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And So Here Ends One Chapter Of Many

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PostSubject: And So Here Ends One Chapter Of Many August 8th 2016, 05:34

Hi, everyone. It's Sieg here.

As you all know, it's been quite a while since I last showed up on Age with something to present to you all. And there are two main reasons for that.

Firstly, I'm sure you're almost tired of hearing this, but yes, real life plays a very major part in my departure. I am currently in Year 11 (Junior Year for those in the US) and the next two years are the two most important years of my life, because I am preparing to get into university. I won't explain the entire education system, but this is my current situation. I have 6 self-chosen subjects that I will study over the two years. The subjects are split into four units (1, 2, 3 and 4) and Year 11's typically do the first two and Year 12's the latter two. I will achieve a final mark at the end of Year 12 which will determine which university I am eligible for. To obtain this final mark, the marks I achieve in my Year 12 units will be ranked against my cohort to determine who will get the best result. (The marks I get for Units 1 and 2 do not count.)

Out of six, I am currently studying two Year 12 subjects and out of all of my subjects, they mean the most to me. I am determined to get something good out of them, even if they cause me so much stress that I have to cry almost everyday.

And as it is now the latter half of the year, my final exams are approaching very quickly and I must be ready for them.

My second reason for departure is that I've recently broadened my views on RP. From 2012, I'd stuck with wolf roleplay quite religiously and I was not too keen on roleplaying as a human/humanoid character. However, I've recently joined our sister site, Lunari Addunt and I've discovered that human/humanoid RP isn't that bad and it's appealed to me quite a bit. Since then, I've joined another from a recommendation from one of my real life friends and I'm honestly quite drawn to it all. And so, due to my new interests, I've decided to take a breather from wolf roleplay and expand upon human roleplay.

After saying so much, the final message that I want to leave is, I honestly love Age. I love it a lot. I love my characters. I love everything that I've achieved. And I love you all.

It hurts to think that I'm leaving Sieglinde, Eirwen and Baritos behind and despite not getting to accomplish everything that I wanted with them, such as romance or just some mischief, I'm still so happy that I got somewhere with them. And that's all thanks to you.

And so, it's here where I'll stop my tirade and bid you all farewell.

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PostSubject: Re: And So Here Ends One Chapter Of Many August 11th 2016, 07:23

Going to miss you Sieg! <333333

Wishing only the best for you!

~ Teeku / Tatsu / Crow / Maddox


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And So Here Ends One Chapter Of Many

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