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Loner Chiara

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Alphess Chiara

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PostSubject: Loner Chiara December 30th 2012, 09:45

Name: Chiara

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Rank Requested: Whatever you see fit.

A mix of grey, black and brown cover the small frame of this female. Her maw is a lighter tone than the rest of her body, which seems to change hues in different shades of light. Long, thin legs are dappled in grey and lead to cream feet that are delicate and agile. Perched on her head lie lie two amber eyes that seem to hold a hidden secret behind their fierce gaze. Chiara is smaller than your average wolf, but she is still a strong hunter and fighter, relying on speed more than brawn. Across her body lie numerous scars from her home pack, her most prominent runs over her left eye. It divides her eyelids slightly, making a gap and she is self conscious about it.

Personality: At first meeting Chiara can come across and sweet, kind and innocent. She is very polite, loyal and truly cares for everyone in her pack. Once you get to know her you learn of her sense of humor, her love of long runs and her odd jokes that can surprise most others. Chiara does have a temper when provoked and won't hesitate to put herself in danger to protect a friend. She's a good wolf to the core and a excellent friend to have though she can be over apologetic at times when she's done wrong. Another flaw that she has is that at times she reacts without thinking, which can lead her to trouble.

Lastly she doesn't speak of her past to most others, it brings up bad memories for her and she can get defensive if someone pushes her for answers. Because of her past she is very timid around males. She doesn't trust them at all and will go out of her way to avoid them if necessary. She feels more comfortable with females, so it would take a special male to win her over.


Chiara grew up in a large pack that believed males were the grace from God, females were to be seen and never heard. All females were used as pup factories and the males got the best food and training. She had two brothers and one sister in her litter. As young young pups Chiara remembered differences in how her brothers were treated and soon they fell to the packs ways and started to treat her and Willow differently. Her father was the Beta of the pack and showed the pack how to treat females by how he treated his daughters. When Chiara was barely four months old Willow disappeared and no one would tell her where she went. After that her Father Kane started to beat her and try to bend her will to that of her brainwashed mother. When she came of age to bare pups he grew even more violent and tried to destroy her will further. Chiara defied him and earned her large scar over her left eye as punishment. She knew this was wrong even if the other females felt it was the norm. Her mother was no help and simply turned away when Kane entered her cave at night. After many nights of beatings Chiara finally became pregnant with pups and gave birth to them two months early. They were all dead and this proved to be the last straw for Kane.

Feeling she betrayed him again he sought to kill her, though she escaped before he could. She was only two years old and for the next year she had to learn how to survive for herself. Her first winter alone almost killed her from hunger, but it lit a fire in her heart that she would survive. She fought against the elements and taught herself to hunt better and run faster. This fire Chiara held carried her through the hard times and made her want to seek out a new life with another pack.

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Example Post:
Chiara let her mind wander to a different place. She tuned out her feelings and thoughts to only those of positive and care free. This was her tactic while her father beat her, but it never lessened the pain. Before Kane she remained still and silent which only infuriated him more. She was of age to bare pups and yet she refused him every night. If it was any other male Chiara wouldn't have fought back so hard, but her own father?

Soon the pain grew to much to bare and Chiara fell to the ground. Kane took this as her finally giving up and stood over her. His hot breath blew in her shredded ear and her eyes tried to focus on the dirt floor below her. He spoke words to her, but her ears were still ringing which made them muffled. Now he was angry again for her not answering and a bite to her neck jarred her senses. "Submit to me" he hissed as he placed a large paw on her side and pressed down. Chiara wriggled from the force and let out a couch before glaring back at him. "I will never submit to you, I will fight with every ounce of my strength to defy you. I always will." She spat at him.

The next things she knew a paw slashed over her face and white pain flashed over her. Her eye felt like fire and she chocked back a scream as blood dripped down her face. Kane had clawed through her left eye leaving the lids shredded and her vision temporarily blurred. Blind from pain Chiara let herself escape once more to that happy place in her head. She soon grew numb to the feeling of her father or her torn eye, it all faded away and she was free.

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PostSubject: Re: Loner Chiara December 30th 2012, 12:39

Welcome and accepted! Feel free to post at the border when you can!
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Loner Chiara

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