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Elite Desoto

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PostSubject: OHOHO? OHOHO? Icon_minitimeOctober 9th 2016, 00:27

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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Kia!

Okay so, big birthday for you, deserves a big birthday post/letter that my parents forgot but it's chill from your kouhai. This is going to be full of spam shit, because it wouldn't be me if I didn't, but I doubt you are surprised there. So, without further ado, let's dive into this sea of trash, inside jokes, and the works of our dysfunctional minds~

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Let's go to the beginning first, shall we?

A long time ago there was a site called Haven's Grove, more commonly known as 'HG.' Little newb me to major role play joins the site with an emotionally unbalanced character and still holding onto that youthful innocence any 6/7th grader has. Well thanks to a certain few people and myself, that innocence left me and left me to be the trashy little thing I am today. And who helped influence that, you. We only spoke a couple of times on the chat room in HG, but those chats always were some of my favorites. The chatroom bloomed whenever you'd enter and everyone else would begin to talk and joke more. Your general nature and personality helped me to open up more online, and to not hide behind the wall of expectations to try to be someone I'm not. Then I was just getting into anime, but with every show I started to watch and rant about, you knew exactly how I felt and would join in with me as we confused everyone else, and that still has not changed. As times went by and things began to slow down, Derek and Clare having issues with their parents about roleplay, my normal group of people began to grow quieter and quieter. But for some reason, you'd be around more. Eventually, Haven's Grove closed and after a bit of time, I joined Age. Barely knowing anyone really, except the few people. And even at this point, we were still mere acquaintances.

As I brought more and more of myself into Age, the more our friendship began to form. Teasing J about absolutely nothing in particular but just to do it, the points in chat where we completely took over and no one else knew how to respond. Each time we talked we found new similarities between us and differences as well. I still was pretty reserved, but I opened up more, and still do, whenever you are involved. And eventually, instead of it being simply "Hey everyone" it turned into...
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No lie. But it seemed almost natural then too. Simple. Innocent? (maybe maybe not who knows). But then that nature was brought out with me too. For me reason, you manage to bring out the side of me so naturally I wasn't even scared of showing it in the real world. My friends all then became aware of my interests, though the majority weren't really interested, but I would rant to them anyway. And eventually, as my mind did a cannonball into the sewer, it became all sexual in good humor. For example....:

OHOHO? Tumblr_nirpe88Tt31sk0b6xo2_500
Why we'd be talking about going into the other's bed I don't know but it would probably happen.

Needless to say, now I am a worthless little piece of animetrash that has the mind of a fuckboy that hasn't gotten laid in 4 days, with the mouth of a god damn sailor- which the latter is more of my family's fault if anything. But,
there was no good gifs with the subtitles so!!!!! *triggered*

...everything is okay. Because now we have skype dates... Very long skype dates. I think out record is over 7 regrets. And for some reason we are always extremely fucking hungry on them. Like you ate an entire bowl full of spaghetti that was three times the size of your face, and I have eaten two bags of tortilla chips, two containers of guac, a double patty cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake, and ice cream in one seating. What are we? We just inhale food as if he are the Haikyuu boys before and after training. No shame at all. Food is amazing and should be treated like it. Although most of our skype sessions are spontaneous, they are always full of laughter and straight up trashdom.

