian glared for the last time he would ever lay his eyes on his father. He turned his head and forced his body to turn around completely. The male did not turn back, not even when Seraphina called out to him. He ignored her and headed for his own way.

As Seraphina watched her love reject her and walk away, her heart shattered. She heard his father say, "Stupid ungrateful wolf. This is what I get for sticking with his sorry hide." Unable to keep her cool, she snapped on the male, a sob threatening to choke her, "You are the idiot here! You are his father, you are supposed to be helping him, not traumatize him or force him to do anything!" His father turned on her and snarled, "How dare you? You don't realize that I was trying to help you as well as him by forcing him to love you." Realizing the magnitude of her pain from his rejection, she howls out, "You don't know true love. You can't force it you bastard!" Deep down, she knows it's her fault. She really was the spoiled brat everyone believed her to be. She was jealous of the attention he was getting from the other faes, she hated that he spoke to them the same way he spoke to her. Because of this, she had tried to force the love, she was no worse than Rex was. She recoiled and turned and ran home, disgusted with herself and heartbroken.

Back at camp, Seraphina ignored the stares from her packmates and held her head high. She would not show shame to them, she was done with being the naive she-wolf they believe her to be. However, as she reached her den, her façade crumbled and she collapsed onto her nest of moss and feathers. Feathers and moss that she collected. She heard her mother, the Alphess, nose her way into the cozy den. "Sweetheart? Why aren't you with Killian? I thought you two were to be mated." Seraphina had always found her mother's voice soothing and gentle, but today she could detect a trace of concern in the Alphess' voice. The heartbroken Fae didn't lift her head as she spoke: "Mother, am I weak? Is that why the pack believes I am a spoiled brat?" To which the shocked mother proclaims "Why no, what on earth would make you think so?" She did not answer, but merely sulked as one would after enduring a rejection. Silently, her mother leaves, knowing when her pups wish to be left alone.

Sometime later, Seraphina's father called her out of her den. Rex, her father and her mother all stood under the Alpha's Rock. Her father looked at her and gestured with his head towards Rex. She looked to the father of her true love and the resemblance was uncanny. It made her chest tighten with longing for Killian. Rex spoke up, "Alpha's, I apologize what my son has done to your daughter. I thought I had raised him better, but he has deeply embarrassed me." Rex dips his head in shame to Seraphina, who gave a sharp nod in response. At her dismissal, he turned tail and fled. Once he was gone, she turned to face her parents. "I want to be trained," she said curtly. She scanned their faces for their reactions, her mother appeared to be horrified while her father seemed to be considering it. However, before her father could say yes or no, her mother snapped, “Absolutely not!” Her father seemed stuck as Seraphina grew irritated and trying to keep her voice respectful, she chokes as a whine threatens to creep into her voice. ”And why not, hmm? You yourself said I’m not weak, am I not strong? I am an alpha’s daughter, I should live up to my parent’s reputation. I will train.” Her tone implies she refuses to drop the matter and won’t take no for an answer. Her mother looks shocked at her disrespectful tone and the beginning of a growl rumbles in her mother’s chest. Her father takes this time step in to avoid mother and daughter fighting. “I think it’s a great idea, she can train with Lucian. He is our finest warrior, he has the right amount of patience to guide her. I’ll inform him to begin training you tomorrow.” Seraphina couldn’t help her disappointment, she was eager to begin training as soon as possible, but as it was almost sundown, she understood. She couldn’t wait for Killian to come home, she could finally have a chance with him, since he might like her now that she was training to be a warrior. She eagerly tried waiting up all night for the love of her life to come home, unfortunately, it wasn’t long until sleep washed over her like a tidal wave.

***********A year later*************

Killian never came home that night, nor the night after, or the night after that. Every day since has been filled with vigorous training, Seraphina was determined to grow stronger, more powerful. Instead of soft plump muscles, the fae has grown lean, and her muscles now ripple under her fur. Now that she has grown stronger and blossomed, she has more male suitors following her around. She doesn’t notice any of them, for her heart still longs for Killian. Her heart has hardened, she is no longer the naive girl that her pack and family once knew. One of the biggest contributions to her change, was the death of her mother. Winter had been hard, prey had been scarce and the pack was weak. Her mother had been stubborn and refused to eat unless the pack was fed. She often went without food because of it. Her mother had been weak, and greencough gripped her with an iron fist. Her mother fought hard, the worst part was having to slowly watch her mother die.

