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Eclipse submits to giving information...

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PostSubject: Eclipse submits to giving information... May 19th 2013, 13:53

Name: Eclipse

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Whatever is available, would like to be Guardian or Hunter.

Eclipse has a fine, thin coat due to originating from the warmer south country. His pelt is neat and is a mix of brown and dark brown, due to him coming from southern forest wolves that are typically dark. Also, this wolf has an unusual white blaze on his chest and his slender face has the darkest pigmentation. His irises are deep, golden-honey pools and are so very wolfish; the kind that implants feelings of awe and compassion into even the darkest of hearts and minds. Eclipse has ears larger than most wolves, (you would easily believe that they could block the moon!) with very rounded tips, making him seem very innocent. His eyes and ears are also extremely expressive, allowing wolves to understand his true inner feelings, despite what he tells you he feels. He also has a torn right ear, the source is described in his history. In terms of height, he is in the average male Gray Wolf range, being 130 cm long and just above 80 cm to the shoulder. His tail alone is 70 cm long and well furred. In peak condition he would weigh around 100 pounds, but his extensive travels have decreased this to just 80 pounds. Typically, Eclipse stands with his head and tail held low and ears slightly back, in a gesture of respect and submission.


"If you can accept me for who I am, I will run with you"

Eclipse was born of two inexperienced wolves who had dispersed from their birth packs to start up one of their own. Their first litter consisted of an exceptionally large number of eight pups. The male was young and did not make a very good father; he did not know of hunting for the female, therefore she had to battle against her maternal instinct and go out and hunt for herself frequently, leaving the pups hungry, cold and unprotected.

5 died within the first 12 weeks, out of starvation, lack of warmth and straying from the den into the wrath of predators. The 3 survivors were Eclipse, his sister Blizzard and their brother. Blizzard was the most dominant, Eclipse was the middle easygoing pup, and their brother was weakest. With difficulty, they survived to become yearlings.

However, they were quickly disowned and forced to leave and survive on their own, as their parents were desperate to have a new litter, with hopefully a lower mortality rate. The weak brother left quickly without complaining to find a mate. Eclipse and his sister challenged this though, which is how he got his torn right ear. However, the parents refused to let them stay, which Eclipse could never understand. After all, had he done anything wrong? Plus, his parents could use a helping paw with rearing the young. Strangely, Eclipse and Blizzard left together, and vowed it would stay that way. But as they headed off in winter, the snow covered landscape and the winds washed away the well known sights and scents, leaving the young wolves lost.

They followed any prey they could, straying further and further from their home ground. The two formed a strong, caring bond. As their parents had never named them, they named each other. Eclipse named his sister Blizzard, for she was very determined, overpowering and cold, due to their puphood. Blizzard called her brother Eclipse, for he is dark in colour and a rare, beautiful mix of qualities.

The pair lived like this until the following winter, when there was extremely cold weather. They were forced to cross a main river to get to lands with more abundant prey. Eclipse used his acquired wisdom to find a narrow bend in the river and easily jumped across. Pumping with adrenaline, he jumped for joy. After his celebrations, he looked back towards Blizzard. The smile fell from his face. He was now pumping with terror.

Blizzard was hunched, ready to pounce across the river. But it's too wide there, what is she doing?, he thought. Just as he barked a warning, she leaped. Her body just missed the bank and splashed loudly onto the surface. Eclipse raced up the bank to get to her. When he neared her, she was paralysed in shock from the icy water. Her eyes, wide with fright, met his. She yelped loudly for help that Eclipse physically could not give. And he whined in reply, wishing he could drag her out.

She drifted down the river, and Eclipse chased her for as long as he could, until he was too worn out physically from running, and emotionally from hearing her cries and watching her head bobbing under water and reappearing again. His instincts eventually drove him to find food. When he thinks back, he quite vividly remembers looking back as he walked away and seeing her haul her exhausted body from the river, but he's sure it is just his feelings tricking him.  But, to this day, he longs to find her; If she is alive.

It is whilst he wanders searching for Blizzard that he looks for a pack. He wishes to join a pack who will regain a trust and love for other wolves that Eclipse seems to have lost whilst travelling alone for over a year. He will love and protect the pack to his death, but he is torn between his loyalty to a pack and to Blizzard. Ideally, he could find her and bring her to his new family.

His past has made Eclipse very good at tracking, wise and brave, but also means he has trust issues with new wolves. He is intensely loyal and honest. Eclipse would need to be around wolves who are willing to understand his past has made him submissive and quite awkward when interacting, so he would quite simply be destroyed in the Erenyx Pack. That said, if a wolf can trust Eclipse and show him affection, he will return that a hundred fold. A pack will make him the friendly, funny and more confident Eclipse he could have been. He is willing to train and abide rules and can only get stronger, therefore he would be suitable in any rank.

Joining Keys: Member has posted both joining keys. - Alpha Azul

How did you find Age? Top 50 RP site

Example Post:
The dark brown figure slowly extends his long, slender legs from beneath him and widens his paws, relieving the cramped muscles after being laid on them overnight. In this position, he looks as though he is standing, but horizontally across the ground. As he stretches, he lifts his defined, majestic head and his oval eyes flicker open as his machine body starts to reboot itself for the day. The golden-honey of his irises would make any predator stop and look twice, yet spark fear into the heart of any prey that falls victim to him.

For he is a Gray Wolf.

Lazily, he rises from his bed on the ground. A hollow in the moss and a few fur strands are all that visibly remains to show he was there. He bows down and yawns with a whine, sticking his rear out behind him, stretching out his forelegs and extending his tail parallel to the earth. Now he's ready to move. Like a stubborn stallion being struck with a spur, he goes into a fast trot away from under the pine tree and weaves through the forest, unheard treading swiftly on the moss and pine needles.

As he moves, he licks his nose to create the perfect moist canvas on which to paint the smells of the forest. It is Spring, so the scent of the blooming flowers and other new life immediately splatter onto his charcoal nose. He could go on forever like this, travelling, smelling, listening, hunting; but not alone. It is the happiest he has felt since he lost Blizzard.

He begins to relax and unwind, feeling the safest in the forest, where he belongs. Just as he hears the beautiful, melodic voices of those creatures-in-the-trees-that-can't-be-caught, the wind direction changes. A forgotten smell hammers his nose. He stops abruptly in his tracks, licks his nose again to clear the smells, and parts his lips slightly so that the scents are intensified.

He is certain now.

It's the scent markings of a large wolf pack. He wanted to join a pack, but to be confronted with the choice so suddenly, anxiety begins to settle in his mind...  

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PostSubject: Re: Eclipse submits to giving information... May 19th 2013, 14:42

Welcome to Age Eclipse! Just a couple things: please change your name to Eclipse for your account and the picture you posted on your post is already being used by Omega Erika. If you could change just those two things, then you will be accepted!


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Eclipse submits to giving information...

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