And although we live thousands of miles apart, I know that you will have my back in literally anything. And that should the need arise you will find some way to support me. These past few years have formed a bond I hope won't ever be broken. I can honestly say, that you are the one person that isn't family that I choose to talk to by choice Every Single Day. Even if it is just sending videos on instagram through DM of our ships from anime, Voltron, or some random shit. I swear we have over 2 Million messages on there, its so bad but it's perfection. You manage to always cheer me up in ways that people that know me in person can't even do. Spending time with you is always a HOOT, even if it is through the screen of a computer. We do it so often that even your sister knows who you are talking to when she comes in our room. "The one from California again? Isn't her name like Ally or Anna or something?" And that says something. I never really missed anyone while at sleep-away camp before, but this last summer it was weird not getting online for two weeks at night to send some type of message. While my sister was sick in the hospital in Jerusalem, you were a major support post for me, a shoulder to lean on that I could always count on. Hell, you even wanted to buy one of the t-shirts when you got your paycheck. (We still have some if you want one). You never knew my sister, but you still were there as if I'd known you my entire life and you had some type of connection to her through me. And that first Friday night at camp, I broke down in the middle of a service to the point where I had to leave. We were saying a prayer for the sick, and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I'd been holding in all my emotions and pain from the people seeing me everyday so they wouldn't worry. And then, as I sat on her own TASC project built in 2013, and stared at her name written in paint that read,
"Emily Neufeld
I just wished that I could have my phone back to just rant to you about everything I was feeling. To yell at the harshness of the world for taking one of my best friends and siblings away from me too quickly. Not a day after I'd been told that she was being taken of sedation. I had looked forward to that more than anything in the world. But I didn't want to tell that to the two councilors sitting beside me that I barely knew. I didn't want to tell my best friend who would just try to calm me down and comfort me. I didn't want to call my parents because I knew they would want to come pick me up from my place of haven, I wanted someone who would yell with me, and that person would have been no other than you. And when I finally regained connection, to receive a reply not 30 seconds later of "YASSSSS" I burst out laughing because it was exactly how I felt. And here is "Tongue-Ring-Boy" just because.

OHOHO? Tumblr_o1fox6rl5l1t2ijmjo1_500

Ya mean so much to me, Kia, more than I thought could ever be possible with someone you met online on an RP site. And you know when you find those simple little things and a friend pops into your head because you know if they were there, you'd be laughing like two psychopaths that need to be administered into a mental institution? Yeah, those happen a lot. (LIKE WITH THE "OWL BE SEEING YOU" MUG and your other birthday present)And since it is going to arrive late, I shall give you a clue about what it could be.

It happens to relate to a fandom you are in that starts with the letter 'M.' That is all you get.

Love Your Kouhai,

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Rogue Mjölnir
Rogue Mjölnir

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PostSubject: Re: OHOHO? OHOHO? Icon_minitimeOctober 9th 2016, 06:33

OHOHO? 611b272cb356ce25af3e8f284a7222b4

I've never felt so emotional over only a few paragraphs and gifs (even for an RP site). You're one of the greatest people I could ever have in my life right now, Ally. I've watched you, as well as myself, change drastically from these quiet little buds of flowers to fucking roses. Look how far we've come. Our improvements. Our self-worth (and trash) Us. I could never trade that for the world. And to think it all began to piece together over a single 50% Off reference, I can't even remember how it went, but I'm sure Thugisa said it. And it only took a fandom to bring us even closer as individuals to become the trash we are today with fandoms we even share and suck each other into. If it weren't for you pushing me to watch Haikyuu, I would've never found a newfound love for Bokuto, as well as his bromance for Kuroo, that resembles so closely to our friendship, it's uncanny.

OHOHO? Tumblr_ny77ygfMKG1s2kknlo1_500
It's even funnier with how much Indie loves Kei, that she'd fit him as well in some of the things we do together.

I can also thank you for someone to talk to, while Kelsey (my main wife, obvi) cannot relate to some of the stuff we go through. She appreciates you for all which you've done, and I'm glad you two have gotten to like each other. It's a wonderful, warm feeling to know that the two most important figures in one's life have become quite close and enjoy each other's company when spoken of. I'm sure you both are annoyed with how often I ramble about you guys in front of each other. I can't get enough of either of you, nor do I ever want to. You both are an ear to listen to my issues, and a shoulder to cry on, even when sometimes you can't physically help but be quiet as I continue to babble on, it's your support in spirit which gets me through the day. And for that, I'm forever grateful. And despite all the bullshit we face and that 2hr time zone which separates us, just hearing from you with a single meme on Instagram or a dog filter photo of you on Snapchat god only knows where (probably near some body form of water), I'm always excited to see that you're thinking of me and talking to me at any given chance.

OHOHO? Tumblr_n8aosktkEa1t89rpeo1_r1_500
I'm still sobbing as I right this.

Someday I'll see you when not looking through a computer or phone screen, but until that day comes, I'll continue to laugh, cry, wheeze and rage with you at the moments and fandom references we're bound to share from the past, present, and in the future. While Emily cannot be here to protect you, you know that I'll always be watching out for you. Cuz no one can come between you and I.

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