Every day, even when Lucian wasn’t training her, she did drills and forms to keep herself strong and in shape. Today, it was a simulation test, her final test before her graduation. She was to be mocking a scouting mission, it took much debate and persuasion, but her father finally agreed that she was the best for the job. She was lithe enough to slip around bushes and trees without making a sound. Her fur blended well with dark dirt and shadows of the forest. The warriors of her pack were meant to represent an enemy pack, she had to disguise her scent and spy on the enemy pack without being seen.

Her test was beginning. She had to go to a different section of the territory, one that she didn’t know to simulate another pack’s territory. Stepping onto the foreign territory, Seraphina immediately scents the air for anything to disguise her scent. She perks her ears and hears a stream, perfect. She quietly slips into the stream, facing the opposite direction of the flow, letting the stream wash away her scent. After a few minutes, she climbs out of the stream, satisfied her scent is nearly untraceable. Her nose lifts into the air to search for the ‘enemy’ pack. Hearing a rustling to her left, she quickly scans the area for her a place to hide, she soon spots a hole midst the roots of a dark oak. She dives into the hole, tucking herself tight. Sure enough an enemy passes by, the moss, tree sap and dirt do well to disguise her scent as the wolf passes by without pausing. She holds her breath, waiting, not wanting to fail her test. When the scout-to-be couldn't hear her enemy any longer, she slipped out of her hiding spot and silently followed him. She sticks to the shadows and follows him to the camp. Where she listens to the information she needs to deliver back to her Alpha. She heard the enemy pack conspiring against hers, debating war. She listened as the plotted to kill her pack, at first, she was horrified that her pack would be killed, but then remembered it was a test. Even though it was a test, she never stopped treating it like it were real. She quietly slipped away to head back to camp, This was almost too easy. She thinks to herself. Sure enough, an enemy warrior steps into her path, it was Raziel, her best friend. Instincts told her to fight the enemy, but training told her that the information was more important, if she fought, she risked capture. Whereas if she ran, she could get away and get the pack the information they needed.

She crouched, her long legs tensing and aiding her as she leaps over Raziel and runs away from him. She charges back to camp, zigzagging around to keep the enemy finding her camp, she kept retracing her steps and doubling back. She makes it back to camp, completely unfollowed. She bursts through the entrance, sides heaving from her long run. She manages to gasp out the information, before collapsing on her side.

Much later, her father approaches her and congratulates her on her accomplishment. She’d been named the pack’s scout, having passed her test. She’d never felt so proud of herself. “Your mother would be so proud if she were here. You know that, right?” She scoffed, knowing her father was trying to make her feel better. “No she wouldn’t, I bet she’s rolling in her grave right this instant. She’d be horrified to know that I’m risking my life by going into other territories. “It’s true,” Her father says chuckling. They both see Raziel walking up to them, ever since her training began, they had been the closest friends. He’s been the one to suggest drills and exercises to keep her strong and her battle skills on point. “I'll leave you two alone.” Her father says. As he walks away, he gives Raziel brisk nod. What Seraphina didn't know, was that Raziel had asked for her father's permission to mate with her. While he may have been in love with Seraphina, her heart beats for Killian, even if his whereabouts were unknown.

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Example Post:
Seraphina wakes to a chill in the air and when she pads out of the den, the sky is overcast. Great, another day of people thinking I don't do anything because it might rain. She rolls her eyes as she pads out into the open clearing. She headed toward the camp entrance and she hears a jeer rise up from a section of the camp. "Where you headed Seraphina? Going to sniff a patch of flowers?" Just you wait, she thinks to herself. She sneers at the camp entrance, she doesn't say a word as she walks out of the camp. Even though she’d been training for the past two years, there were still some wolves who believed she hadn’t changed. She was four now, and a lot of things had happened. One of the things was that shortly after her test, she went on a scouting mission, where she really did spy an enemy pack conspiring to attack hers. The fight was inevitable, but even though she managed to warn her pack, there were still casualties. Her father was one of them. Seraphina was completely alone, she had no siblings because as it was, her mother and father had a hard time trying to even have one pup. She had, quite literally, been a miracle pup.

