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We All Embrace Death (Open)

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Warrior Vanessa
Warrior Vanessa

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We All Embrace Death (Open) Empty
PostSubject: We All Embrace Death (Open) We All Embrace Death (Open) Icon_minitimeAugust 12th 2016, 22:01

_______________ ⚜ _______________

The shadows betray you, because they serve me.

Thin wisps of fog curled around the petite paws of the ebony colored female, finding each territory in her new home unique. Doing her research on these lands was impossible when a loner, knowing how strong wolves embraced the borders of their home. The entrance and rank she gained was enough for her to slip through the bowels of new home and go straight for the territories. Briefly visiting the pack clearing the Delta lead her to, she found it crowded with a different array of wolves. All of which, she felt, had the same dark and twisted heart as her. The soft grey fog seemed to swallow her as she slipped deeper into rising cliffs. Dark emerald eyes focused upon the swirling fog and shapes that formed, finding herself at home among the thick mist. The noises of the outside world seemed to cease once inside the fog, almost muffled, but a twisted comfort came over Vanessa. This silence she knew all to well, where her heart beat could be heard so deep in her ears, thick blood running through her veins. The demons that loved to come in times of complete silence were with her once more. Their whispers reminding her of how the blood of another wolf felt in her claws, but this was a different hunt. In the fog, it would be more of a challenge, but bringing down a large prey, or perhaps predator would satisfy the need for blood. Temporary it would unfortunately be, but she felt no need to find blood in her new home so soon. The time would come when the thirst for wolven blood would come quick, and a skirmish would occur.

An alluring breeze blew softly, swirling the fog curling the lighter parts into darker, blending them together. The chilling wind brought forth new scents, that of prey but also predator. The cliff was dangerous, but many hid among the crevices and caves that dotted the area. Assuming that it was dangerous to go, even in the worst days of summer because the fog never seemed to lift. The soft orange rays of the sun could not penetrate the thick mist, and it made even the warmest day cool. Vanessa found these particular cliffs challenging, one wrong step and it could be very fatal. Visiting these cliffs would be something she would do quite often. The swirling scents were able to tell her of rabbit near by, but there was an underlying scent that she knew was of a much larger prey. One of which could potentially be harmful towards her, but it only made the adrenaline that meandered through her veins heighten. A hunt was in store, and despite her demons whispering dark things in her mind, she stalked through the fog, it swallowing her whole. Hunger gnawed at her belly, food being the one of the many reasons she decided to come to the territories of Erenyx, her new home. Lifting her muzzle at an angle, she breathed in tasting the scents upon her tongue. Yes, the rabbit is near. Time to enjoy the taste of blood. Salmon colored tongue slipping between her lips, she licked her muzzle in a nonchalant way.  

Black lids flicking over dark green eyes, Vanessa took each step with the risk of falling to her immediate death. If any were to look closely into the depths of the fog, they would see the very screams of death smeared ever so delicately up on it*. The scent of rabbit was stronger, but the silence was still deep. Ever so often, her black claws would scrape into the stone surface it being the only sound she heard. Straining her ears, she could pick up movements from small prey, and she knew her target was near. Settling herself down wind away from the creature, she moved slowly her muscles relaxed. She was in a complete state of peace, as she stalked her prey. This was a real predator, hunting for a piece of flesh that would end up being her meal. It was in this rabbit's future to become a piece of food, and when the fox hears a rabbit scream it comes a running but not to help*. In this situation, she would take the gentle life of this rabbit, and use it to fuel her own. Death has a beautiful way of being seen by others as tragic or life giving. Some, like herself, had to experience death in a way to appreciate the morals of it. The huntress moved forward, keeping her ears trained on the sounds of the rabbit, sharp eyes trained on the area, and jaws ready.

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We All Embrace Death (Open)

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