Out of sight out of mind. Is her only thought as she nears her training area. It was far away from the camp so she couldn't be heard or seen. She didn't want to be made fun of by any of her pack mates should they pass by. As she neared the clearing only she knew about, she found herself thinking about him. Killian. Why did he hate her so? He left shortly after the day his father tried to force them together. Was she so unbearable that he must run away? Her heart ached at the thought. I am a burden, no male will mate with me here. She herself considered running away. Maybe find another pack and train, maybe find another mate. Would that really work? Would any pack accept her? Would they think she is truly worth the effort to train? These questions have plagued her even before Killian had left. She'd been pondering this for a while, and his leaving just made her want to run away more. Not to mention, since her father died, the pack wasn’t the same. Rowan, her father’s former beta was also killed in the battle. Leaving Lucian to lead what was left of the pack. Rex became his ‘advisor’ and it didn’t take long for the pack to become corrupted. She had to leave, and soon, before her pack became a bunch of murderers.

Voices shook her from her stupor. "I'm telling you, her scent trail leads this way." Raziel. Why was he following her? Unless he was following orders to bring the pretty fae back to camp. Rex had been making advances on her, it was starting to worry. Raziel was no help, he was devoted to Rex, even though he wasn’t alpha. Raziel would do anything to gain Rex’s favor. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Sure enough, Rex was on the hilltop above her. Seraphina watched as he turned his head and dismissed the group. He bounded down and approached her, a disgusting smile on his face. His eyes scanned her body, causing her to shiver. “My son was quite stupid to reject you, you’re a beautiful fae.” She backs away as he keeps walking towards her. ”Uh, thank you?” She looks up at the sun, and even though it was only morning, she made to leave. ”Oh, would you look at the time? I have to go for a run. Gotta keep those muscles fit!” She tries to duck away, but he grabs her by the scruff of her neck and throws her back, growling. “I have been patient, Seraphina. Why must you make things so difficult? I’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you love me!” She feels terrified, much more terrified than the first time she scouted in enemy territory. She uses the fear to fuel her rage, how dare he try to do this? He knew fully well she was in love with Killian, she was the Alpha’s daughter. Unfortunately, she realized her father was dead, he held no power over them anymore, she was alone. She fought, she fought as hard as she could, but Rex was stronger. She closed her eyes, I’m sorry Killian. Suddenly, she threw him off of her, she would not be objectified, she was not a tool, and she didn’t intend to be used as one. She glared at him and gave him a warning growl. ”Despite what you and the rest of the pack may think, I am not weak! I am just as strong as you! Don’t forget your place Rex!” With that, she charges of to hunt.

Later that night, she slipped out of the camp, the events of earlier that day lingered in her mind. She felt disgusting, Killian would never touch her now. What has she become? I'm sorry father, but I'm disgusted at what this pack has become. I can’t stand to see them ruin what you worked so hard for. I must do this. I don't have a choice. Goodbye. Before she could change her mind, she runs, runs like she never had before. She journey's for days, not sure of what exactly to look for. So is this my life now? Am I doomed to roam these lands, forever a rogue? These questions circulate in her head hourly. Her journey takes her through scorching deserts, filthy swamps, dense forests and finally dangerous mountains. Food is scarce in mountains, Seraphina hasn't seen color since leaving the forest. Although winter was coming to an end, the air still had a biting chill to it. Animals were still in hibernation, and that was taking a toll on Seraphina's body. Her skin hung from her bones and her ribs had never been so prominent. Her pads were raw and scraped from having to jump over crevices and endless holes. Finally, the mountains grew smaller, and trees began popping up more and more. She took time to hunt, managing to take down a rabbit poking it's head out of it's warren to examine its surroundings. Now the only surroundings it would be able to view was Seraphina's digestive track. She walked until about midday, when she came to a ravine, one she carefully climbed down. Passing a few snow melts and a couple of piles of snow, she nearly stepped over the border. Nearly. The melting snow hid it well, but there were definitely boundaries. It had to have been a pack, since the scent was composed of multiple wolves. Hopefully, soon my scent will contribute to the pack's scent. The thought fills her with hope and excitement at the idea of a fresh start. She backs away from the border and tips her head back into a howl. A long, piercing note, one that cannot go unmissed. Cutting it off, she grooms her pelt, and hopes that whoever heard her, would be willing to accept her into their family. She could have a fresh start.  

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